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Carao User Report: Flory Rojas

(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Flory Rojas Guerrero
Concepción de Tres Ríos
Cartago, Costa Rica
Interview July 13, 2003
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Carao Report: Blanca Hernández

(Note carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)  read more »

Selected User Reports

"I also would like you to know for the first time in three years my HGB is normal. now 13,was 7 for three years .thanks Marilyn"
"I have suffered with extreme blood loss for 8 years and was hospitalized in 1997. I refused a blood transfusion which the doctors insisted I needed. While in the hospital I was injected with epogin once a week for two weeks to add oxygen to what little blood I had to help increase the production of red blood cells. Over the next 7 years I would be plagued with extreme fatigue, severe anemia which kept me extremely cold, and malaise. Also I was prescribed iron which of course left me constipated. Nothing worked until your product a few months ago. After two weeks I noticed the color coming back to the palms of my hands and lips, it helps aid me in elimination and I go without a sweater which I was never able to do... - Frazette" . (read full testimonial)

"The carao did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It has never been 13
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Jack had very low weight and anemia.  On carao his weight increased 20% and his blood tests show all factors in normal range.  "He is a much more happy little guy." Camie, Keith, and Jack. Testimonial and Photo
"Lifelong anemia cured, Procrit no longer necessary, doctor says "she is perfectly normal."  See handwritten letter, 4/04/2010
Sickle Cell Anemia  There have been amazing results with carao for Sickle Cell Anemia reported by Dr. Sokoto, a pediatrician at a hospital in Nigeria.  He calls carao a "new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease."  More information here.


Interviews with Photos

Following is a summary of interviews with people, mostly Costa Ricans, who used carao for natural blood health.  There are links to the full interview, most with photos.  These interviews were made prior to 2005.  read more »

Carao for Dogs

This page contains reports on carao fruit for dogs (canines).

Hi Lloyd. I asked you about a month ago about the use for dogs. It's been 36  days and you can see a noticeable difference. He was very anemic due to lymphatic tumorous cancer. He doesn't look so bony any more and his coat is gorgeous. I found that  he seems to like the taste but I need to hide the smell (which I can understand-it's  pretty strong). Chicken seems to work fine. I'm curious to see what the next month  brings. According to the vet he should have died about a month ago but is still strong  and vbraant. Thanks Lloyd. I'll let you know more results about using it for dogs.   Jeff  CA 7/2005  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - Part 2

report on use for sickle cell from India acharya my father used carao and he feel it was beter than alopathy mediciens. because before using carao every two months once he need blood transflusion of 3to4 units.after using carao from four months no transfusion required i am unable to send the reports. from now on words i will send reports monthly hb was not improved but it was constant it was beter than before. A.Srinivasa 7/10/2010 India  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - part 1

needs more than 4 teaspoons per day... ASAP! ALmost out! Its a great product. I need to take more per day. Thanks. I'm spreading the word. ds Bruce, Oregon, Jan. 5, 2010

Athlete with anemia Lloyd, Your product is too good to be true! do not get me wrong, it is just amazing, some people told me that I am getting better in running. these days I am capable of holding up a fast pace for up to five miles and running ten miles is almost nothing these days. I have not gone to see a doctor yet. I am positive my hemoglobin is up.  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2009 - Part 2

Drug-induced Hemolytic Anemia cured with 2 bottles On Tue, 07 Jul 2009 19:41:11 -0600, Amy xxxxxx <> wrote: Hi, Lloyd I wanted to let you know it's been about 3 months since I was diagnosed with drug-induced autohemolytic anemia, I had my last visit last week, I am cured of the autohemolytic anemia. I want to thank-you for creating carao syrup. My aunt is also now taking it, she has severe anemia caused by Celiac's  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2009 - Part 1

Thalassemia Major "We really think it helped my Granddaughgter - a 2 year old Thal Major child.  We ran out and unfortunately moeny has been tight BUT the docs had wanted her on a 3 week schedule for her xfusions. When she had gone after 3 weeks, her hg was over 12. Unfortunately, as I said, I ran out of the syrup, so she has not been taking it for a while. Last, I ordered many bottles and a friend gave us some, so we had a big supply.  Her hg was down to 7 something today. That scared me and I never want to run out of this for her again.  Hope it comes soon.  Oh.... and Happy New Year to you and your family and ty so much for doing this.  Barbara,  AZ, USA, Jan. 13  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2008 - Part 2

... It works wonder.  Actually the carao is for my wife who is anemic and suggested by doctors for immediate blood transfusion.  With the first set of bottles of carao, which lasted for 6 weeks, there is 30% increase in the RBC counts.  The doctor who suggested blood transfusion is now wonderstruck.  I have not yet revealed the secret of this magic to him.   Thanks for your wonderful product.   With best regards, N S Prasad (July 16)  read more »

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