Carao for Anemia: Peer-Reviewed Scientific Study

from:, Rev Cubana Farm 2004;38(3)
Productos Naturales
Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Medicamentos Actividad antianémica de la Cassia grandis L.
(Translation: Anti-anemic Activity of Cassia Grandis L.)  read more »

Carao Cures Anemia in Calves

by Flor de Maria Palma El Nuevo Diario, Managua, Nicaragua October 23, 2001

translation by Lloyd Standish To consult original article in Spanish, click HERE Rivas, Nicaragua The results of an investigation begun 3 years ago by students of the International School of Agriculture and Cattle Farming of Rivas confirm once again that Carao cures anemia in calves.  Therefore, the results of this investigation will be presented at the Third Expo-science of the University Guild (CNU)  at the end of this month. A dose of 150 grams of carao pulp disolved in 200 cc of water and applied once a week during 3 weeks, increases up to 130% the hemoglobin in anemic calves.  This is the premise of the investigation, which establishes this product as an alternative medicine for the treatment of anemia in cattle.  read more »

Iron Content of Carao Fruit

According to a chemical analysis of Tropical Health Foods carao, the iron content is only 14 ppm. That means there should be only 7.25 milligrams of iron in the entire 365 ml (518 g) bottle. Now, the U.S. recommended "daily value" (DV) for iron is 18 mg.  Therefore, you would have to take over 2 full large bottles of Tropical Health Foods carao to get the 18 gram "daily value" of iron.  read more »

Dr. Luis Carmona's Carao for Anemia Study

summary and translation by Lloyd Standish
(See also: Peer-reviewed Pharmacological Study)

20 patients were chosen for the study, which was carried out from April to May of 2004 .  Both sexes were included, with an age range of 4 to 78.  Of the initial 20, 7 did not return for their post-carao blood test.  Therefore, only data on 13 patients is presented in the table below.  read more »

Chemical Analysis of Tropical Health Foods Carao

Ligia Carmona Infante did a chemical analysis of Tropical Health Foods carao in May, 2004, as part of her master's degree in Chemistry at the University of Costa Rica.  The results are given below:  read more »

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