Year 2007

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2007 - part 2

Miles,  It was good to hear from you.  I will be expecting the  order to arrive soon.  I am doing very well at 89 1/2 years old.   Doctor said I HAD to take iron, but it causes terrible constipation.   Remedy for that said NOT to take iron.  It said magnesium was needed.   So I am back on the carao (still had half a bottle).  Usually take it in  milk, or a topping on ice cream.  But my favorite way is in a  milkshake.  I have grown used to the taste (smell), and  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2007 - part 1

Thank You for sharing such a wonderful helpful product.  It has made me feel so much better. Soon my hemoglobin will be up over 10 and I can have my surgery without a blood transfusion.  I really enjoy it as a hot chocolate drink.  Thanks so much,  Mary CA 1/2007

(sickle cell anemia letter 1 from Chris 12/2006) For my son (20month-old, but not yet walking) he had one leg swollen around the ankle and the both eyelids were equally swollen, with eye color very yelow with lots of eye secretion when he started to take the syrup (are these possibly side effects?). However, after taking the mixture for 8days now as well as my wife (age 23), his eyelids have gone back to normal,
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