How to Increase your Energy Level and Build Blood Naturally
Costa Rica's Amazing Anti-Anemia Fruit

by Lloyd Standish

Energy.  If you have enough of it, your life can be brimming with success and happiness.  Without it, life becomes dismal drudgery, and you can never fulfill your full potential.

Take this simple 4-question quiz, for yourself or a loved one: 
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1.  Do you tire too easily?  Is your energy level lower than you think it should be? YES    NO
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3.  Do you have - or think you might have - anemia? YES    NO
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If you answered "YES" to ANY of these questions, you owe it to yourself to read every word of this page.  In the next 5 minutes, I'll tell you the story of a wonderful discovery from the tropical forest of Central America, a discovery that may wipe away your tiredness, quickly improve low blood values, and give you the solid, lasting energy and vigor you need in today's fast-paced world - without harmful drugs and without constipating iron!

Photo Lloyd StandishMy name is Lloyd Standish.  I've lived in beautiful Costa Rica since 1981.  My background is in organic agriculture and natural products research and development.

Over the years here in Costa Rica, I noticed that when the local people get anemia or suffered from lack of energy, they take carao fruit extract (cassia grandis) as a natural remedy to build their blood.  (Note that this is NOT the same thing as cassia oil, which comes from a completely different plant.)

At first I paid little attention, but after I saw case after case of wonderfully improved blood values with carao, I became very interested in this fascinating forest fruit.  My interest was further spurred in early 2002 by a conclusive 3-year study on carao for anemic calves done in Nicaragua and Honduras.  (Details HERE).


Wild carao tree with fruit

Year 2002: the Internet's First Carao

In 2002, I developed the LTE (low temperature evaporation) process to produce the world's first raw, highly concentrated carao fruit.  That year we introduced it to the world by Internet.  We also made many donations to poor people with anemia in Costa Rica.

There were many wonderful reports of improved blood values and amazing reports by athletic users who discovered carao's ability to boost strength and endurance.


How a 4-year-old Girl Helped Bring Carao to YOU

During 2002, the first year of carao production, I had a very moving experience with a little girl named Keisy Meléndez.  I would like to share this beautiful story with you:

photo Keisy

Keisy Meléndez

Keisy Meléndez was born with anemia, from an anemic mother.  By age 3 her anemia had stunted her growth and mental development so much that she looked - and behaved - like a 16-month-old.  Keisy slept almost constantly and could not walk.

The doctors prescribed iron, but according to her mother, it did not help Keisy.   All it did was ruin her appetite, erode her fingernails, and stain her teeth.  Her mother Digna finally stopped giving her iron, since she did better without it.

Since carao is famous as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rica,  a friend of Keisy's family asked me for some for the little girl. I sent it with her on several occasions.  She told me it gave Keisy "great improvement."  Little did I suspect what an understatement that was!

Several months later I finally got to meet Keisy.  I was utterly amazed!  Keisy had turned into a happy, intelligent little girl, bubbling with life and energy!  One year later, she had recovered almost all the lost growth. (Her photo above speaks for itself.)

I had seen many cases of blood values normalized using carao, but this experience was by far the most dramatic and moving.  It felt wonderful to be a part of Keisy's recovery and to feel her parents' joy. 

I knew that there must be many others like Keisy who could recover health only through carao.  I determined to devote my full effort to making this amazing natural food available to the world through Internet, overcoming whatever obstacle.

Read interview with Keisy's mother HERE.

Today my company, Tropical Health Foods LLC,  ships the pure carao fruit product all over the world from the production facility in Costa Rica.   I provide links to the selling website below.

Heartwarming Testimonials

The carao syrup did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It's never been 13!

During labor I lost a lot of blood due to tearing and my hemoglobin after birth was down to 8.  The doctor checked my hemoglobin level 6 weeks later and it was up to 12!

Carao fruit has been the only thing that has worked for me to build my blood and for that I am grateful.

Yours in good health,
A. Y.

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I am 86 years old and have always been anemic.  Now I have naturally red lips for the first time in my life.  I take it twice a day.

I am very pleased and so thankful that my Heavenly Father guided me to this natural cure for anemia.


Read many more amazing testimonials  In a hurry?  Order Now from Tropical Health Foods LLC.


What You Must Know About Carao Fruit

1. Carao fruit is not a drug
In spite of its health-giving properties, carao fruit (pronounced ca-rah-oh) is not a medicine, but rather a pure, whole, natural food that naturally builds the blood for long-lasting benefits.  It does not treat or cure any of the many diseases which cause low blood values (anemia)

2. Carao fruit generally works fast
Most people feel results (greater energy) in 10 days or even less.  Low blood values (anemia) that are not caused by disease are usually measurably improved in 4-5 weeks (2 bottles).  For anemia caused by chronic disease, improvement in blood values usually takes about 2 months (4 bottles), and varies in degree.

3. Carao fruit is low in iron (Details HERE). 
This means it doesn't produce the unpleasant side effects of iron (constipation, indigestion).  Still, it is effective for iron-deficiency-type anemia.

4. Carao fruit is recognized as an effective blood builder by most Costa Rican doctors.
Even though it's not "officially" recognized, most Costa Rican doctors recognize it or even recommend it.  It is one of Central America's best kept natural health secrets.

5. Carao for anemia is supported by recent medical studies.
Dr. Luis Carmona, M.D., completed a Costa Rican study of carao fruit for anemia in May, 2004.  His conclusion: "By a mechanism that is not very helps correct anemia."  (The study included a chemical analysis.)   Also, in Dec., 2004 a distinguished medical journal published a peer reviewed study on the effectiveness of carao for anemia in laboratory animals.  Finally, several years of clinical use at Sokoto State Specialist Hospital in Nigeria prompted Dr. Attahiru I. Sokoto to call carao a "new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease and Anaemia."

6. Carao fruit has no side effects
Carao is a natural food with no known undesirable side effects.

7.  Use of carao fruit can be combined with any drug treatment.
Since carao is a natural food, it can be taken concurrently with medications as long as sweet foods in small quantity are permitted.  As a rule of thumb, if a person can handle 1.3 teaspoons daily of bee's honey, he or she can take the full dose (4 teaspoons daily) of carao.  Carao is well-tolerated by diabetics.

8. The carao fruit product is guaranteed, so you can try it at no risk. 
If it doesn't work for you, or you are dissatisfied in any way, we issue a refund. 


Tropical Health Foods LLC's carao fruit product is wildcrafted in Costa Rica through a very labor-intensive process, requiring large quantities of hand-picked carao fruit obtained from scattered wild trees.  The supply is limited, but we have been able to keep up with demand since 2005.

Tropical Health Food LLC normally ships from USA most business days.

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