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Carao for Severe Anemia in Infant

Carao User Report
(Carao extract has long been recognized as a solution to anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Keisy Aguirre Meléndez, age 3.5.  Guanacaste
Costa Rica

This is a remarkable story of recovery from chronic lifelong anemia.  Testimonial by mother Digna:

"Keisy was born with anemia.  I also had anemia since before she was born, and she seemed to have inherited it.

The doctors tried giving her iron, but it did not cure the anemia.  She just lay there in her crib and slept nearly all the time.  read more »

Carao for Anemia in Infant

I am pleasantly surprised at how well my son is doing overall. His latest lab values are all within normal limits. He has gained weight 20% and his endurance and energy level has changed noticeably. He is a much more happy little guy. His tonsils are still big and our pediatrician wants to wait a little longer for him to gain more weight before we take them out. At least now he is back on the weight chart. I want to thank you for getting the product to me quickly.  read more »

Carao User Report: anemia from kidney failure

Profile on Terry
by Maxine  Poulton  8/2005 (with updates to 11/2007) AZ, USA

Male, age 65 
Kidney failure approximately 1998 
Epogen shots 3 times a week for 3 1/2 years 
Epogen shots 4 times a week for the last 6 months   read more »

Carao for anemia caused by MDS

On January 18th, 2010, I had my 4-month appointment with my internist/primary care provider, Dr. P. in Bradenton, FL. I always have blood drawn at a local laboratory 3 days prior to my visit. To my great joy and my doctor's joy and incredulity, my blood panel came back with everything in the normal range. I take no prescriptions and am a woman in my late 60's.
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Carao for Hemolytic Anemia in Child (Colombia)

Carao for Hemolytic Anemia (Colombia)
(The following testimonial letter was translated from Spanish.)

As believers in God, we are are sure that Carao was an answer sent by the Lord in response to our prayers.  For more than 2 years, David had been taking Prednizolona, in relatively large doses (up to 20 mg. daily) for a child of his age (4 years) and when the dosage was reduced (following the doctors' instructions) the autoimmune hemolytic anemia reappeared.  On 4 occasions, David required blood transfusions.

When he started taking Carao, he immediately began to improve.   read more »

Carao User Report: Oscar Cordero Gómez

User Report
(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Oscar Cordero Gómez age 20 (year 2003)
Tacaní de Nandayure
Guanacaste COSTA RICA
tel. 352-5362 (Spanish)
tel. 842-9759 (brother Ever, English)
Interview July 13 with Oscar and Noeme, Oscar's mother

Lloyd:  Could you tell me what Oscar's physical condition was before taking carao?

Noeme: He had physical exhaustion.  He did not feel like working or doing anything.   He did not have appetite.

Lloyd: How long ago was this?

Oscar: That was a year ago.  For a whole year after the anemia treatment I felt bad.  read more »

Carao User Report: Miguel Rodríguez

Carao User Report
(Note that carao extract has long been recognized as a remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Miguel Rodríguez, farmer
Carmona de Nandayure
Guanacaste   COSTA RICA
tel (506) 657-7114 (Spanish)
Interview June 30, 2003
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Carao User Report: Marielos Quirós N.

Carao User Report

(left) Olman Alfaro Quirós, age 20 months

Carmona de Nandayure

Interview Aug. 7, 2003

Lloyd: You told me you used carao extract for anemia in yourself and in 2 of your children, at different times.  Would you give me some details?

Marielos: Well, my oldest son had a very serious case of anemia, hemoglobin 8. I started to give him carao extract, and soon afterwards he was over the anemia, with hemoglobin at 13.

Lloyd:  Do you remember how long it took for him to recover?

Marielos: I would say it was about a month.  read more »

Carao User Report: Lorena Quirós N.

Carao User Report
(Note that carao has long been recognized as a remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Lorena Quirós Nuñez, housewife
Santa Rita de Nandayure
Guanacaste   COSTA RICA

Lorena:  My son Edwin [photo at left, age 2] was diagnosed with anemia.  In the hospital they gave me iron to give to him, and I also gave him Tropical Wonder Carao extract.

Lloyd: Why?

Lorena: I have always heard that carao extract is good for curing anemia.  I think that the carao extract helped him.

Carao User Report: Griselda Godoy R.


(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Gricelda Godoy Rosales, P.O. Chief
San Pablo de Nandayure
Guanacaste   COSTA RICA
Interview on June 30, 2003

Gricelda: My son Edwin  [Photo top] had mild anemia last year when he was 8.  The doctors recommended iron, but I didn't want to give him iron because it stains the teeth, and no child likes the flavor.  So I decided to use carao extract.  It is customary to take carao in milk, but in this case I gave it to him pure, so that he would receive the full benefit.  With a bottle and a half I got rid of his anemia.  [Lloyd's note: This was 50% dilute extract, equivalent to one 240 ml bottle]  read more »

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