Reports from Users of Carao: year 2008 - Part 2

... It works wonder.  Actually the carao is for my wife who is anemic and suggested by doctors for immediate blood transfusion.  With the first set of bottles of carao, which lasted for 6 weeks, there is 30% increase in the RBC counts.  The doctor who suggested blood transfusion is now wonderstruck.  I have not yet revealed the secret of this magic to him.   Thanks for your wonderful product.   With best regards, N S Prasad (July 16) Editor's note: Mr. Prasad kindly send his photo and that of his wife Usha.  He also sent his contact information: SRINIVASA PRASAD & USHA PRASAD MUMBAI, INDIA. CONTACT NO. 91-9320125679 My energy level is a little better but am sleeping better at night... I usually have to get up every 2 hours but some times sleep 6 hours straight! PTL! Patricia, California, USA July 4, 2008 carao for myelodysplasia Comment: Hi Lloyd, mum is slowly improving.  Her haemoglobin levels are going up last reading it was 98 which is not in the normal range yet, but in time we will get it there.  She is feeling better in herself each day.  She is also taking a good absorbable iron tablet through a Naturopath and other good supplements for general well being.  Thanks always. Leanne July 8, 2008 Australia I discovered that I had iron deficiency anemia last April.  I was concerned because my hemoglobin measured a 7.  Due to this, my doctor recommended all the usual evasive procedures; had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy to make sure no internal bleeding was going on.  Those results came back normal thank goodness, but my blood was still so low.  The doctor then decided that I should continue with more procedures.  After going through the above, I was done with the doctors, I felt like they were grasping at straws.  My family has always been health oriented so after a month of going to a few different doctors to get their opinion, (which all resulted with taking the yucky iron pill) I decided to do my own research.  So I started to surf the net looking for natural cures for anemia.  This is how I discovered your product.  I ordered with low hopes as I felt like there wasn't much out there; everything I found with the exception of your product spoke of taking the iron pill and eating red meat!  I also want to add that I'm an avid runner and have been for over 10 years.  This is what finally made me go to the doctor as my runs were getting worse and worse each day; the fatigue I have had has not only extreme but very depressing.    So to make a long story short, I've only been on your product now for over two weeks, and I will have to say I've had more energy in these past two weeks than in over a year (I believe this is how long I've been iron deficient).  I'm mad at myself for only ordering one bottle the first time.  My runs have been awesome, and I have finally felt like my old self.  My spirits are also up...because I can run again!  Anyway, at this point, I'm a huge advocate and will continue to be if my condition continues to improve.  I'm getting my blood tested in a month and have hopes that it will be better.   Thank you so much for providing this alternative.  God bless you!   Diane August 7, 2008 Texas Hello Lloyd, I am sending you this note as a follow-up to an email I originally sent you about 2 months ago. I had told you that my 80 yr. old father had been diagnosed with MDS and was becoming quite anemic. I ordered 3 bottles of the Carao and am happy to report some success with the product. About 8 weeks ago my dad’s hemoglobin count was 10.2 and as of today his latest blood test shows it is 11.2. I am so very excited since the option for him was a shot called Procrit which has a black box label warning from the FDA as being very dangerous. His doctor had told him that when his blood dropped to 10.0 he would get the shot and feel better. He did not tell him of any of the awful side effects of the drug. Once I found out about it I began my search for a natural alternative and came across your website. I would also like to let you know that his platelet count has risen considerably as well. I am ordering 3 more bottles so he can keep going. He happens to be one that likes the taste of the Carao and looks forward to taking it each day. He has not mentioned anything to his doctors as yet. He wants his blood count to get to the normal range and then he thought he might tell them what he has been taking. His face seems to have more color in it and he says he feels better. I am so glad I found your website. His doctor had told him there was nothing that could help him but that awful shot and I am glad to say he was wrong and that using something that is all natural is so much better than any chemical we put into our bodies. Thank you again for your product and I will keep you posted. Sincerely, Glinda, California Aug 27, 2008 See further followup year 2011 Hi Lloyd, I have been taking the carao fruit for a while now have tried it several ways and just recently discovered the most palatable for me is with warm soy milk and a little chocolate shake added. Well, I was not religious taking it but can say now after half a bottle over several weeks, I can feel the difference in terms of my energy really do feel a lot better and more focus. I will be ordering more for a friend of mine with severe anemia and lupus she can't work.  Great product so far. Very impressive , tomorrow I go for my blood check up I will let you know what it is. [Later] I took a blood test a week ago , I will update you on the numbers, I think it is too soon to see a major change as I have just gone through one bottle , but I definitely have a lot more energy, I work in the financial field as an assistant and with everything going on in the world markets I have been working 60 to 70 hours per week and I am not overly tired. Very very good. Thanks, L   Regards, Laurelle NY 9/12 Hi Lloyd, wanted to let you know that I got my blood tests results.  In July my hemoglobin registered a 10.  After one month of being on the carao product, my hemoglobin registered a 12.9!  I am thrilled and amazed!  This product definitely works.  I have more energy than I've had in a year.  Thank you for making it available. Kind Regards, Diane TX 9/18 ... Only thing that works for me. Thank you very much, Betty Louisiana 10/19 "Hello Lloyd and Miles,  Meg Covey here.  ... the good news..............the Carao is WORKING!!!  Remember, I once asked about it for cancer?  Well, my red blood cells went down even on the first bottle, but now, they are UP and going up with each blood test, so I won't be needing the dreaded blood transfusions that some cancer patients have to have..." "I'm really doing well, and getting better all the time..........thanks to Carao, and also, the SUPPORT you and your dad have given me is most valued." Meg MN 10/20 Dear Lloyd,   A few months ago a woman in Honduras started taking your carao syrup.  She had been struggling with anemia and lack of energy for several years. She is a young woman, about 29 years old, and recently had her first baby.  Since I had received no report from this family concerning if the carao helped, I wrote to her husband asking him for an update.  This is his exact reply (his primary language is Spanish so please overlook his grammatical errors): "the carao that you sent her help a lot. 4 test of blood said that her blood is very very good. 14.1% and other thing is that she is not weak!"  Just thought I'd pass that on to you.  Thank you so much for your help, your business, and your ministry.  You are truly blessed to have a business that really helps people. Sincerely, Bill, Maryland 10/23/2008 No good results from procrit, doctors unable to help, amazing results with carao Comment on the order form Aug. 29, 2008 (first order): Please send ASAP.  I have a friend who is dying.  She has been anemic for years and has been on procrit without any good results.  The doctors don't know what else to do for her, so she is on hospice now. They don't know the cause of her anemia.  She's had many test and even had experimental drugs which seem to have made her worse. followup Oct. 30. Hello Miles.  Thank you so much for sending me a bottle of Carao syrup right away!  I will be glad to pay for the extra mailing expense.  My friend  has started her third bottle now and has made tremendous improvement.  Her doctors pretty much told her that they could do nothing else for her, except a blood transfusion, which she refused.  Her doctor and nurses were in tears as they told her goodbye, thinking that she was on her death bed.  She pretty much was.  Her hemoglobin was down to 4.4.  She was so weak.  She could barely walk, even with a walker. She was on oxygen 24-7.  She was basically bed-ridden.  She started her first bottle on September 5th, her second on Sept. 26th.  On October 7th, her hemoglobin had gone up to 5.4.  Since then, she is walking without her walker, only on oxygen at night and has much more energy.  Her color is much better and she says that she feels so much better. Her home health nurse has told her that her illness is in remission.  Her next doctor's appt. and lab test is in December.  I am sure that her count has gone up even more, by her tremendous improvements.   I will let you know what the results are then.  Thank you so much!!!  Your product is life saving!!  I would like to order 4 more bottles and include the $6.00 extra mailing expense from my last order.  Thanks again, Michele  P.S. Do I need to call or order online?  Do I need a reference number from my last order?" Michele, Mississippi Oct. 30, 2008  (More test results will be posted when available.) Thalassemia, athletic use Good morning Lloyd,  I cannot stress how much I love your product.  It has truly changed my quality of life.  I noticed a difference the first night I took the product.... This product has been so great for me that I don't know what I would do now if it were no longer available.  I've tried many things and nothing gives me the same results.  I have always loved to work out but my thalassemmia kept me tired and I could not gain any weight/muscle.  After taking the carao, I went from 152lbs to 163lbs of pure muscle in a couple of months.  It has given me the zest to workout and gain the results I desire.  The best part is that it's a natural fruit and not something made in a lab. Thank you as well for the extra discount, I will surely use it on the next order. You also have my permission to use anything I've written in your feedback section. Nigel, Nov. 6, 2008, Florida (more information on carao for athletic use can be seen at testimonio en español: mejoras en valores sanuíneos después de mese de bajas contínuas. Estimado Sr Standish: Por si no se acuerda de mí, he decidido "enganchar" este mensaje a nuestros intercambios de hace dos meses, cuando Ud tan amablemente me gestionó dos botellas de carao a través de la Sra Ioanna Salajan, de Mallorca, para mi viaje a Sudáfrica. Pues regresé a primeros de octubre y hace unos días tuve mi primer control médico: Hemos ganado! Se detuvo el proceso de bajada de mis valores de hierro y de ferritina que llevaba ya un montón de meses en marcha - con permanentes amenazas de mi médico de transfusiones e ingresos hospitalarios, etc etc. Incluso, ambos valores crecieron un punto, lo que no es mucho pero senala una tendencia positiva: además no pudo ser mayor pues por precaución durante el viaje yo seguía tomando mis corticoesteroides habituales que me destrozan la sangre con tal de mantener a raya la dichosa colitis ulcerosa... En fin, estoy feliz y agradecida y acabo de ordenar cuatro botellas más, pues en enero me toca la próxima revisión y quiero "lucir" análisis positivo. Un millón de gracias una vez más y tenga la seguridad que dondequiera que encuentre alguién con un problema similar, no dejaré de hablarle de su producto, a ver si tomar carao algún dia será tan natural como tomarse una pastilla de hierro contra la anemia.... cordial saludo Edith, Madrid Nov. 3, 2008. lifelong anemia, "the only thing that has worked" Hi there, this is my third order, have found great results in my colour and energy. Have been anemic all my life, am 41 now and carao is the only thing that has worked. Ferritin level has come up from 12 to 25 for first time in years and hope to get to 100 so I can at least feel normal! So going to take more of this wonderful stuff. Thank you Cora, Ireland Nov. 13, 2008 On the delicious taste "I just want to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my order.  We did the usually sniff and finger lick test of the new product, then I followed the directions and mixed it with warm milk and hot water. I have to say I was not expecting such a pleasant tasting drink - with a surprising chocolaty taste.  We are now hooked on our morning hot carao drink.  And at the same time we feel it is doing us good."  Elizabeth, UK, Nov. 14