Reports from Users of Carao: year 2009 - Part 1

Thalassemia Major "We really think it helped my Granddaughgter - a 2 year old Thal Major child.  We ran out and unfortunately moeny has been tight BUT the docs had wanted her on a 3 week schedule for her xfusions. When she had gone after 3 weeks, her hg was over 12. Unfortunately, as I said, I ran out of the syrup, so she has not been taking it for a while. Last, I ordered many bottles and a friend gave us some, so we had a big supply.  Her hg was down to 7 something today. That scared me and I never want to run out of this for her again.  Hope it comes soon.  Oh.... and Happy New Year to you and your family and ty so much for doing this.  Barbara,  AZ, USA, Jan. 13

"Iron deficiency" anemia for 6 years Hello Mr. Standish,   "Happy New Years to you and your family.  I am feeling the differences after taking the syrup. It’s great and my Husband even mentioned to me several times that it’s doing wonders for me. My energy level is way better then I imagined it to be. I had given one week gap of taking the syrup due to the second bottle late arrival. I think it arrived late due to Christmas and New Year."

(later, in reply to my request for permission to quote, she wrote:

"I am 24 years old. I would love people to know how much this had helped me so others can get influenced of taking carao juice. If you need me to write anything regarding my intake of carao juice and my positive outlook of it; I will be more then glad to do so. About the donation of the seeds; since I will be going back home in feb.11; I can find out about who would like to plant carao tree." Pony, Bangledesh, Jan. 15

 "I ... have definitely felt the benefits of taking it." Leesa, Australia Jan. 16, 2009

Leukemia, splenic lymphoma "Thanks for the usual good service.  Last year my hemoglobin was 11.0. Two weeks ago it was 13.1.  The haptoglobin was normal for the first time in two years.  I have had leukemia for 12 plus years and am 78.  Current diagnosis splenic lymphoma." Theodore, PA, USA, Jan 21, 2009

Carao for athletic use, South African 69-year-old cyclist. Firstly you must appreciate that I will be a 70 year old cyclist in June. Initially I took two teaspoons of  carao a day for three weeks and thereafter reduced the dose to one teaspoon every second day.Then if I was going out on a hard club ride I would take two teaspoons the day before. I mix the carao with warmed soya milk and I like the taste. I can definitely state that it has improved my performance and my cycling buddies have been commenting that I seem to switch on my afterburner when I accelerate away from them on the hills.Some by the way are half my age. One still has to do everything else right such as regular training, carbo-loading and making sure that you take in carbo drinks and nutrition on the ride. Carao, however, in my opinion gives one the edge to perform longer and harder.  N. F., South Africa, Jan 26, 2009

Carao for athletic use, collegiate trackNfield This is T.E. one of your returning Carao customers. After finishing 2 of carao fruit bottles, I have to tell ya i've had some amazing results! Someone once said while on carao, "the air that you breathe is just truly refreshing!" I can now feel that too! (later) Anyhow you may certainly use my testimonial for your page, however if you could censor my name or use Texas just so there's no controversy if the IOC (Olympic Committee) decides to question Carao. I'm currently sitting at the top of the charts in my event for collegiate trackNfield at one of the top University's in the nation. Since I've been using carao, my workout recovery time and energy levels have been great! Everyone on the Team is always asking how ... I recover so quickly after race workouts. It's funny because my response is simply "Fruit Juice!" lol.. I love the feeling I get while on Carao fruit, it's amazing! Thanks Lloyd! Feb. 9, 2009. T.E.

a fabulous product!  thanks for your help Pat; New Mexico, Feb. 9, 2009

Good news ....... the 2nd box was delivered today. Six days after the 1st.   Thanks for answering my email.   I'm up to 11.7 from 10.5 (blood count, after a transfusion when I was 8) these 4 bottles may get me to the 14 that I should have. Jerry; Kerrville, TX Feb 9, 2009

I ordered 3 bottles I am on my 3rd. bottle. I have more enegry then I have had in a long, time before I took it my legs were weak now I can walk by my self.  Jean; Sierra Vista, AZ Feb. 7, 2009

Heart/kidney patient My father who is an 81 year old heart/kidney patient and has battled with hemoglobin below 9 was just checked and his hemoglobin is now above 11. We are definitely believers in what this natural product is designed to do.  Brenda, Zionsville, Indiana Feb. 12, 2009

Comments on the flavor Hola, Lloyd!      Just wanted to tell you that today I tried the carao in vanilla soy milk - and, you're absolutely right - it's DELICIOUS!!  And it does taste just like chocolate soy milk!! I'm really enjoying drinking it now - I think my tummy just had to first get used to it...Also, I am feeling other side effects such as increased energy & greatly increased appetite - Normally, I'm always hungry &  I eat quite a bit, but now I'm even hungrier, so I just make sure that I eat lots of healthy food  Thank you again so much, take good care, & God bless!  Aloha, Alisa Hawaii Feb. 26, 2009

Cancer Patient It's working!  I'm a cancer patient and had to have blood transfusions or Arenesp (which causes blood clotting) to build up my red blood counts. Keep making Carao - I'm glad I found you guys.  Eldon

Lloyd's answer: Thank you for letting me know that the carao fruit product is working for you.  May I print your comment on my website, signing "Eldon, UT"?

Yes you may - I've been taking the Carao for about 4 months now and have just placed another order.  My activity level has improved and my blood lab tests have indicated an increase in both hemoglobin and hematocrit and also my creantinine level is lower - I'm not in the normal range yet - but for me it has been a noticeable difference. Thank you - Eldon UT Feb. 27, 2009

Megaloblastic anemia/Refractory Anemia, update from Ioanna (Spain) hello dear lloyd - i have placed a new order for 6 more bottles of the carao syrup. also i'm sending y the latest reports as y asked more than a month ago. as y know i have been taking the carao syrup since december 2007 & have had v. good results. as i said in some previous emails to y - the condition that i have is called Megaloblastic anemia/Refractory Anemia, & the only treatment that the doctors can give is blood transfusions & these i was getting about once a month from jan 2007 until may 2008. however since taking the carao syrup regularly (twice a day) i have not had any transfusions since may 2008. also last month i was able to have a hernia operation that was waiting now for more than 2 years because of the low condition of the blood. but the haematologist gave the ok for the operation in november because of the blood improvement. i'm now home recovering & happily taking the carao syrup. the haematologist is completely surprised about this improvement & says that he never had a patient who has had these improvements. i have told him about the syrup various times & gave him yr web address, but he hasn't really investigated it. a shame. however when i was in hospital for the operation a colleague of his came to visit me - doctora canaro - she said she had seen my charts for these 2 years & was v. impressed & wanted me to tell her about the syrup - she said that she had patients that she felt would be helped by this. i was v. happy to hear this as y can imagine so gave her yr web address & hope v. much that she has contacted y. as i have written so many times to y & yr family - i'm so happy & deeply, deeply grateful to have discovered this wonderful syrup. it has helped me so much - helped with a better quality of life, helped me to recover from a condition which the doctors held no hope for me, & i will continue to use the carao syrup. i support y all in this wonderful work y are doing. i send my thanks deep frm my heart to y & yr family with much gratitude & love from ioanna ps. some friends of mine who are interested to find out more about the syrup are coming to costa rica in march & hope to contact y Ionana, Spain, 2/23/09  Ionanna's blood test report for March 2, 09 Followup Sept 15., 2009 hello lloyd - it's wonderful how quickly the shipment came. i received all 3 packages yesterday. the post between Spain & Costa Rica seems to go quite well. i ordered the carao on the 8th sept. (i think) & it arrived on the 14th. sept. thank y. i'm also sending the latest blood test  - as i said in the last letter i'm so happy with the carao - the blood is slowly improving as y will see & i have not had to have any transfusions since may 2008. the syrup is the only thing that has worked to help me improve. none of the steroids that doctors insisted that i take did any good. so again i send y my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful work y are doing & the help that y give to so many people. very warm regards frm ioanna  Ionanna's blood test report for Aug. 14, 09 Sickle Cell in 6 year old, Nigeria hi, dr  Lloyd Standish, (editor's note: Lloyd Standish is not a doctor) how are you today, i hope u are in a good shape, is me jennifer from nigeria, my daugther is placed on another bottle of carao, so i was waiting  for its completion to have  the result of the text so that i can  contact u.  the syrup has done a wonderful work:  there has been no crisis, no more yellow eyes, no more running of temperature, she takes in lots of water and she eats very well. no swellens of any kind, in fact here is the result of the first bottle, two weeks after administration  her HB: 45  and her PVC;21%  then dr attahirus of sokoto send us another bottle, two weeks after admistration it raises to  HB:59  and her PVC:26%. doc,  i think this is a big improvement for my daughter that is a sickle sell anaemia, a 6years old child, dr thanks very much for this carao cyrup, THE GOD THAT STARTED THIS GOOD WORK IN U, WILL BRING IT TO ITS COMPLETION, GOD BLESS U, doc as regard to ur questions, about placing my e.mail for further equirey from other source, i give u the go ahead,  u can go ahead and print my e,mail as a testimony for what carao cyrup can do in the lives of anamic patients, iam also willing to answer  any questions directed to  my e,mail as it relate to carao cyrup, thank u again doc, remain blessed in the LORD.    urs faithfully jennifer from porthartcourt, nigeria 3/3/2009 (As indicated above, Jennifer is willing to answer email inquiries about her experience with carao fruit for sickle cell disease in her child.  Her email address is natachamiracle at (spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces) comment on taste Yes, absolutely. Print my words. I'd like people to know that it actually tastes very good, and the smell is no problem at all. After reading SO MUCH about how difficult it was for so many people to cope with the smell, it's important to let others know that the taste is really good. If people take cod liver oil for their health, I would say carao's taste is far less problematic. Carao's taste is actually good. And if you'd like a more comprehensive statement from me, let me know--I'll compose a stronger statement for you to post. "Yonatan, Israel" is fine, but please don't post my email address. Yonatan, Israel 3/3/2009 raised energy levels Dear Lloyd Standish   I am over the moon after finishing the first of two 365mil bottles The energy levels are already raised to an unbelievable ( a month back ) degree, so I would like to order another two bottles, as per below. Will the price be the same ( US$ 76.70 ) ? With sincere thanks  Noah NZ 3/9/2009 letter to Dr. Sokoto, 7 mo. old, " son looks wonderful..." Hello Dr. Sokoto,  As I have been talking to you by email and blog, I start to give my 7 months old son Carao in 02/23/2009. In that time we couldn't do the blood work before start the Carao. Actually we collected the blood sample but we don't know what's happen and the blood clotted. Any way, we did the blood test on 02/26/2009 when the results scary us. We have done another test yesterday and despite he still with LL level of hemoglobin we can see the results of Carao. My soon looks wonderful and his doctor couldn't believe that his Hgb still low. He gain 3/4 of a kg in 2 weeks. Sickle cell in 6 year old Dear Lloyd,   I have a 6year old daughter with HbSS. I read about carao juice on the internet and contacted Dr Sokoto who gave me a bottle of carao juice for her. Before starting her on carao on 10/Jan/2009, her blood values were Rbc 3.51millions/mm3, Hb8.6, Haematocrit27.4. Her blood picture today, after a course of carao juice has improved to  Rbc 3.65millions/mm3, Hb9.3g/100ml, Haematocrit29.6%. Over and above this numerical improvement, her physical appearance has improved tremendously.   Many thanks for this great programme.   O. E. Port Harcourt. Nigeria 3/7/09 "O.E." is willing to respond to email inquiries about his daughter's use of carao. Send your email to O.E. to me via the contact page thalassemia intermedia child On serious note,i think that carao is benefiting our children,we saw a week's difference in her transfusion intervals,she was regularly going on three weeks,and her pre transfusion hb was between 9 and 9.5,now she goes at four weeks and her hb is between 9.5 and 10.This month after transfusion she had 104 degree fever and a very severe cough,i thought we'll have to go for transfusion on three weeks this time,but her hb at 3 weeks post transfusion was 11.1,now lets see what it will be after 4 weeks. Zaini, forum posting: thalassemmia major, 10 month old child There are many factors that are affecting his hg right now - such as the antibodies, therefore I cannot give you a conclusive answer about whether or not  carao is affecting his hg levels.  I do however believe that from the time that I started using carao and bcomplex his energy levels and general mood have changed 110%. After his ritixumab treatment this summer he was easily tired, irritable, quiet, easily out of breath and he did not look well.  Since I began carao and bcomplex he is a completely different child - happy, energetic, not easily out of breath, and I can barely keep up with him. Sharmin, forum posting: thalassemia minor, adult "You will be happy to know that my HB today is........ 12 in such a short time" (previously was 10.9) Manal, forum posting: procrit no longer necessary Lloyd ; My doctor was so impressed that I am ordering most of these bottles for him. I gave him some of mine for one of his worst anemic patients who went from 10.4 to over 13.0 HGB in one month after taking Carao. He wants to share with other patients. Keeping them coming. Thanks. Fred, Chambersburg, PA 3/19/2009 Order received and Adolfo is doing amazingly well taking 2-3hr treks through the Galapagos islands when he struggled and fussed about going around the block with me here. I'll let you know the next test results soon. Warm regards, Sarah, North Carolina, USA  4/8/09 I have taken 12 bottles but still can't go without it. Patricia, CA, USA, 4/8/09 2 bottles of your carao & no longer anemic-going to keep taking it awhile but so grateful to your little company--rebecca rust Later, in response to an email from Lloyd requesting permission to quote: Absolutely-my red blood count had been too low for months and I didn't want to go to the doctor for iron pills after a friend spent fruitless months doing that before she finally got back to normal with constant constipation her companion from the iron--i was determined to find a more natural solution and what people who are afraid of all the chances of snake oil on the web don't see is how the internet is also the only way to find out about a wonderful product like yours--can't wait to show it to my doctors but it is unlikely I will ever meet anyone who needs to know how to raise their red blood count, except through the web--people i tell about how a tropical fruit changed my blood work and fatigue are  always surprised, and it IS surprising how much goodness comes in your small, reasonably priced bottles--I loved being able to solve the problem myself so easily and I cannot be an easy patient--chronically ill for 14 yrs with MS, in a wheelchair, on a high tech IV drug, a disabled physical therapist who believes in the scientific method but also nature and self-help, no real challenge for your fruit solution and as happy as I am with your product, there is no end to how happy I am with myself that I did not give up and settle for severe constipation when you had such a product ready to ship, so easy to use!,  no refrigeration needed, no needles, no doctor bill! Works as advertised and even better--Rebecca Rust (you can use my last name too if you like) Rebecca Rust, Texas, USA, 4/8/09 Sickle cell anemia in 14 month old infant Hello Lloyd, Hope you and your family are fine. Remember I called you from Nigeria in December 2008 about a patient with sickle cell anemia. You directed me to Dr Sokoto from whom I got a bottle of carao. i administered this to my patient who was then 14 months, and had been having severe bouts  of anemia related crises. I started admnistering carao to her and since then, she has not had any crises, and her energy level has been wonderful. as at the last count, her blood level had moved from 18 to 27. I call this herb CARAO WONDER. thanks Lloyd for your wonderful discovery. like i said before, i will like to plant carao in Nigeria. Thanks. Emmanuel, Nigeria, 4/8/09 advanced age, diabetes, chronic anemia requiring drugs and blood transfusions Dear Lloyd, Thanks very much for processing my order below for 10 bottles shipping out to Israel....   I discovered your product when I was researching my father's anemia, and the treatment the doctors prescribed for him. I'm convinced that my dad will do much better on your carao syrup than on the medical establishment's injections. We've decided to go with carao, and if his hemoglobin rises within several months of your protocol, we'll avoid the injections altogether, and possibly even the transfusions.  I have a few questions: 1) Being a very old man with a hemoglobin count that dips down to around 8.60, low white blood cells, and low platelets too, do you think it would be wise to start him on six teaspoons per day, rather than rely on the usual dose of four? (He's diabetic, so we'll watch his sugar carefully and modify his diet even more strictly than usual. Once we see his hemoglobin rising, we can cut down to four teaspoons a day. What's your thinking on this?) 2) I'd like to grow a carao grove here in Israel, so I'd be grateful to you for arranging to ship me the seeds. I'll have to look into the customs regulations, in order to facilitate smooth delivery here.   A number of family members will be starting the carao program, myself included. I think it's a good idea to build the blood up now and then. So thanks very much for bringing this gift to the world outside Central America. I look forward to hearing from you.   Best regards, Yonathan, Israel (see further correspondence below)   (response from Lloyd) Dear Yonatan,   I do believe that there is a very good chance that the carao fruit will allow your father to avoid the injected drugs and the transfusions.  Improvement in his hemoglobin levels should be evident in 2 months at most.   In response to your questions:   1. I think 4 teaspoons will probably be enough for your father.  However, he can try taking 6 for, say, the first couple of weeks.  I am not sure whether or not the extra amount will be helpful.  Keep in mind the carbohydrate content of the carao (about 9.24 grams carbohydrate per 4 teaspoons).  This amount is not likely to cause a diabetic any trouble, but he can adjust his diet if need be.   2.  Carao is a tropical tree and will not, I believe, survive freezing temperatures.  However, if you would like to try growing in Israel, I would be glad to donate the seeds.  I think they can be simply sent with the carao with no trouble, since I think the shipments are usually not inspected.   I will be very happy to hear of the results of carao for your family.   Best regards,   Lloyd Standish Lloyd,   I've got good news to report. My father's blood count went from 7.60 to 9.9 after two months of ingesting your carao faithfully. I'm still awaiting the full results of yesterday's tests. But this much is already amazing. I'm extremely grateful to you.   Another interesting detail, his blood sugar on the carao was the lowest it's been in a long while. All I did was restrict his intake of fruit and bread. I gave him whole grains as usual.   I'll let you know if there is any further news regarding his platelets, etc., when all the results are in my hands.   Thanks again,   Yonatan, Israel, Tues., April 21, 2009 diabetes, blood values improved I ordered the Carao for the first time last year April/May for my mother, unfortunately by the time I received it she had pass on. I gave them to my uncle who suffers from Diabetes and it is working very well for him. Since he started using it, his blood level has improved a lot and no side effects.   I wish you could have a branch in the Republic of South Africa.   Thanks once more, T.P., South Africa, April 30, 2009 many times re-order, excellent product Fred, Palm Beach Gardens, FL May 17, 2009 Lloyd Hi. I would like to order 10 bottles of Carao to be shipped to Maryland. The product has been working really well on my father and it has been recommended that he continue using it. Please let me know if you can use my existing card on file to ship 10 bottles to the address below. Thanks A. S. Maryland May 17, 2009 Hi Lloyd, love your product took, it last year for anemia and need to take it again. thanks so much. Laurel, New York, May 17, 2009 Thank You very much for having this opportunity for us. My daughter is doing so well i have not done a new blood test yet but she is feeling very energetic and her hair is so healthy and abundant like never before. her hemoglobin back in February was 8.9 % She needs to have a new test on June. I will keep you inform.  Thank you Thank you very much! Caridad, New York, May 22, 2009 sickle cell anemia in child For the effectiveness of the juice, it is undoubtable  judging from the one I collected from Dr. Sokoto. Dr. O. U. Nigeria, April 14, 2009 sickle cell disease in 1.5 year old baby Dear Lloyd, thanks for the reply. Sorry could not respond to this mail on time. I am keen to have the bottle here early. What would it take to have them shipped from the US? Can we make a payment by credit card to someone there inclusive of all costs? Kindly advise. Yes our daughter when first diagnosed was getting crises every two to three weeks. Right now we are blessed to have her crisis free for months!!! The only bad one was when we flew to UAE for xmas. That was really bad and it lasted for days. But remember she had only been on Carao for two weeks. The other thing is that doctors are amazed at not only her Hb but at how quickly her blood picks after an infection. When she gets infections as any child would she goes down to 9.2 thereabouts but within two weeks she is 10 and up.  The minor crises she has got have both been triggered by something. The first one was due to a bout of diahrroea after eating soil and therefore dehydration and the next was when i tried to detox her and she got a healing crisis. Other than that she has not got spontaneous crises. She is quite big for her age plump, very energetic and alert. They sometimes call her miss cheeks coz she's all cheeks. They also call her duracell because she keeps going on and on and on. you literally have to keep her down for some minutes to get her to sleep. As for her mental development, she is speaking and understanding two languages at 1 and a half. Her vocabulary is quite big. I mean, the list is endless. She is also very assertive and lets everyone know that. I praise God for that and for using the work of your hands to touch others and give them a chance in life. May you continue to be blessed. I await your response. God Bless  BNK, Uganda, May 29, 2009 anemia due to kidney failure, HGB went from 5.8 to 13.2 in under 7 weeks Hi Lloyd   I don't know if you remember me but I am the blind lady who contacted you a few weeks ago.  I just wanted to let you know that the Carao fruit is doing amazing things for me.  I am in kidney failure at the moment and I was terribly anaemic but my iron stores were fine.  I went looking on the internet for something to help with this and that is when I found your product.   Well I have been on it for just under 7 weeks and my haemoglobin was as low as 58 or 5.8 and now it is 132 or 13.2.  The doctors can't believe or understand how it has climbed so quickly.  I told them about your product but as usual with doctors being doctors they said it wouldn't be the natural drink I am having it was the medication doing it.  I just shook my head when they said this.   I just wanted to thank you and I tell other people who are in kidney failure about your product and how wonderful it is.  Once again thank you for providing this great product.   Regards Carolyn June 20, Australia  email: cmrupe at (spam prevention: replace 'at' with '@' and remove spaces) Carolyn gave specific permission to publish her email address with the following email: That is ok with me to use my e-mail on your web site.  The more people we can help with this wonderful product the better.  Using Carolyn from Australia is ok too. Carao allowed knee replacement operation Amazing.  Enabled me to have blood cess ok for knee replacement last yearr, and the other next month. Until using product was not allowed operations as blood not to correct levels. Thank you so much. Diana, London, UK 6/25/2009