Reports from Users of Carao: year 2010 - part 1

needs more than 4 teaspoons per day... ASAP! ALmost out! Its a great product. I need to take more per day. Thanks. I'm spreading the word. ds Bruce, Oregon, Jan. 5, 2010

Athlete with anemia Lloyd, Your product is too good to be true! do not get me wrong, it is just amazing, some people told me that I am getting better in running. these days I am capable of holding up a fast pace for up to five miles and running ten miles is almost nothing these days. I have not gone to see a doctor yet. I am positive my hemoglobin is up.

do the benefits accumulate over time the more you use it or there is a turning point?  I hope this product is as safe for athletes as its benefits and results. If you decide to publish my comments please you USE the initials as (P.J) P.J., North Carolina, Jan. 27, 2010

Dear Mathew,   Don't worry, carao fruit is a safe, natural food.  Do no think of it as a medicine.  It is a "super food" with wonderful benefits for people.  By the way, animals love it and get great results too, which proves that the results are not due to placebo effect.   Thanks for your encouraging comments and permission to quote you (signing, as you said, with "P.J."   Regards, Lloyd

Last time you sent one bottle faster from U.S.  and second bottle came later.  Would like that again, if possible.  This worked wonderfully -- Hematologist could not believe improved blood tests in only 1-2 months, but of course did not ask for any information.  This bottle if for my husband.  I think my problem is from skin problem.  Kathleen, Maryland, Feb. 23, 2010

We are still using product.  I have increased consumption due to the fact we have not achieved optimum results, but have seen great improvement. Both my father and my niece in chemo are taking it.  Thank you! Maria, FL, March 22, 2010

Pam here.   I ordered four bottles of the carao fruit for my brother Durkin.  I am happy to report that after using the fruit for 2 weeks, he is reporting an increased energy level and also finds that he does not require as much sleep as in the past. If the good reports continue (and we're just thrilled about them!) I'll be ordering more.   I'll keep you posted.     Thanks, Pam New Mexico, April 7, 2010 (Pam did order a second 4 bottles.)

Hi Lloyd , Just to let you know the Mr. Morales did great on the syrup he was sitting up, cognitive visiting with family/friends in the hospital very quickly.  Doctors said they didn't know why his hemoglobin was up. ... Thank you so much!!!  Adonna, Pennsylvania, 4/8/2010

Dear Lloyd,  I have just submitted my third order for carao syrup for my dad. He has been  suffering from low Hb due to mylofibrosis for three years and we have only  found carao to be of any help.Thank you for providing access to this  wonderful gift of nature.  I am very interested in growing carao on my organic farm here in Pune,  India. Would you please send me some seeds along with the order for for the  bottles? Also let me know how to best grow the plants. Recently, I spotted a  tree very similar to the carao in appearance, and it also had pink flowers  with the long round pods. How do I confirm if it is carao - can I mail some  pods to you for confirmation?  Thanks,  Amrita, India, April 6, 2010

Lifelong anemia cured, Procrit no longer necessary, doctor says "she is perfectly normal."  Handwritten letter, 4/04/2010: Carao for sickle cell in Nigerian children living in Germany, email exchange with Lloyd 3/30/2010 Hallo Lloyd,                 We are happy to inform you that Carao is doing wonder in our family. We wish to sugest that you have to do more research on carao as we believe it can cure sickle cell anamia based on the improvement of my son within 7days.It is unbelievable. Secondly we are still waiting for final arrival of second shipment and third. we hope no problem as we are a beat worried.  God Guide You Kingsley. 3/31/2010 Dear Kingsley, I am very glad for the good news.  We will try to export our product to Nigeria this year, so it will be available to many more Nigerians. Regards, Lloyd 4/06/2010 ...carao is doing wonder in my family now that we are happy again since last two weeks our children are using it. No more crisis and they are looking very health now so we do not wish to miss giving it to them for one day now and my friend also confessed of how his daughter is now because of carao. 4/19/2010 Hallo Lloyd,         We are happy to inform you that we got the remaining six bottles today though we paid twelve euro for the custom clearence but we are very happy to get it. We are also concern because the first week our son started it he was doing fine but he is having problem now especially in breathing and his eyes is becoming yellowish again. For that we decided to be given him carao three times daily. But the littile girl is doing fine. Hope no problem as he is taking it thrice daily? We will always update you with progress. God Guide you Kingsley 4/20/2010 Dear Kingsley, I'm glad you finally received the remaining 6 bottles of your order.  I'm sorry you had to pay for customs clearance - I think this is unusual.   It is fine to increase the dose of carao for your son.  Carao fruit is a natural food, not dangerous.  The only negative result from taking too much would be loose stools, just as would be expected from any sweet fruit.    My suggestion is that you be patient and wait for your son to improve.  In our experience, the benefits continue to develop, little by little, over time. Best regards, Lloyd Standish 4/22/2010 Dear Lloyd,        Thanks for your encouragements. One gets curious easy if you find yourself in our state but we are confident that carao will work in children as we read about orders how it worked for them. I have decided to stop all his medications from antibiotic to iron tablets now. It is unusual for the customs charge but that is difficult we face in Germany. Again they said the six bottles came the same time. Like the first one we got it from post direct but the second shipment was from custom as they wanted to know the content. We will soon make an order as i sent some to my friend but it may be space in shipment.  God Guide You Kingsley. 4/22/2010 Dear Kingsley,   I am glad that you have decided to stop giving the antibiotics, which I think would have very negative long-term consequences for your child.   I encourage you to provide him with plenty of green vegetables and raw salads, organically grown if possible, and whole raw fruit.  I also suggest you avoid giving him fruit any time near cooked meals, for best digestion.   I think that in about a month of use of the carao you will see definite benefits.   Best regards,   Lloyd Standish More excellent results for sickle cell in sickle cell in children 5/13/2010 Dear Lloyd,       We are happy to inform you that their is a wonderful changes on our children now. No crisis all this while because of carao. I stopped all the medications we gave them only carao and their is alot of improvement. We are deciding to start giving them twice daily as regards the new improvement. we will soon make order as we are left with 5 bottles for now. Thanks once more for your encouragement. Kingsley.   Dear Lloyd,   My brother received very good news from his doctor the other day.  After finishing 4 bottles of the fruit juice, my brother's red blood cell count had "spiked to the high that it had been in 2008."  His doctor is very happy, but, more importantly, so are we.  To tell you the truth, after my brother had finished 3 bottles, I noticed an up-tick in the energy of the e-mails that he was sending me.  Happily that up-tick has been confirmed in his blood work.  So, we are customers for life! Thank you!   Sincerely, Pamela, NM, 5/17/2010 myleodysplasic syndrome after 18 months carao therapy Dear Lloyd:   Went to Doctor's appointment on May 4th with my primary care provider Dr. P____ in Bradenton, Florida. Have now been taking Carao Fruit more than 18 months. Blood panel is now "normal" with an increase in the red blood cells to 11.5 and the blood platelets to 165. My doctor said of the myleodysplasic syndrome (blood anemia/ leukemia) you have kicked this good. What can I say? My cat has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder where the red and white blood cells eat each other up and the vet said I would need to bring him every 30 days for a shot of some synthetic "stuff" similar to prednisone if he was going to survive. I have started sprinkling carao on his dry food and he does not seem to notice the taste. In 3 weeks he has gone from pale and anemic to pink and bouncing, playful and full of life. What can I say? Thanks to you and your workers and the lovely County of Costa Rica for providing nature's elixir in a digestible form. Mary, Sarasota, FL 6/11/2010 (Mary will reply to inquiries.  Email your message to her to Lloyd via the contact page.) A typical email, showing that it is important to ORDER EARLY.  Remember the 2-3 week shipping time from Costa Rica. > Hi - I ran out of supply today.  when can I receive my next order dated June 8, 2010/ >   > mY HUSBAND CONTINUOUSLY IS GETTING BETTER. (name withheld) Philippines, June 18