Year 2010

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - Part 2

report on use for sickle cell from India acharya my father used carao and he feel it was beter than alopathy mediciens. because before using carao every two months once he need blood transflusion of 3to4 units.after using carao from four months no transfusion required i am unable to send the reports. from now on words i will send reports monthly hb was not improved but it was constant it was beter than before. A.Srinivasa 7/10/2010 India  read more »

Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - part 1

needs more than 4 teaspoons per day... ASAP! ALmost out! Its a great product. I need to take more per day. Thanks. I'm spreading the word. ds Bruce, Oregon, Jan. 5, 2010

Athlete with anemia Lloyd, Your product is too good to be true! do not get me wrong, it is just amazing, some people told me that I am getting better in running. these days I am capable of holding up a fast pace for up to five miles and running ten miles is almost nothing these days. I have not gone to see a doctor yet. I am positive my hemoglobin is up.  read more »

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