Other Causes of Anemia

No transfusion necessary in over a year

I have internal bleeding due to intestinal narrowing after having Crohns Disease since I was 8. I cured the disease with diet but up till now I've had to have iron or blood transfusions. Since taking the carao I haven't had an infusion in over a year - and I still haven't run out of iron! That's a record for me. George, Australia, Sept 21, 2014

"Wonderful Product"

Happy to find this great product...wonderful..exelent I do enjoy using it..thanks so much..

Leonel Oregon, USA, March 17, 2014

customer since 2002

Hi lloyd, i'm just contacting you about my purchases of carao syrup, I've been a customer since 2002 and I have recommended this pruduct to a lot of people, because it is ''Really'' great. Leo, Oregon, USA  April 13, 2013

Disease of Waldenström

I am the Belgian customer, who uses Carao hoping to improve his blood problem. My problem is that I have too much antibodies in my blood, more specifically antibodies of the type Img, which can lead to the (mortal) "disease of Waldenström".

I promised to keep you informed about my evolution, and here I am. After using 6 months Carao (2 times 2 teaspoons daily) I had my blood checked . It turned out that the amount of Img was 15% lower, which is of course a rather positive result. On the other hand the amount should still lower more.  read more »

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