Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - Part 2

report on use for sickle cell from India acharya my father used carao and he feel it was beter than alopathy mediciens. because before using carao every two months once he need blood transflusion of 3to4 units.after using carao from four months no transfusion required i am unable to send the reports. from now on words i will send reports monthly hb was not improved but it was constant it was beter than before. A.Srinivasa 7/10/2010 India

Pam here. I order the fruit for my brother in New Mexico. Good news! His red blood cell count continues to improved! We are absolutely thrilled and will be customers for life! Thank you! Pam, New Mexico, July 15, 2010

Aplastic Anemia in India This is R. Pradeep K. from Tiruchirappalli. For the past two months I am getting Medicine (CARAO SYRUP) to my father Mr. N. Rathina K. who is suffering from APLASTIC ANEMIA. After taking this medicine for the past two months, we will there is some changes in HB, RBC, WBC,PLATLETS and Other counts etc.

Before taking this syrup HB count was always 5 to 5.2 constantly, even through BLOOD TRANSFUSION was made once in 10 or 15 days.

After taking this CARAO SYRUP three bottles. We found that Hemoglobin level starts rises from 5.4, 5.5 and yesterday it Reaches 6.1gms. Where Continuing with the blood transfusion at regular intervals. R. Pradeep K.,Tiruchirappalli, India

(editors note: aplastic anemia is bone marrow failure. This sort of anemia responds the least to carao therapy, but according to this report, there was up to 20% improvement in mean hemoglobin levels.)  

no longer needs Aranesp Lloyd, could you let me know when my order will be shipped, as I am almost out of the carao. I would have ordered sooner had I known you would be away during this time. Since I have been taking the carao my blood HGB has improved from 10 to 11.8 and I have not needed the Aranesp shots which I had been on previously, so am somewhat concerned that I may run out before I receive the shipment. Thanks, Philip, July 19, 2010, Florida USA

I wish to thank you for the health of my children who are better than they were earlier. - Patrick, Kenya, Africa, July 20, 2010

Thank you for this great product, if it were not for this my Dad would have past away by now, since he is internally bleeding and they can't correct it, this plus the iron treatments are sustaining him, but unless a doctor takes a risk to fix the bleeding we'll eventually lose the battle. Thanks again for the hope. Maria Sept. 1, 2010 Hialeah, FL

Like it very much and I believe it works great. Viggo, California, Sept. 10, 2010

 Increased breast milk production I have no scientific proof but a friend recommended carao to increase my breastmilk production and it worked wonderfully. She got the recommendation from her child's pediatrician. I would say it is a wonderful side effect of this gift of nature. Fabiola, Costa Rica Oct. 13, 2010

I love it!! Arlene, Washington, 10/19/2010

Sickle cell A friend of mine help me to order 4 bottles of Carao fruit via USA to Nigeria and I received the product two weeks after the order and that was my second time of using the fruit for my Son and it was amazing. Doris, Nigeria, 10/20/2010

My husband, Pierre, used 1 1/2 bottles of carao fruit extract 3 years ago and has been symptom free until recently. - Kelly, Canada 11/16/2010

Sickle cell I am happy to tell you that ever since I administer that first dose of your product, there has been great improvement in my 2 kids. They've not been subjected to any severe pains as it used to be.

Tabitha(Dorcas) was able to stay in school (federal polythecnic Bauchi) for the whole semester(5months) without complaint. She just obtain a diploma in quantity survey. Emmanuel on the other hand was able to complete his senior secondary school certificate examination successfully. Thanks to MARVELOUS CARAO. Lastly, I just thought of how possible it is, at the least, that I could start ordering for distribution, and cost. I wish to be part of the network for awareness. Sir, I know more than 100 children that suffer this desease, just within my vicinity. Regards. Dara, 11/20/2010 Nigeria

Dear Lloyd: I have been using the carao 4 to 5 days and find a definite improvement in my strength energy and mood. Thank you for your fast response. I was found to be anemic in a doctors office at which point she decided to take a lot more blood for more tests. When I got through with that I felt extremely weak. and really concerned for my health. One dose of the carao made a distinct difference and helped my mood considerably. I do not want the usual ways of dealing with anemia (transfusion etc.) as a way out. In the next week or so I will get a CBC and will send you the results.

By the way I told my daughter Aria about you and I expect she will be seeing you in costa rica I am also considering a visit. I will have to correct some health issues first. Many thanks to you and your father. Saul, Indiana, 11/20/2010

Lloyd's reply: Thank you for your email with feedback. I would like to point out that very often a patient using carao fruit feels much better *very* quickly. However, definitive changes in blood test results will usually take at least one month to appear. Therefore, you should not be surprised if a blood test in about a week does not show improvement.