Huge blood improvement in 2 weeks

My name is a Stacey, I was severely anaemic in 2010 after loosing a lot of blood during childbirth. My husband rang and spoke with you (it was you right) You very kindly gave him the numbers of a couple of people you knew had your product as I needed it quickly. My levels went from 5 to 21 in the space of 2 wks! Thank you so much for helping us!

Stacey, Australia Sept. 23, 2014

Carao User Report: Flory Rojas

(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Flory Rojas Guerrero
Concepción de Tres Ríos
Cartago, Costa Rica
Interview July 13, 2003
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