Year 2014

Product did wonders for friend

My best friend used to order your product because she was anemic. Your product did wonders for her and now it is my turn because I am now anemic. Can't wait to use your product

Lisa, Canada, Sept 22, 2014

Huge blood improvement in 2 weeks

My name is a Stacey, I was severely anaemic in 2010 after loosing a lot of blood during childbirth. My husband rang and spoke with you (it was you right) You very kindly gave him the numbers of a couple of people you knew had your product as I needed it quickly. My levels went from 5 to 21 in the space of 2 wks! Thank you so much for helping us!

Stacey, Australia Sept. 23, 2014

No transfusion necessary in over a year

I have internal bleeding due to intestinal narrowing after having Crohns Disease since I was 8. I cured the disease with diet but up till now I've had to have iron or blood transfusions. Since taking the carao I haven't had an infusion in over a year - and I still haven't run out of iron! That's a record for me. George, Australia, Sept 21, 2014

"Anemia has gone"

I am now finishing my second bottle I have combined it with 3 spirulina tablets and the anemia has done remarkable positive progress. Thank you Hermann I have taken 2 tablespoons three times a day.

Hermann Colorado, USA, Aug. 26, 2014

"Wonderful Product"

Happy to find this great product...wonderful..exelent I do enjoy using it..thanks so much..

Leonel Oregon, USA, March 17, 2014

Female issues and anemia

This is the most amazing product I have ever used!! Several years ago I was very ill, and told I would need a blood transfusion due to female issues and anemia. I told the doctors I would find an alternative. They laughed at me. I went home and googled "natural anemia solution" and found your website. I immediately ordered your product, and took 1 teaspoon twice per day.
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