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no more blood transfusions

I want you to know that the person has had no need for blood transfusion in the 2 years that I began to use Carao. You know what that means especially living in Africa. Thanks a lot.

Emmanuel, Nigeria Dec. 30, 2011

Helps in training

If it wasn't for this product, I would NOT be able to train at half the intensity I do.  Therefore I would probably be the size of a house. Sally, New Zealand

Hemolytic Anemia: "Carao Fruit is Great"

Sandy Batchelor  here. Over the moon with the Carao bottles you sent me. My Hb went from 8 to 9.2 so excited xxxx I am anxious to get some more from you as I have just finished my last bottle. Will have to wait until I get paid on Friday before I order 3 more bottles xxxx Just have to tell you that I am very excited with the results after the first four bottles ...Yay !! Many thanks, Sandy

Disease of Waldenström

I am the Belgian customer, who uses Carao hoping to improve his blood problem. My problem is that I have too much antibodies in my blood, more specifically antibodies of the type Img, which can lead to the (mortal) "disease of Waldenström".

I promised to keep you informed about my evolution, and here I am. After using 6 months Carao (2 times 2 teaspoons daily) I had my blood checked . It turned out that the amount of Img was 15% lower, which is of course a rather positive result. On the other hand the amount should still lower more.  read more »

Excellent results: anemia due to chemotherapy

Hi Lloyd, I hope this email finds you well. I just want to thank you (and my father, who told me about the carao). I started taking as soon as it arrived around 8 weeks ago. My hgb went down to 6 in 2009 and 2010 when I got ovarian cancer and colon cancer, respectively. When I got the surgeries and chemo, my hgb, that was always 13.6 when I was healthy, was never over 11. Now after 8 weeks it is 12.4. I praise the Lord for this.   I started sharing my testimony and people in my hispanic community have been asking me.  I am giving them your website.  read more »

"The results speak for themselves"

I took carao juice last year 2010, as tests following a blackout while driving showed a blood count of just below 7. Heavy periods and fibroids were deemed to be the cause.  Refusing a hysterectomy, I opted for a D & C, and the mirena coil.  The coil stayed in for 5weeks, during which time I never stopped bleeding, and then came out, causing 2 days of hemoraaging.  Back in the hospital 2 days later, a blood test revealed a blood count of 15 - dispite all the blood loss.  I had been taking carao juice twice and sometimes 3 times a day since the surgery - the results speak for themselves.  Dolores, Ireland, June 4, 2011  read more »

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

"Lloyd, Attached are my latest test results with charts to show where I am in regards to normal ranges.  This past test showed a continued gradual improvement in RBC, hemoglobin and hematocrit (all related to red blood cells), significant improvement in white blood cell count (WBC) for the second time in a row, no real change in platelets and a continued rise in TSH Reflex, which measures the brain's signaling to the thyroid to increase production.  However, from several direct  read more »

Followup on use by MDS Patient

Hello Lloyd, I am sorry I have taken so long to respond to your email. Lots of family things going on here. As to my father. He is doing as well as can be expected considering he does have MDS and also some other health issues. It is my belief that carao fruit has been able to keep him from taking the drug Procrit.  read more »

Carao Recipes and Suggestions for Use

Judy's Carao Recipe


  • hazelnut milk
  • cacao nibs ground in a coffee grinder
  • slippery elm
  • omega 3 oil
  • carao
  • (option - a bit of Grand Marnier)

Per Person:  read more »

Carao for Hemolytic Anemia in Adult

My husband Andrés is 30 years old.  He began to feel extremely weak, with very low blood levels (9.9 hemoglobin and 89,000 in platelets).  The diagnosis was hemolytic anemia, and this worried me a great deal.  So I began to search on the Internet for remedies for anemia.  I was surprised by what I found out about carao.  This is how I made contact with Lloyd.  read more »

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