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customer since 2002

Hi lloyd, i'm just contacting you about my purchases of carao syrup, I've been a customer since 2002 and I have recommended this pruduct to a lot of people, because it is ''Really'' great. Leo, Oregon, USA  April 13, 2013

Carao for sickle cell in children

Carao really changed my life because I enjoy the babies without the pain even when they get sick.  May the good Lord protect you? Foulata, Kenya, April 13, 2013

continued success for MDS

Our mutual friend Lloyd asked me to drop you a line. I don't know if you read my testimonial on the site or not, but I started taking Carao in late 2008. I was told by the head oncologist at my local hospital that I had MDS. I did not have the test where they take bone marrow, he told me he was sure.  read more »

no more blood issues...

"...and by the way - ever since my husband started using the Carao Fruit, he has not had any blood issues-I found it and purchased it for him on a whim after reading your website...Thanks again for what you do~You are appreciated".  Phyllis, WA,  Sept. 2, 2012

No more Procrit, nurses are in awe.

Hi Lloyd, I purchase some bottles of the carao awhile back because of my body being unable to produce hemoglobin correctly. I wanted to give you a few labs numbers, as I get procrit shots about one time a month. There are side effects from the shots, but when you have no choice, that’s what you do. The last shot I received was May 2, at which time is about when I received the Carao. Since that time, my numbers have been

5/29 HGB 10.1 HCT 32.4 RBC 3.36 6/5 HGB 9.9 HCT 31.9 RBC 3.31  read more »

anemia improved

I have been using Carao for the past 4 month and it has helped me with my anemia.

Richard, Delaware, April 10, 2012

helped 8 mo. old child

hi, I've been a customer since 2002  it is a great product it did help my child so much to recover from anemia when he was 8 months old,thanks to this carao syrup my child has been doing really great. thanks so much. a happy dad Leonel, Oregon, Feb. 7, 2012  

Carao for anemia of renal (kidney) failure

I suffer from Nephritis IgA (end stage renal failure.) I have run out of Carao fruit 2 months ago and my heamoglobin decreased from 108 to 87. Once again it has proved that I can keep my HB at accepted levels by drinking a maintenance dose of Carao fruit. Otherwise I would have to take EPO injections, which I am happy to avoid. Thanks Lloyd

Dana, Australia, Feb. 2, 2012

help for sickle cell in Dominican Republic

"I am in the States right now. Raphael's daughter is much improved taking your product." Stephen. Nov. 26, 2011

Anemia due to chemotherapy for multiple myeloma

Mr. Gilbert Creutzberg (full name given by explicit permission) sent us a letter with blood test results showing his good results for anemia due to chemotherapy.  He wrote:


Hi Lloyd. As I promised on the phone, I was going to send you a copy of the lab results that I am receiving each time I see my oncologist for chemotherapy for multiple myeloma.  The HCT levels pertain to anemia.  Since I did not take carao, or any over-the-counter food supplements during and after the operation in Aug. '11 for a hip operation, until Sept., the HCT level had gone down, but went back up steadily once I was back home, taking carao regularly.  Yesterday, the HCT level was back to normal.  read more »

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