Reports from Users of Carao: year 2008 - Part 1

I cannot believe how much better I feel after 2 1/4 bottles , it is like I almost have my life back. ... It is a huge blessing!!! 

...I smelled it first and YUCK! But I didn't let that stop me and proceeded to take the fruit right off a spoon and wash it down quickly w/  water. After a bit I realized that it tasted great and didn't need washing down quickly w/  water. Now I just take it off the spoon,  taste it, and enjoy it , YUM!  After the second bottle I began feeling a lot better.

I will continue w/ your suggested maintenance dose as I am perimenopausal and still have  excessive bleeding during cycles.  It is just nice to feel like I have my life back (almost). For 2 yrs. I have been dragging my body around doing just what is necessary to get by. My house needs a thorough cleaning and I almost feel up to tackling it.  When I was at my lowest point I would have to lie down betw. patients in order to make it though my work day. Now I can work all day and still have a little energy left over. I plan on getting blood work done again soon to ck status of it.  I'm know my readings have improved, I would just like to know how much.  Last time it was taken my transferron molecule,which is supposed to be 25-35% saturated, was only 3%, UGH.  I will let you know what the results show as soon as I have it done. Feel free to use some of this with my name to encourage others.

Beverly, Delaware 1/7/2008

"your product is fantastic" (comment on the order form, Rolando, Feb. 3, 2008) kidney transplant, email exchange 2/19/07 Nardus: Hi there, I’m the chairperson for a renal transplant support group in South-Africa.  I recently discovered your website and would like to ask a few questions:
  • Have you had any success with your product being used by renal transplant patients with Anemia?  (The anemia is caused, in some people, by immune suppressive drugs used to prevent rejection of transplanted kidneys)
  • Can your product be safely used in conjunction with immune suppressive medication? (Prednisolone, CellCept and Rapamune)
  • How long will it take you to deliver to Johannesburg, South Africa?
I would like to try out your product for myself, as I’m a kidney transplant patient of 10 years, with drug induced Anemia. Perhaps it could benefit the people in our group and enhance the lives of other recipients.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Nardus 2/19/07 Lloyd: Our Tropical Health Foods carao product is a natural fruit.  It can be freely used in conjunction with medications, unless sweet fruit in small quantities is forbidden is not allowed to be consumed.   Regarding the use of carao by kidney transplant patients:  The product has been used very successfully by people with anemia due to kidney failure as well as drug-induced anemia such as that produced by chemotherapy.  However, I do not recall a report as-yet of use by renal transplant patients.  I am quite sure, however, that it would be very useful for such cases... 5/7/2007 Nardus ... I'll be placing an order this week. I've been away on holiday. I would appreciate it if you can answer some general questions for us: - How much of the product does one need order to get started? - What is the normal maintenance dosage and for how long does one need to use it? - How long will it approximately take to deliver to Johannesburg, South Africa? 5/8/07 Lloyd: Thanks for your email.  I reply to your questions by number:   1.  Normally we recommend that 2 bottles be ordered, which is a 36 day supply.  This is enough to give definitive results: either cure or great improvement.  One bottle (18 days supply) is usually not enough to show improvement in blood tests in adults.  The product is guaranteed to work or your money back.   2. After the anemia is under control, it is usually not necessary to continue using it unless there is a chronic condition producing the anemia.  I assume kidney transplant would require its continued use.  In that case, I think it may be possible to reduce the dose to about half (or take the full dose only about 3 times per week), and still maintain the benefits.   3. Shipment to Africa takes about 3-5 weeks. (order placed 5/29, lost in shipment, reshipped via EMS courier, finally received about 10/1/07) 2/6/2008 Nardus: Good to hear from you. I hope you're well. I'm doing great. I've gone down from 16 Recormon injections a month to only 4.  Although I still need to take Recormon, I'm feeling very good and hope to reduce it even further. "Hello Lloyd. I am a returning customer and love your product. It has changed my life and the way I feel...."  Robin, Feb. 12, 2008 email exchange between Yogesh (India), and Lloyd March 4, Yogesh: This is my 3rd order and I think It stable my son's blood count. March 4, Lloyd:  We are very glad to hear this news!  Could you provide us with your son's recent blood test information? March 5, Yogesh: Date WBC (103) RBC (10^6) HGB (g/DL)) PLT(103) Location 22-06-2007 10.00 3.39 8.20 313 AIIMS 05-09-2007 (2 M 14 D) 7.63 3.28 6.80 383 AIIMS 29-10-2007 (1M 23 D) 10.96 3.05 6.90 199 AIIMS 02-11-2007 (4 Day) 11.00 3.31 7.00 291 AIIMS 26-11-2007 (24 Days) 13.50 3.16 7.70 309 AIIMS 24-12-2007 (1 Month) 14.30 2.22 5.10 367 AIIMS 04-01-2008 11.30 1.56 4.20 250 AIIMS 05-01-2008 (6pm) Blood Transfusion is done of 1 unit of about 260 ml 18-01-2008 10.80 3.05 8.00 308 AIIMS 21-01-2008 (evening) Syrup 'Carao' is started to give to patient (5 ml twice a day) 25-01-2008 12.60 2.91 7.80 392 AIIMS 01-02-2008 12.20 2.86 7.70 280 AIIMS 10-02-2008     7.40   Lal Path 15-02-2008 10.00 2.71 7.50 199 AIIMS 21-02-2008 Syrup 'Carao' second bottle is started to give. 29-02-2008 9.80 2.70 7.40 198 AIIMS   Pls find details above as required by you, blood count is not too much dropped after taking carao surup ThanksRegards Yogesh India   March 5, 2008, Nigeria, sickle cell clinical results. Latest Results from Dr. Attahiru Sokoto, M.D., Sokoto State Specialist Hospital, Nigeria. Carao study in Sickle Cell Anaemia From December to Febuary 2008   Name Age Sex PCV Before Carao PCV After Carao 1 Abubakar Usman 13 yr M 19% 29% 2 Ahmed Nasir 16 yr M 23% 33% 3 Sadiya I. Umar 5 yr F 20% 32% 4 Sambo S. Sudan 15 yr M 25% 36% 5 Hauwa Abu 16 yr F 19% 30% 6 Haliya Moh'd 15 yr F 22% 31% 7 Abdulmutalib Mamman 15 yr M 25% 37% 8 Aliyu Aliyu 3 yr M 20% 26%   Kidney disease, Procrit shots stopped! Email exchange between Lloyd and Constance 12/2/07 Constance: I happened upon your site doing research about alternatives to improve my anemia.   In August I had a bone marrow test because I suffer from anemia, and have for a long time.  I have had kidney disease since I was 16 until I had a transplant in June '06 at the age of 50.  My "new" kidney is functioning quite well, but I still have anemia.  The bone marrow test was inconclusive.  The doctor did blame it on the kidney.  When I saw my kidney doctor as a follow-up, she explained that because I had kidney disease for a long time, it caused me to become anemic and even though I have a new kidney, I will always have kidney disease.  It is not the new kidney that gave me anemia.   I do not lack iron, so there is no need to take ferrous sulfate, but my red blood cells are not producing enough for my hemoglobin to be normal.  My hemoglobin at present is 10.4, greatly improved since 8.7 in August, due most to Procrit shots.   Without going into a whole financial story, I am on Medicare because of my disability and therefore, because of the huge expense of my necessary medication, I have hit my "donut hole" in the Medicare system for this year.  Without boring you with the financial expense of Procrit, I went on the computer over the holiday weekend and discovered that I may be able to take such supplements as folic acid and vitamin B 6.  I was about to make a short report for my doctor telling her about my discovery of these supplements, when I came across your site.   My question is will carao benefit me even though I don't have an iron deficiency and my problem is lack of red blood cell production.  The Procrit does help that, but it is obscenely expensive.  If I can use that money on an herbal remedy instead of injecting myself with drugs that cause side effects, I would be happy to order the product.   Please advise at your earliest as Wednesday is the day for another Procrit shot.  I appreciate any assistance you can give me in this matter.   Thanking you in advance.   12/3/07 Lloyd: Carao fruit has been reported to give excellent results for anemia due to kidney failure.  It has also allowed many people to stop using Procrit.  I believe that there is a good chance the product can do this for you, too.   The mechanism by which carao fruit works is still unknown.  However, we do know that it is effective for many types of anemia that have nothing to do with iron deficiency (such anemia due to kidney failure, sickle cell disease, and thalassemia).  The carao fruit is very low in iron, evidently its action is not through providing iron to the body.  However, it is also effective for so-called "iron deficiency" anemia.... 12/21/07 Constance: Went to see the specialists who arranged for my transplant (down to 2 time year now) and my creatinine was elevated.  I was telling the doctor about the carao.  I would have liked to have more to tell him and was wondering if there is anything that I can print out on it's research?  He also asked me if it had any adverse reactions to the medication I am taking, but I couldn't answer honestly because I don't know.  I know it is natural, but I was also on a natural thing for cholesterol for 3 weeks and then found out it interfered with my immunosuppressants.   Is there any information I can show him?  He asked me to go off it FOR NOW and repeat the tests in 2 weeks.  If everything went down, I guess he will figure it was because of the carao that it was elevated.  I hope not.  I didn't like it, but my hemoglobin went up .5 in one week and it wasn't the week I took the Procrit shot. 112/21/07 Lloyd: I have never heard of carao raising anyone's creatinine, nor have I heard of any adverse reaction with any medication.  If the carao is involved in your creatinine increase, it may be part of your body's adjustment to the carao and the metabolic changes going on in your body as the production of red blood cells begins to increase.   This is only a speculation.  Again, I have never heard of carao fruit sending anyone's blood values into an abnormal range.  However, I recognize that some people can react to even natural foods in an adverse way.   As-to information you can show your doctor, you can print out the summary of the study done in Cuba.  It contains a summary in English.  Aside from that, I can only suggest pages from the website, such as the questions and answers page ().  Finally, if you doctor wishes to contact an M.D. who has extensive experience with carao fruit therapy for many different types of anemia, he can email Dr. Attahiru Sokoto at attahirus at gmail dot com. 3/13/2008 Constance: (Email to Miles Standish, Lloyd's father who man's our office in Arizona)   Sorry I haven't been in touch, but was experimenting on my own.  I don't know if you recall who I am, but I had the kidney transplant and was acutely anemic and was on Procrit shots.  Well, as I said, I experimented.  I stopped the Procrit shots and continued the carao 2x a day.  When I had my hemoglobin checked in February, it went up to 12.4.  My doctor said to discontinue the Procrit shots for now.  I didn't want to tell her that I stopped them long ago and just continued with the carao.  You know doctors and natural cures.  Anyway, for some reason, except that I really hate the taste and smell, I stopped taking the carao.  I had my hemoglobin checked on 3/12 and it went down to 11.9.  It is still really good, but I went back to taking the carao 1X a day instead of twice.  Do you think that that might be too much?  I didn't know if I should take it 1x a day or 3x a week.  Maybe you can give me your input on that.  I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest.  Thank you.   3/17/2008 Lloyd: I too am very happy to hear that with carao you were able to stop using Procrit.  As my father guessed, I would like very much to print your letter in the testimonials section of our website, signing "Constance, Florida."   On dosage, you can take the 4 teaspoons all at once if you wish, to avoid taking it twice per day.  Also, I think you could try taking 4 teaspoons 3 times per week for a time, instead of 4 teaspoons every day.  I think this might be more effective than taking 2 teaspoons every day.   The subject of "most effective dosage" is an area we often have to guess at, and judge from experience.  The only scientific study done on dosage was for anemic calves (in Nicaragua and Honduras), and those animals did extremely well on a single large dose once per week.  However, I don't think this experience applies to human beings. 3/17/2008 Constance: I would be honored if you would use my letter.  If you need me to write something more "professional" I will.  Thank you for the dosage info.  I will try 4 tsps. 3x a week.  I will keep you posted. "My doctor can't believe it" (Cassandra, Thalassemia patient, 3/21/2008, in a telephone conversation with Lloyd) 3/27/08, email from JoAnna Dear Lloyd,    I have finished one bottle of the carao syrup and am now on my second.  Earlier this week I saw my doctor who wanted to give me another blood test.  She asked if I was taking the iron prescription that she had given me earlier.  I told her not yet, that I was first trying a food product that had showed some positive results with iron deficient anemia.    I received the results today, encouragingly, showing some definite improvement.  Even so, the doctor still recommends I incorporate traditional iron into what I'm doing because, "your storage of iron is quite low"  ( ferritin level: 8, up from 7 in January; the normal range being between 11-307)    The other counts are as follows:  Iron:  74      up from 33 in Jan  Percent Sat: 19%  up from less than 10  Hematocrit:  37.5   up from 33   Do you have any thought on this?  Have you seen ferratin levels significantly improve?  I'm amazed at the improvement in the other counts.  I understand that ferratin is a protein that stores iron, but beyond that I have no knowledge as to how to really build up the reserve in the bank.  I have also been working on adding iron rich food to my diet.  Thought you might be interested in these results and would appreciate any helpful input. 3/27/08, reply from Lloyd Dear JoAnna,   Your results show wonderful, amazing improvement!  I think it is clear that your body is quickly normalizing its use and metabolism of *natural* iron, without loading the body with a large amount.  I think your doctor should be extremely interested in what your are doing to so dramatically improve your blood condition....   My personal, layman's opinion is that you should keep on using the carao, without taking iron supplements.  If you DO decide to take iron, I suggest a much lower dose than what is prescribed.  Note that I am not a doctor and this is personal, not medical, advice.   Over the years, carao fruit has many times been reported to me to raise low ferritin without also taking iron pills.  I strongly suggest you visit the website at , and use the search box at the upper left part of the page to search on the term "ferritin" (note the spelling).  You will find some very interesting results.   Your increase in ferritin from 7 to 8 is a 14.3% increase.  I think that's very good, and that it will likely continue to rise. Dear Lloyd,     My husband is almost finished with his second bottle of carao.  His blood count is the best it has been in months!  It went from 29 to 33. I would like to order more of the carao. Can you use my same credit card and send immrdiately-- 4 bottles this time?  Thanks, Roberta,  VA, USA March 31 Surgery, blood loss: My testimony, if you would like to use it: I had an 8-hour surgery in Jan. 2006, with much blood loss, no blood given, and then had anemia afterwards--even had 2 bald spots.   Within 9 days of taking carao, a tablespoon in warm milk every morning and every evening, my hemoglobin went from 8 to 14. Pat, Irving, TX April 6 Megaloblastic anemia/Refractory Anemia (The bone marrow is not producing enough red blood cells, of those it does produce, many are oversized and distorted in shape so don't carry enough oxygen to the system.) Hello lloyd - a little late but here is the blood test for April. i did not have to have a transfusion this month for which I am very happy. I'm feeling much better.  Still a lot of body aches & pains, & still somewhat tired all the time, but much better than a few months ago.  I  am able to paint, do some housework, & gardening for which I am very happy & grateful. i have tests again on the 21st. of may. I'm taking the carao faithfully everyday & feel that it is a source of energy for me. many thanks & many greetings frm Ioanna (reply from Lloyd, May 11, 2008) Dear Ioanna, I am very glad you are feeling better!  It is a source of joy and inspiration to us (my father Miles, son Miles Jr. and myself).  Thank you for sending your blood test results, and I am glad you did not need a transfusion this month. I think your improvement with the carao is now quite definite.  With your permission, I would like to print your last letter in my testimonials pages, signing "Ioana, Spain." Best regards, Lloyd Dear Lloyd yes y can gladly use my last letter in yr testimonial page. i happy to share the news. i do think that carao is wonderful & such a big help & support. i feel that taking it has made a big difference in my quality of life. y can use these words too if y want. it is also a good feeling (& i'm sure that yr other clients feel the same) that yr family share in our good results. y all are such a support. thank y again for everything y are doing to make this a better world. the divine energy is certainly with y. with many greetings from Ioanna (yes y can sign Ioanna, Spain)  Ioanna, Spain May 2008 Followup June 4, 2008 Hello lloyd - the good news continues - no blood transfusion this month either! also the doctor said i could come back in 6 weeks instead of the usual month. again he was puzzled over the way my tests are going & said that he never had a patient like me & couldn't understand what was happening with the tests & the numbers improving like they are. So i finally told him about the carao syrup & he was quite interested. I gave him the spanish papers you sent me that i had printed out for him as asked if he understands English & said he did so I also directed him to yr web site so i hope he will follow it up. I will be ordering more of the syrup & will do it via yr order page. again thank you - i'm so grateful to have found the syrup. Many greetings frm Ioanna Anemia caused by chemotherapy, rapid gain in energy, erectile dysfunction cured (email May 9, 2008) Not sure if my message went thru ok so I'm sending again ... my anemia came from cancer surgery in Jan 2001, I was on chemotherapy for 4 months and radiation treatments twice a day for 4 months, Sept 2000 until Jan 2001 ... I had sinus nasal cancer on the right side of my face and the right side of the roof of by mouth which is now gone, along with all my teeth ... over the last few years my body strength has been getting so weak I could not walk a block without stopping and resting for 15 mins or so ... then over the last 12 months I experienced gradule erectile dysfunction to no erection at all ... now I'm waking up with a rock hard erection because of the carao juice ... I thought the tsp meant tablespoon, my mistake ... I will cut back to 1 tablespoon a day ... I'm just so happy now that I can walk without getting tired and can play golf again and have sexual intercourse with my wife. (email May 12)...over the years from 2001 till now 2008 my strength has been getting worse, I've been going to the Veterans Administration for my health care, all is well except for the ANEMIA and they say it was so far gone they could not do anything about it, I got to the place where I would not accept what they were saying, I kept searching until I ran across you website, tried your product and It's like an instant miracle ... I had blood transfusions but they never helped ... I am sold on your product and will be ordering 4 more bottles as soon as my money get straighten out. William Indiana, USA, May 2008 Lloyd's note: Carao is famous in Costa Rica as for giving strong erections to men, and both men and women have reported sexual benefits to me.  However, due to the limited supply we do not emphasize this aspect of the use of carao fruit. Anemia in old age (84 year old), good improvement in 3 weeks at 1/3 recommended dose. (May 12, Josephine) Hi Lloyd, this is Josephine Parson, I wrote you 2 months ago regarding my 84 year old grandmother who was suffering from low blood. Doctors said she is anemic. She started looking very dark and she was very weak. I took her to see her hematologist May 1st. When the nurse checked her blook level her hemoglobin level was 10.2. Prior to that her hemoglobin level was 9.1. She has been taking the carao syrup for approximately 3 weeks now, and her skin is looking brighter. She says that she feels better since she started taking the syrup. Here are two pictures of her now. I am very pleased with this product. I will continue giving it to her. Thanks again. (May 12, Lloyd) Thank you for your email with the good news.  A rise in HGB from 9.1 to 10.2 in only 3 weeks is very good.  You can expect to see further improvement in her blood levels. May I please print your email on my testimonials page at I would sign it "Josephine, Philadelphia."   (May 12, Josephine) Hi Lloyd, yes you may print my email for your testimonial page. Did you receive the 2 pictures of my grandmother? Also, I was not giving her the recommended dosages. I was only giving her 1 teaspoon per day in soy milk. She is in a nursing home and they give her iron pills 3 times a day, and i only see her for 3 hours a day. So i am very pleased with the results i am seeing so far. I will be ordering another supply. I had the epogin shots discontinued in February, It was causing all kinds of bad side effects for her. The carao is truly working wonders for her. Thanks again. and you can use this as a testimony for you website. Also, you can use the pictures i sent you as well for the testimony. Thank you for the permission to quote.  I do recommend you increase the dose for your grandmother to 4 teaspoons/day.   The carao is very low in iron and will not affect your total iron dose.   (May 12, Lloyd) Thank you for the permission to quote.  I do recommend you increase the dose for your grandmother to 4 teaspoons/day.   The carao is very low in iron and will not (significantly) affect her total iron dose. Carao works well even when no iron pills are taken.  ...It is very easy to get too much iron, with the attendant side effects (constipation, indigestion). Thank you for sending the photos.  Is one of the photos taken before starting the carao, and the other after she improved? (May 12, Josephine) hi Lloyd, thanks for replying, I will increase the dose of carao for my grandmother. I will also talk to the nurses at the home to reduce her iron pills to two times a day. Also, the 2 pictures i sent you are pictures after taking the carao syrup. I did not take any pictures prior to giving her the syrup because she was looking very bad. I took these pictures afterwards. Hello Mr. Standish, My mother is feeling much better with her energy level. Her Anemia is not as strong. She's getting close to 10 in hemoglobin now, and that's without a transfusion! The chemotherapy seems to be working as well without knocking her down as much.  May I ask you again to send me the first bottle from the U.S., she ran out of it 2 days ago, and never told me ! Thank you for your understanding. This is a great product.   Sincerely, Sabri 5/21/2008 NY Greetings to Lloyd, been taking this stuff more than 4 years. Need more. A great product.   Thanks . Tom AZ 5/29/2008 Good product Thank you Miguel  May 31 Miguel, Santa Barbara, CA Sickle cell anemia in wife and child, comment by husband on order form: "the product is wonderful and should be made available to a greater part of the world!" Chistopher, UK, June 21, 2008 Dear Lloyd,      So glad you got the picture and can use it.        I was born with anemia, and nothing was done to improve the condition until iron was prescribed in mid-life.  It caused  constipation.,,,,,      Several years ago, I discovered Carao on the computer.  Thank God!      I am now in my 91st year.  It is amazing how well I am doing, living in my own home, very happy and enjoying the blessings of life, especially simple gardening.       Carao certainly has helped a lot;  also Aloe Vera.  Natural remedies have helped more than expensive drugs prescribed by doctors.      A Carao milkshake is enjoyed at bedtime,  followed by pleasant dreams.        So thankful to you, Lloyd,  for allowing yourself to be used in such a wonderful way.            Your friend,  Gail Mt. Dora, FL 6/3/2008 Lloyd,     ...     Hope things are going well for you.  Your product cured my anemia and I've passed on the information to several people who have had the same problem.  Thanks for all you are doing, we appreciate it. Warm regards, Kathy June 26, 2008 My energy level is a little better but am sleeping better at night... I usually have to get up every 2 hours but some times sleep 6 hours straight! PTL! Patricia, 7/4/2008 California