Reports from Users of Carao: year 2009 - Part 2

Drug-induced Hemolytic Anemia cured with 2 bottles On Tue, 07 Jul 2009 19:41:11 -0600, Amy xxxxxx <> wrote: Hi, Lloyd I wanted to let you know it's been about 3 months since I was diagnosed with drug-induced autohemolytic anemia, I had my last visit last week, I am cured of the autohemolytic anemia. I want to thank-you for creating carao syrup. My aunt is also now taking it, she has severe anemia caused by Celiac's disease. I am so thankful for carao syrup and very happy I didn't need to take prednisone to treat my condition. Thank-you very much. Amy, PA July 8, 2009

followup: I only hope our doctors would would wake up and realize how it benefits people. Although the pharmaceutical companies make too much money from drugs that are dangerous and push them onto doctors to prescribe. I spoke to one doctor recently who told me I am lucky to be alive because during his residency he saw five people die from auto-hemolytic anemia caused by a drug reaction. Amazing, I only wonder how many more people are suffering, well I hope you are doing well and thanks again for carao syrup. Oct. 6, 2009 Sickle Cell Disease in son and mother Hope all is fine with you and your entire family. I must acknowledge that carao has not stop doing wonders to my family; my first son is completely in good shape grace to your natural fruit and, my wife sailed through her pregnancy with very little troubles during delivery grace to carao, thanks very immensely for the wonderful philantrophic gesture and contributions you make relentlessly towards us. May God richly bless you!   I hereby request you to make an immediate shipment of three bottles of the product (at my price of 50% discount as usual) to the address below: <snip> Christopher, Cameroon, August 2, 2009 Sickle cell disease in child I want a new order of 6 bottles of carao juice. Sir, I will appreciate it if the delivery will be as fast as the previous order. These juice is simply wonderful.It is the natures wonders of modern world.   I reserve further comment till the end of current treatment.   Thanks.   Dr. O. U.  Nigeria Aug. 5, 2009. MDS In August 2008 I almost died in the hospital of an infection which was never identified by the doctors. After surviving I was told they were certain that I have MDS, a form of pre-leukemic cancer in which the bone marrow does not produce enough red blood cells. Treatment is presently limited to blood transfusions or Procrit (a black box medicine) and lifespan is not encouraging. I found Lloyd Standish and CARAO FRUIT on the internet. In September 08 (after receiving 3 bags of blood in the hospital) my red blood count was 9.6 (12 is considered average/good/normal). After taking CF for 5 weeks my blood count was 10.1 --my doctor was surprised--. My doctor visit at the end of January found my blood count to be 10.6 (my doctor was very surprised and pleased). My next doctor visit is scheduled for mid-September and I look forward to continued improvement, which I will report. MDS is a terminal anemia with the symptoms being bone aches and shortness of breath caused by the lack of red blood cells. Carao fruit IS WORKING for the worst kind of anemia. FOLKS DON'T GIVE UP! Always try the natural way before you submit to the pharmaceutical way, because synthetic drugs which work to cure one illness --through their side effects-- create illnesses potentially worse than what you already have. I look forward to updating this message at the end of September.  Sincerely, Mary Aug. 9, 2009 Sarasota, FL Sickle Cell Disease in 24 Year Old Woman July 28 >> Hello, >> I am painstakingly sending this e-mail to you in regards to the carao product.  I live in the U.S.  My daughter has Sickle Cell Anemia.  She is 24 years old.  She has been having quite a few crises lately.  Her Hemoglobin is now about 7.7  I will like to try your product, but will like to know if this will be a good product for her to try.  Thank you for your prompt response so we can order this product. >> >> Thank You >> Maureen  later Aug. 10 > Hello Lloyd, > I am pleased to let you know that we have received both bottles of Carao.  Thank you so much.  The Good news is Natasha's HG went from 7.7 to 10.4 in three days.  We have proof of that, She happened to have had a doctor's appointment the Tuesday after she started taking Carao.  Wll keep you in touch as to her improvements.  Again, Thank you so much and God Bless. > Maureen, New York (dates above) PRODUCT IS SUPER !! (Comment on our order form., August 14, 2009) Bone marrow failure (?) Hi Lloyd,   I hope all is well with you. I'll be having my friend, <snip>, call to order more carao for my father. I think we'll take four bottles for now, sent in two boxes. (He'll probably have one box sent to his work address, and one sent to his wife's name at the home address, for security.) If you forsee a limited supply in the near future, let me know and I'll order more than the four bottles now. Remember, last time we ordered ten bottles. This time I thought we'd stagger the ongoing order, again, unless you tell I'd be better off ordering more now.   My dad's red blood was doing well on the carao. Then I experimented, and took him off the carao for one month. His hbn went from about 9.6 to 6.8. So now I understand that he needs the carao on a full time basis, due to underlying factors, until further notice. I had to take him in for two transfusions as a result of the experiment, and his blood went back up to around 9. Within one week of getting back on the carao, his hgn shot up over another point. I was amazed. I think his body was able to assimilate the carao very quickly as a result of having taken it regularly for months. Just my theory anyway.   I have one full bottle left, so I'll need the new order shipped out as soon as you can, thanks. I'm sure we;ll make it on time.   Thanks again,   Yonatan, Israel Aug.16, 2009 Sickle Cell Disease in Angolan children (series of emails between Kwanza and Lloyd.  I have removed Kwanza's last name from our exchanges.) (Aug. 6, 2008, Angola) Hi Lloyd,   My name is Kwanza, the angolan guy who just requested you some bottles of carao syrup. I had to send it to london and then my cousin posted it to me. Overall it take nearly a month. I started by given 2 teaspoons daily from wednesday 04/08/09. One teaspoon after breakfast and another one after dinner. A Hb test 9 days before shown 7.7. Notice that my son is a HBSS 14 MONTHS OLD. Frankly speaking, the smell of carao has nothing to do with the taste and my kid is enjoying it as it is, no mixing required. I will revert about 2 weeks later and report the findings. Once again thanks for your hard work and that many more people can benefit from the magic carao,   God bless,   Kwanza (Aug. 7, 2008) Dear Kwanza,   I'm glad your shipment arrived.  Please keep me informed on the progress of your son.  Thank you for your encouraging words.  If you would like to try planting carao trees in your area, let me know, since I am glad to donate the seeds.   Regards, Lloyd (Aug. 17) Hi Lloyd,   I have no words to describe carao's strength and effectiveness to deal with anaemia. Two weeks elapsed and my son's Hb raised from 7.7 to 10. Never was above 8. His appearence is really good and he feels much more energetic. I have no doubt that carao is the perfect drink for anaemic people. We will do the hemograme test after 2 weeks to have the overall picture. Now I will try one bottle to one of my friend's daughter. She is two years old and still can't walk, pale and very weak. God bless you and your team once again,   Kwanza (Aug. 17) Dear Kwanza,   Thanks very much for the encouraging words, and the wonderful news on your son's rapid progress.  Please keep me informed as he improves.   In particular, I would be very interested to know if the carao eliminates or reduces the actual sickling of the blood cells.   Few patients who receive carao have their blood tested for the percentage of sickling.  However, we have  a report from Uganda of a child who, in addition to raised blood values, has no more sickle cells visible under microscopic examination.   May I use your comment in the letter section of the website, signing "Kwanza, Angola"?   Regards, Lloyd (Aug. 18) Dear Lloyd,   I will keep on administring the magic carao and updating you on his progress. My son was diagnosed at 11 months Hbs 77.8%, HbA2 34% and HbF 19.1%. At 18 months another electrophoresis will be taken and compare previous readings. One thing I couldn't understand so far is the fact that with low Hb he used to sweat too much, but now the sweating is reduced considerably. Also we already started with a friends'daughter and we'll keep you informed on the progress. Please feel free to use my comments on your good website, I hope will encourage others to seek and try the carao.   Regards and Gob bless,   Kwanza (Aug. 25) Hi Dear Lloyd,   This Time I am not speaking about my son, but a friend's daughter (Hbss) who started taking carao a week ago. So far what parents are saying is that she has no more yellow eyes, body is almost unswelled, the apperance is fantastic and they are looking forward to have blood analyses next week. Meanwhile, they have no doubt the carao is working effectively. According to them her Hb was never greater than 7.8. Since their child has had several crises, they are asking whether they can give 3 teaspoon daily, morning(after bfast), afternoon(after lunch) and eveneing(after dinner). Another 6 years old boy(hbss) from my wife's friend will start taking carao today. Hb is  low now 6.5. Her mother says crises have been constant and she is afraid to lose her job, because she has to be with the boy in the hospital. My son is doing great and so far no worries. You may expect a massive carao order, since many people have asked me how to get carao. Actually me and my wife decided to put hands on and take it seriously. Sickling here is a silent killer. Keep in touch,   Regards,   Kwanza (Aug. 25) Dear Kwanza,   Thank you very much for the wonderful reports.  If you will send an address in Angola, I will ship a donation, which will also test the  possibility of shipment by mail directly to Angola from Costa Rica.   It would be very important and useful to send me scanned images of the original laboratory blood test results, with the name of the testing laboratory and responsible person visible.  I would publish this on my website, removing the patient's name to protect privacy.   Regarding the question from your friend, whether or not she can give 3 tsp, I think that would be OK for a 2 year old, however, we suggest they continue giving her 2 tsp per day (10 ml), since she is doing very well on that quantity, and we think it is important for her to take this for at least 5 weeks.  One bottle taken at 2 tsp/day will last 5 weeks.  If she takes 3 tsp/day, the bottle will be used up faster, and I know your supply is very limited.   Best regards,   Lloyd Standish (Sept. 13, 2009) Hi Dear Lloyd,   Sorry for not being regular but the communication systems in Angola are facing a really trouble, hopefully things are getting back to normal. I am sending scans of my son. The first one taken at 11 meses was when we confirmed him to be a Hbss. The second one was taken about 9 days prior to start taken carao and the third one taken 2 weeks after. Ever since he is doing really well and we feel no need for more blood analysis. No crises and no more hospitals.  We are only attendig a 1 month routine visit. Regarding to the 2 years old girl she is now so energetic that her parents are so happy and she even started walking around the house after 3 weeks taking in carao. The 5 years old boy, so far we've lost communication with his mother but I believe soon we'll get some good news. Please Lloyd help saving many more people here. The order I made is on behalf the call of some people who are questioning me about carao. We pray that supply can be consistent. Patrick <snip> is a friend of mine who is studying in UK and is returning home beginning October. I believe this way will be faster. Please include some seeds as well.   Regards and may God bless you,   Kwanza Jehova's Witness, chemotherapy > Lloyd,  > Yes I received the emergency shipment ... & have been administering it but only 3 teaspoons/ day. She's not eating a lot so I didn't want to over do it.  > Her red cells went from 4.5 to 6.3.  The drs of course say it has nothing to do with the syrup but you don't go from a 13k platelet count to 151k count its not accidental.  Lisa, Pennsylvania, Sept. 1, 2009  > In response to my emailed request for permission to quote: Lloyd,   Feel free to print whatever you'd like. My family & i are very grateful for what you & your father have done to help and I honestly believe that the carao syrup helped in saving my Grandmother.   Sincerely, Lisa Cancer patient Thank you so much. Might add, we're drinking Xango brand mangosteen juice. No tumors in my husband's prostate. Also 2000 units of Vit D3. Stage 4 cancer is obviously, not so. Thanks for your contributions in my husband's well being. Irreversible anemia is what kills cancer patients. His numbers are much improved and he hasn't lost a pound, appetite is great; so is his disposition. Thanks again, Liz, Poplarville, MS, Sept. 22, 2009 Surgery, iron-intolerance "I am writing to you since I have used your product with excellent results.  If it had not been for your product I would not have been able to go to surgery and I would have had to take iron, which I cannot take, due to what it does to my intestines, so therefore thank you, you saved my life and possible transfusions." Maria E. Conroy, Florida, 28 Oct 2009 (diagnosed with scleroderma ) Hi again, Wanted to let you know I am doing better every day..My veins are starting to show through all over..My flexibility and dexterity are getting better. My sense of touch is returning where there was only vague sensation or numbness..My stamina is a slow build but still progressing. When I am able to travel, which may still be several weeks from now, my doc. wants to run labs to see how things are. Thank you again, Lloyd, for your dedication..I hope you and yours are doing well.. God Bless, Sincerely, Juanita California Nov. 3, 2009 Anemia due to multiple myeloma, stopped using Aranesp, (blood test reports included here) Hi Lloyd, I started with Carao on August 20, This was in response to an inquiry on my part to find alternatives for treatment of anemia, concurrent with treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Leon Landau, MD for multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer that effects the bone marrow. The medication I received for the anemia was Aranesp, 300 mgs The cancer was diagnosed in December 2005 and was treated monthly with Pamidronate. At present the cancer is in remission, and I receive treatments once every two months. In June of 2009, I was notified that HIP, my medical insurance would no longer cover all of the treatment and that I would be responsible for 10%. I had to pay a bill of $500. At age 80, with limited resources, I thought it was time to look for alternatives. Moreover, Aranesp had received a bad press on page one of the New York Times, as appearing to have toxic side effects. After I learned about Carao from Costa Rica, I first talked with Dr. Landau to ask for his advise. I received one more dose of Aranesp of 100 mgs and I started with 1 teaspoon of Carao per day. My blood level was tested every month. The enclosed reports show clearly that the HTC count has maintained a stable level and that there does not appear to be a need to continue with Aranesp. In fact, the level has gone up and is beginning to approach normal limits. Today I again sought the advise of Dr. Landau and he said that there is no problem to discontinue Aranesp and to continue with Carao. I am happy to share this encouraging progress with you and wish you well in your endeavors to market this natural fruit product that shows promise in the health field. Peace, Gilbert, Bronx, NY, Nov. 16 '09  blood test Nov. 2   blood test Nov. 16 Chronic anemia due to injury Hi Lloyd,   I just wanted to write and tell you that I'd researched and ordered your product almost 2 years ago for my boyfriend Pierre, who, due to an injury was now chronically anemic.  The doctors had told him that he would be on iron pills for the rest of his life and even though he was taking them as prescribed, he was pasty and tired all the time.  A couple weeks after starting with the carao, he stopped napping and stopped taking the iron supplements.  Two months after starting the carao, he stopped using it as well.  We are now two years from him starting to use your product and he hasn't had any recurrance of anemic symptoms at all.    I was just told that a friend's daughter is anemic and I was able to send one of Pierre's bottles for her to try.  It made me think about Pierre being symptom free for this long and I thought you might want to know another story where quality of life was restored beyond what we thought possible.  Hopefully our friend's daughter has a similar experience. Thankyou, Kelly BC Canada, Nov. 23, 2009 My father has shown great improvement with your product in only 2 weeks his hemoglobin went from 8.5 to 10 with only two bottles, I am now starting on two more and will order more as spare, and too give others to try, whom I know really need it.  They will probably order next.  Great product and discovery!!! Maria, Florida, Dec. 4 Dear Maria,   Thanks for the great news on your father!   May I include your comment in our testimonials section (currently page ?)  I would sign it "Maria, Florida" (first name only, to protect your privacy).   Regards, Lloyd   You most certainly may use my comments and testimony on your website, and I will definitely spread the news of what I have witnessed with myself and my father to others, especially doctors, who you might be surprised seem to be very interested  in it for their loved ones.  Thank you for doing what you do!  Many blessings to you, from my family.  You see my father is 85 and many doctors don't even want to treat him. They are afraid and basically don't know what to do , because when an older individual develops anemia, but they can't find the cause, they automatically assume the worst, and I understand, but it doesn't mean you give up on them and do what you can, and when there are natural products such as carao out there for them, that have no side effects, except good ones, then you are obligated to at least try and when you see the success, you go back to those doctors to teach them so they can help others, and stop feeling helpless.  I will promote this product with conviction and without ever trying to profit from it, because it is essential that people get it and know about it for their loved ones and obtain it as I have been able to obtain it for myself and my father.  It sure beats taking iron, which really takes it's toll on the body after a prolonged period of time with not such excellent results, and in such a short period of time.  It's short of a miracle!  It was placed on this earth to help us help ourselves and help us to heal from the ravages of many years of poor nutrition or malnutrition, even when we are overweight.  Again I thank you and those who work with you to get this product to market.   May you all have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years with much sale of this product to those who really need it.  Also thanks for the personal touch and being available to your customers, it makes a difference! Sincerely, Maria Carao for sickle cell Good evening Dr. Attahiru, Sometimes in September, 2009 I enquired from you about the efficacy of Carao on my daughter who is a sickler. The girl was always in crises on monthly basis and her PCV then was about 20. She was always pale then. Her age is 6+.   I want to say that since I started administering carao on her every morning, the crisis has stopped since September and her PCV is about 25. She is no longer looking pale as her true color has returned. Her weight has increased tremendously. My only fear now is that the 2 bottles I received have gone empty. I need another two bottles to continue. Thank you Okonkwo,  Portharcourt,  Nigeria, Dec. 16, 2009