Reports from Users of Carao: year 2007 - part 2

Miles,  It was good to hear from you.  I will be expecting the  order to arrive soon.  I am doing very well at 89 1/2 years old.   Doctor said I HAD to take iron, but it causes terrible constipation.   Remedy for that said NOT to take iron.  It said magnesium was needed.   So I am back on the carao (still had half a bottle).  Usually take it in  milk, or a topping on ice cream.  But my favorite way is in a  milkshake.  I have grown used to the taste (smell), and actually enjoy  it  A recent blood test gave the reason for the  lifelong anemia. Half of the hemoglobin cells did not develop further following  birth.  The skin was always pale;  now pink!  Health has improved remarkably.  Thanks to  God and to you and Lloyd making it possible for weak people to be  strengthened.  It is a blessing to be able to continue to live by myself in  my own home at this age.   Another thing that is helping is Human Growth  Hormone which was advertised on the computer also. Your grateful friend,  Gail FL April 2007

(comment from customer to whom we issued a refund) Lloyd, I would be delighted for you to use my comment about your impeccable service.  I've ordered a good many items from the internet, and NEVER have I had such wonderful, responsive service as I've had with your company.   Thank you again for making this an enjoyable process.  Although my mom was unwilling to take your product because of the strong odor, I have recommended it to a cousin of mine who has low iron.  I hope she will place an order and try it.  Julie, S.C 7/2007 Thank You so much for the information, I am so glad we ordered the products from your company.  My Mother is doing very well with her RBC count.  This e-mail you sent me has been printed and given to so many other people to order the remarkable product from you. We have given this out at my mother Anna Mathas' Alternative Doctor's Cancer treatment center.  Diana, NJ 7/2007 (thalassaemia minor) Hope that you are fine.I have already started feeling better and am feeling energetic (after so many years of fatigue and body pain) after receiving the first bottle of Tropical Wonder Carao from you last week.  Satish London 7/2007 You probably don't remember me but a litlle over a year ago I ordered Carao from you. At that time my hemoglobin was down to a scary 4 and I had to get a blood transfusion anyway. Although I'll never forget what a big heart you had when you found this sent an emergency shipment (I think from Arizona) to me knowing that I needed it right away. After the blood transfusion my hemoglobin was up to a 10 and my iron (ferritin) level was an 11. I started taking the Carao and in about 2-3 months time my hemoglobin went up to 12.1  and my iron (ferritin) level went up to a 16. I was impressed and so was my doctor. I told her what I was taking and she asked me to bring the bottle in so she could look at the ingredients. after checking the bottle she stated that although she's never heard of the product apparently it was natural and it was working for me and advised me to keep taking it.   So after finishing off the bottles I bought from you I figured that I was ok and so for a whole year I stopped taking the Carao.  Just recently I had my doctor check everything hemoglobin is the same, but my ferritin (iron) level went down to a 6. I know this is due to stress, lack of exercise and not eating well enough. so I am re-ordering Carao from you. I actually miss how I felt when I was taking it....I remember how much more energy it gave me as I was taking it...and by the way...I don't know why some people complain about the taste....I LOVED it!....I remember that I would take it straight from the spoon licking it dry...and I look forward to tasting it again! I also look forward to the energy it will provide me with!   Mahalo (Thank You!) for your tireless service to help others in need!  and for providing the only safe and natural product that REALLY works! a customer for life. Cora Hawaii 7/2007 Hi Lloyd-   Thank you for writing.  The carao worked great for Suzanne!!!  She just had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove polyps from her uterus----the reason for the blood loss and anemia.  Basically, the carao and other regimen was simply a "band-aid" until the cause was discovered and alleviated.  Initially, she took the carao as prescribed (difficult to ingest), and then slowly  ceased.  She has a small amount left and plans to take it to boost her system back up now that the surgery is complete.  Thank you for this amazing product! Stephanie Virginia 7/2007 Good News. My Ferritin is good so your carao worked.  Also cholesteral is good, took all-natural policosanol.  Now I am working on HBP.    Thanks for your help,  Audrey Oakland, CA 9/23/2007 Aug. 9, 2007: I am desperate.  My husband was admitted to the ICU with a hemoglobin count of 3.9.  He is now at 8.5 and discharged.  Will this help build up his hemoglobin? I am trying to keep him around for a while. Aug. 27, 2007 Good evening.  Today I received the balance of my order, but you sent 4 when you should have only sent 3.  Can you bill for it or should I just order another one and have you not send it?  Let me know.  And thank you again.  My husband is actually looking healthier, breathing better, and has a bit more energy.  He's not 100% yet, but he's thriving and striving.  And we'll get confirmation at his next appointment. Oct. 9, 2007 I just want to send you both the biggest hug and thank you. My husband had the hemoglobin count of 3.9, was in ICU and released with a count 0f 8.5.  We just came back from his follow up appointment.  I did not tell the doctor what I was giving him.  His count is now 11.8.  I'm sure we'll need more bottles since we have 3 left, but you have given him more time and that cannot be measured against anything.  Thank you, Bless you, Thank you.  You will always be in my prayers. R. Dumas. NJ (Sickle Cell, letter from young Nigerian patient) how are you sir? and is your work ? i hope  everythings is moving fine if so thanks god, the main resons is my name is Abdullrashid Abdullahi Iam a seakler me my jenoirs sister raliya and mustapha and their one at sokoto his name is Dr Attahiru he give us pure carao when we meet him at anytime the pure carao very working 4 us that is why we try to 4 you and manufactures of this pure carao we hope you are go to read and replay us thanks  Abdullrasheed 8/2007 Sokoto State, Nigeria (one of Dr. Attahiru's patients) Hi Lloyd it's Adonna ...  Wondering if possible  to get a bottle mailed from Arizona I have a lady who needs one asap.  I'm having another baby in November and the syrup has kept my blood levels great.  I'm setting this account up through my work due to the response I've had with your wonderful product.  I have 3 lady's who realy depending on it and I have to make sure they don't run out.  Just so you know any stories I e-mail you feel free to post if you like.  Thank you in advance.   Adonna, Wolf Chiropractic Center, West Lawn, PA Oct. 2007 Hello Lloyd,  After receiving four blood transfusions that required a overnight stay in the hospital and when the doctor said that "you could use another unit of blood" I decided to take charge of my health care.  I checked myself out of the hospital declaring that I would find a  "cure" for my anemia! After arriving home I went to the computer and "Googled" Anemia.  After sifting through a rather long list of information about "anemia" I decided on "Carao" and ordered it.  I will be 75 on my next birthday.(That qualifies me to be a bit cynical).  Now comes the best part, While waiting for the Carao to arrive I received a call from my Doctor.  He said that my blood count was very low and that I should go "immediately to the hospital to have my blood typed, for a transfusion.  After hanging up the phone and before I went to the Hospital the Mailman arrived with my Carao and I decided to take a dose (4 teaspoons in 1/2 cup of warm milk) then I was off to the Hospital to have my blood typed. Later that same day my Doctor called and declared that he got the report from the Hospital and according to the report 'I DID NOT NEED A TRANSFUSION BECAUSE MY BLOOD COUNT WAS AT AN ACCEPTABLE LEVEL!! He said that it must be the Ferrous Sulfide that he had prescribed for me.  I did not tell him that I had tried to take the Ferrous Sulfide and stopped taking it because it discolored my teeth and caused  constipation.  I took the recommended dosage, and some months later my blood count is stable causing me to conclude that the Anemia is gone!  It go's without saying that I have recommended Carao to anyone who would listen.  John North Reading, Ma. 11/2007 (note by Lloyd:  I believe other factors helped John avoid the transfusion, but I believe the carao was a major part of his subsequent recovery to normal blood values.) The results of Carao where my wife is concerned have been outstanding, she was a totally different person in about a month, and both baby and mum are extremely happy.  Redha, Australia 11/2007 (sickle cell, 1 year old child, painful crisis eliminated, PCV from 18% to 28% with one bottle) Nov 20, 2007 "...the carao fruit did wonders for my son. For the past three months now, my son has not had crisis, not only that, he added a lot of weight compared to what he used to look like.   i will answer email from anybody that needs confirmation on carao of how it helped my son. doraemeka_adubor at yahoo dot com (spam prevention: replace "at" with "@", "dot" with "." and contract spaces)  Nov. 22, 2007 Hello Lloyd , I have my son blood test result, it is now 28%(9.3) as against 18%(6.00) before he started using the carao.  Uche, Lagos, Nigeria Uche sent an actual copy of the test results on 12/4/2007, to which I replied below: Dec. 6, 2007 Dear Uche, Thank you very much for sending me the results! Did the doctor inquire about what you son was taking to give this improvement? I hope my latest shipment of carao fruit arrives soon. Best regards, Lloyd Dec. 7, 2007 Hi Lloyd, Yes they were wondering that he does not look like a sickler even other parents whose children are sicklers cannot believe me when i told them that my son is a sickler.   Warmest regards Uche (hemolytic anemia from malaria) ... But, indeed, I am grateful to God that I am getting energised day by day. Anemia has been a life-long affliction on me (I am well over 40). Therefore, I expect a complete cure to take quite a while. But Carao syrup has been well-tolerated with noticeable results and without the side effects of the iron tablets/capsules. I always look forward to every dose of the syrup.  Abdulmumeen, Nigeria 11/2007 (carao for pre-surgery blood building) Gabriela, Sept. 20, Mexico Hi! I have anemia I will have an operation on the last days of october and I dont want to have blood transfusion. Please tell me where can I buy this product in Mexico City. Thanks a lot Gabriela Lloyd, Nov. 18, 2007 I am wondering about your results with the carao product.  Could you please tell me? Gabriela, Nov. 19, Mexico It was great! I had already my surgery (my uterus was taken out). My hemoglobin level came to the amount it was needed for having a self transfusion of my blood and I am recovering now at my house and doing great. It is a wonderful product (It tastes terrible.... but I didnt care) I will promote it here to any friend that needs it. Thank you and have a good day. Gabriela July 22,2006 (Sickle Cell) (email from donation recipient) I dont have words to express how i feel.After many months there will be a bit of happiness in our lives, as i will give my brother his birthday gift,hope he likes it.I will definitely inform you abt my brother's result.Thank you very very much for helping me.  Nov. 23, 2007 (reply to my request for followup information) Respected sir,i am really thankful to you that u sent me those medications.Well about my brother,prior to taking that carao his hb was around 7.After taking those 2 bottles,his hb raised a bit to around 10.He is taking folic acid & multivitamins now & maintaing hb of 10.Anyways you keep in touch.God bless you... Ritesh, Raipur, Chhattisgarh India (Lloyd's note: although Ritesh's brother is still anemic, he showed almost 43% increase in hemoglobin on carao fruit, and he has maintained the much higher blood level for over a year.)   (anemia from blood loss) (Sun., Nov. 25) Good morning to you Lloyd,        Yes, yes, yes, I have received the carao. It was on Wednesday. I have been taking it since, 2x daily, 3tsp. in milk. I must say, It doesn't have the most appealing odor, but I feel 100% better. My color is almost normal and my energy level is unbelievable. I am still taking it easy, however. I return to the doctors on Monday at 3:15pm, they will check my anemia level, I can't wait ! I will return to work on Tuesday!  Thank you again for your help and concern. You and your family made me feel instantly very comfortable when I spoke to you on live chat. It means alot to people when they sense a trust in such matters. My sincere regards to all of you at CRNatural. I have a very precious friend in Florida, we talk each day and when she spoke to me yesterday, she could not believe the change in my voice, she wanted the web site for her Mother, so they will be ordering carao, if they hadn't already. Her name is <snip>, form Vero Beach Florida. God Bless ! And thank you all for everything ! Sincere Regards, Katie (Sun. Nov. 25, Lloyd replies) The return of color to the face is an unmistakable sign of great progress against the anemia.  See what fast results you are getting (only 5 days' use)?!  We're very happy for you! (complete control of thalassemia, Costa Rica, HGB maintained at 13.3) [following is an interview with Cinthya Aguero, thalassemia patient, with a university professor.  Translation from Spanish by Lloyd Standish] Q - What sort of thalassemia do you have? A - The thalassemia that I have is of second degree, which corresponds to thalassemia menor. Q - What are your thalassemia symptoms? A - The symptoms that I feel when I do not consume carao are pain in the bones, and a feeling like a shiver all through my body, like what is felt when one is afraid. Q - What can you say regarding your results for thalassemia with carao fruit? A - Honestly, I can say, Doctor, that carao is marvelous in my case.  It has been a complete success in eliminating my symptoms for 3 to 6 months.  [Lloyd's note: she means she can go without it for 3-6 months without recurrence of the symptoms.] Q - How long does it take to get results with carao fruit? A - The sensation of relief is very satisfactory since steady progress is seen from the time the carao therapy is begun. Q - How long does the beneficial effect of carao fruit last? A - The effects of the carao last according to the dose.  If the person takes 2 spoonfuls [Lloyd's note: I believe she refers to a "soupspoon"] everyday, then he can stop taking it for 2 months or more without the pain returning.  Besides that, the carao raises the body's defenses and increases the resistence to various diseases. I have copies of medical records for Cinthya.  This one shows that she is diagnosed as thalassemic.  This other one shows that her current hemoglobin level (after carao) is 13.3, considered normal for a woman.  Her doctor is amazed, and I am told that he is willing to make positive statements about the use of carao for anemia.  Cinthya can be contacted by  email at: cinthyaaguero at yahoo dot es.  See her photo here (December 2007)   (sickle cell, in Nigeria)  Dec. 13, 2007 We were able to sent someone who was going to Sokoto and met Dr. Atahiru who kindly sent to us a bottle.   Our son is very strong now and I hope to let you know every details in due time.   Mrs Amos. Ideopathic Myelofibrosis (IMF) I'm sorry your request fell through the cracks- I'll briefly summarize:  I think it was the spring of 2004 I was diagnosed - after many bloodtests , & 3 'unsuccessful' bone marrow biopsies, with ideopathic myelofibrosis (IMF) or scarring of bone marrow causing poor quality blood. The presence of nucleated (immature) red blood cells & teardrop shaped cells made Dr. suspect scarred  b.marrow. I was pretty anemic ,  after 6 mos. of lab work.  (which made the anemia worse).  I explored a number of healing modalities in addition to taking carao the next 2-3 yrs, which really helps maintain Hg. levels in mid-high 90's (here they want min. reading  of 115).    A yr. ago  I stopped for a month, & went back down near 86 (level  when diagnosed).  So I stay with it, & also take various vitamins, anti-oxidants, & try to eat well (including a bit more red meat than I'd like to).         I feel pretty well restored to optimum health, & my last blood test showed Hg. of 100. I'm turning 59 , & have as much energy as a decade earlier.  Have you heard from others with "myeloproliferative disorders" (the family of blood disorders IMF is among) who have found carao helpful?         Have a Happy Holiday season,         Paige Nova Scotia Canada Dec. 17, 2007 (Lloyd comments: It is common for people to maintain high energy level on carao, even in those cases, like this one, in which the blood values remain below normal.  I think this indicates that carao helps the transport of oxygen by the blood, in addition to the increase in blood values.) Hi,   I had  a very bad anemia and extremely low platelets.After searching for help on the internet, I found your carao fruit and I ordered 2 bottles of it just to try .I used just one and half of the two bottles.The smell is not for me but it is very sweet.  I would take anything if it helps me get better from the problem I have.  I was not able to walk 2 blocks because I feel so tired, my heart beat fast .I also started to take 1000 mg of Vitamin C with it.  I just want to tell you that I have no anemia any more and my platelets are perfectly normal..I feel great and energetic.  I think that carao worked for me and I am so thankful to nature and you for making  this fruit available for people who needs it .I am writting this because I feel that carao needs to be recognized by many.   Thanks, Rebeka Vancouver, B.C. Dec. 24, 2007