Reports from Users of Carao: year 2007 - part 1

Thank You for sharing such a wonderful helpful product.  It has made me feel so much better. Soon my hemoglobin will be up over 10 and I can have my surgery without a blood transfusion.  I really enjoy it as a hot chocolate drink.  Thanks so much,  Mary CA 1/2007

(sickle cell anemia letter 1 from Chris 12/2006) For my son (20month-old, but not yet walking) he had one leg swollen around the ankle and the both eyelids were equally swollen, with eye color very yelow with lots of eye secretion when he started to take the syrup (are these possibly side effects?). However, after taking the mixture for 8days now as well as my wife (age 23), his eyelids have gone back to normal, swollen ankle is gradually going down although he still behaves as if it is painful when pressed and he has resolved to creeping all the time and does not want to even make efforts to stand as he did before, eye color remains yelowish, urine clearer than before, more apetite than before, and he is less restless and sleeps for longer hours now than before. But, his toes and fingers usually were swollen in the past once in a while, but was usually less severe than the case of his ankle this last time around. Are all these in any way similar to what you here from your other clients? Please, let me know what others have related to you in the past about their own cases and more. I hope to read from you very soon.   Merry X-mas and a Prosperous 2007 in advance. (sickle cell anemia letter 2 from Chris 1/2007) Happy new year. Hope all is fine at your end. I now have heard positive feedbacks from my family following the continuoues administration of the supplement. My son has gotten so much active and eats much more frequently than before. Although he was not pale before, I have been informed that he has put on more weight. And also that the color of his eyes, like those of my wife, have became brighter. I will likely need to order for more of the mixture in the weeks ahead for myself (although my wife and I are only carriers and not ss cases) to purify my blood.   However, I wish to know how long my son is expected to take the supplement before taking a break from it, or he has to take it nonstop forever? You surely know how some cases have manifested in the past, especially that of the young 5 year old girl you used in the carao introduction in your webpage and many others. Do they stop taking it for some time when they are feeling much stronger? Information from the Nigeria based doctor and the treatment progress with the children in his clinic can be a very good guide for me.   Hope to read from you very soon. (sickle cell anemia letter 3 from Chris 4/2007) Hi Lloyd!   Long silence. As a matter of fact, things are getting really wonderful especially for my son, who now is waxing in good health and strength. The crisis left him ever since he started to take the syrup. After completing the first bottle, I told my wife to suspend it for a while (abt 3 months) and since there are no signs of malais of pains, I just told my wife to give him the second bottle. He is bouncing in good health grace to the syrup. I cannot thank you enough. May God richly bless you.   I equally give some (2bottles) to be administered to my sister´s daughter, and that too has registered a wonderful result. They have since not stop telling me to send more. I will try to order for more as soon as I get the money. More power to your effort, and I dont regret having taken that initiative that has given my son great power and steady health.   Accept my sincere regards.   Chris, Cameroon, Africa comment by Lloyd to his father Miles: "If the world knew the value of carao for Sickle Cell disease, our supply would instantly vanish." I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my anemia.  I was down to a 8.3 and after 1 ½ bottles, my hemoglobin is up to 9.5 in about 3 weeks.  I’m feeling more energy and when I mix it with non fat milk and heat it up, to me it does just taste like hot chocolate!  I am ordering another 2 bottles.  Thanks again for your help. Mary Speidel California 4/2007 ("iron deficiency" anemia) Dear Lloyd,   I am pleased to tell you that my wife has shown a marked improvement since she started taking the Carao.   She no longer has the persistent tiredness or the feeling of dizziness, so this is great news. She has not had her routine blood test yet, but I will let you have the details as soon as they become available.  Many thanks for everything.   Kind Regards.   Brian United Kingdom April 2007 Later, 10/2007, he sent more information: I apologise for not informing you of  the results of my wife's anaemia. Following her last blood test, it was revealed that her readings were normal. ( Which rather surprised the doctor.)   Her daily medication has been stopped, although a three monthly injection of B12 is to be continued. She does feel much better and is most grateful for the effects which must be attributed to the carao. She sends her thanks to you.   I will continue to keep you updated with all the further developments.  Thank you for your splendid service   Kind regards, Brian  (service) Hello Lloyd   Just letting you know that one 365 ml bottle arrived today - a prompt delivery. The package had been opened by Australian Post for inspection by Quarantine.  I will let you know when the other two bottles arrive for the sake of good order.   Thanks for your service. Pat  Australia Nov. 2007 Hi Lloyd,  Wanted to thank to for last order and let you know I have 2 more people using your carao.  One lady was in the hospital and was being pressured to get a blood transfusion kept refusing her count was countinuing to drop I think it was down to three and they thought she was going to die.  I found out when my sister in law got a call saying go to the hospital I told her about the syrup I had some at home they went and got it she called me from hospital saying doc's didn't want her to take it.  I kept insisting she try it it won't hurt her its a whole food.  The doctors were just waiting for her to die. They started giving it to her. In a few days blood went up a point and continued to rise and in a week she wanted to get out of bed and shortly after was discharge when count got high enough.  She obviously wants to continue taking and another lady that heard her experience wants to try product she has anemia that has never responsded to conventional treatment. Adonna July 2007 PA USA  (testimonio en español) Hi LLOYD,lo que quiero decir es que con carao mi cuenta de globulos rojos subio a 11.5  . Algún tiempo atrás yo tomé carao y me subió tambien, pero cuando dejé como un mes o dos sin tomarlo , me bajó otra vez no mucho pero me bajó .ahora yo quiero saber si lo continuo tomando, el normaliza mi sangre, o puede que me suba mucho, de todas manera yo siempre me chekeo con el Dr. pero me gustaria saber su experiencia en ese punto ,de todas maneras UD.puede publicar lo que yo escribo ,el carao, me salvó de inyertame ,el epo medicina, mi doctor me preguntó que estaba tomando gracias a carao me siento muy fuerte para hacer mi trabajo, y tengo 77 anos  Rolando California Jan. 2007 [Le contesté: No tiene que preocuparse, el carao normaliza la sangre pero nunca sube la hemoglobina demasiado, si eso es lo que preguntaba.  Ojalá siempre esté muy fuerte y sano. - Lloyd] (testimonio en español) He esperado a finalizar la primera botella de carao para escribirle. Tengo que reconocer que aunque hice el pedido de cuatro botellas de este producto.  Tenía mis reservas sobre si podía o no con la anemia de un familiar.  ¡Es realmente bueno!. Creo que incluso mejora el estado en general del paciente. Les fecilito por comercializar através de Internet "EL CARAO" y  ademas es natural.... Un saludo y hasta pronto.  Gregoria Spain 1/2007  Hi Lloyd, It's Adonna ... again.  I have another patient for your product.  Since the success of our last friend,word is getting around and this sister has always been anemic and never responsed to iron.  She recently had a knee replacement and has been told by her doc's her level needs to increase.  Thank you again for the quick reply of the last order he is doing so well and several times he's said how thankful he is!!!  I'll let you know how Julia does.  Adonna PA 1/2007 (Comment by Dr. Sokoto to inquiry about Myelodysplasia and aplastic anemia) Dear Leanne, Thank you for your e-mail in regards to Carao a food supplement for SCD/Anaemia patients. Sincerely speaking,Carao exract has ability to increases the level of Haemoglobin of your patient and will do  a lot of wonders concerning your mum health hence Myelodysplasia is similar to aplastic anemia in that production of blood cells is decreased and we have see patients with aplastic anemia that Carao help by aborting the blood transfusion, increases Haemoglobin level and in some cases even cure!! Pls.let me know the out came of your mum Health after taken Carao and am very sure Carao will give you the happy face of 2007,because your Mum will be fine and much better after Carao!! Best regards and you are welcome with any question in regards to Carao   Dr. Sokoto Specialist Hospital Sokoto, Department of Paediatrics 1/2007 email: attahirus at gmail dot com  (Comment by Elisabet to Leanne, Jan. 2007) Hi Leanne my name is Elisabet.  I wanted to let you know my experience with carao.  Like you, I was very worried about my son{s health.  He had to have 4 blood transfusions, it was horrible.  My sister had heard about carao and I tried it immediately with David (my son).  He started to get better immediately, even the doctors were surprised at how quickly he got better.  I'm sure as  David stopped taking all the medicines he has been prescribed and only took carao, he got better.  I think carao is a blessing! (Results reported by Leanne for Myelodysplasia, Australia, April 2007) Mum is doing fine.  I am actually going to drop in there and see her on my way to work this morning. She is still taking 6 teaspoons a day of the Carao.   By the way her haemoglobin levels are in the normal range.  The last blood test she had showed they were at 119 which is great considering where she was previously.  She is on Predinsone although and that probably is also helping her deal with this condition as well as her Polymyalgia and pain.   ... There is just no comparision to how she looks now to what she was a few months ago, she looks a picture of health and her Drs. are very happy with her results and so am I. Dear  Lloyd:  Thank  you  for  your  note. The  Carao  arrived  this  morning  which was  much  sooner  than  I  expected.  I  have  been  taking  it  for  several  weeks  now   and  am  feeling  great.  I  have  reduced  my  dosage  to  two  teaspoons  a  day  as  I  feel  the  full  dose  is no  longer  necessary. Thank  you  again  and  I  am  doing  my  best  to  spread  the  word. Carole Newport Pagnell United  Kingdom Jan. 2007 (taste of carao)I just started taking the Carao in soy milk. It's delicious! Seems it could be used as a chocolate substitute in baking and for sauces. I love it! The second order if for a friend who also found it delicious. We are wondering if you could enclose some carao seeds with the order, disguised inside the packing paper? (They don't open the boxes here). We are happy to pay for them. Of course we understand if you are not comfortable doing this. We are in a warm, semi-tropical rainforest climate so would like to try growing some trees for our personal use only. Thanks again for the order and your kindness and quick response.  Just wanted to report my results so far from taking the Carao for the past 10 days. The pink color has returned to my nails, and I don't conk out at 8:30 PM anymore!  Thank you so much for all the emails back and forth, for your attentiveness and great service. You have a very good company, and I will recommend to others. G.C. Brazil Feb. 2007 Dear Lloyd,My daughter in England has reported very good results with Carao so please send four more to England to her.  Many regards Sen Australia Feb. 2007 I have been using your product for a number of years now off and on.  It is wonderful and brings my iron stores up in a few weeks. Can't do with out it. Gillian March 2007 UK (hemolytic anemia) This has wored very well for my husband.  Do you suggest someone with this conditon should take this on a on going basis? Loretta Carmel, NY March 2007 [Lloyd replies: Thank you very much for your information.  I am very glad the carao is working well for your husband's hemolytic anemia.  Could I please have your permission to quote you in the testimonials section of the website, signing "Loretta" (or L.D.), N. Y.?   W have had reports of hemolytic anemia being completely cured by carao, but this takes time (several months usually).  There have been some 3 or 4 cases reported to me, but I only have detailed information on 2 of them.  In both cases the patients were completely cured. One of the people is a boy in Colombia.  He has not had carao for over a year, I think.  The other is in Costa Rica, and still takes carao occasionally, to help maintain healthy blood.  This is, of course, due to the fact that the person in Costa Rica has carao locally available to him, which the person in Colombia does not,   It is perfectly fine to continue use of the carao fruit as long as necessary, since it is a natural, nourishing food with no side effects.] Loretta replies: Carao worked very well for my husband, when he was in a crisis.  It was almost miraculous how quickly he regained his strength.  He took four bottles then stopped.  He wants to continue to take it, as he felt so much better physically and mentally.    Please feel free to use this or any part in your testimonials-People need to know there is this kind of help out there. (anemia in old age) Miles,  It was good to hear from you.  I will be expecting the  order to arrive soon.  I am doing very well at 89 1/2 years old.   Doctor said I HAD to take iron, but it causes terrible constipation.   Remedy for that said NOT to take iron.  It said magnesium was needed.   So I am back on the carao (still had half a bottle).  Usually take it in  milk, or a topping on ice cream.  But my favorite way is in a  milkshake.  I have grown used to the taste (smell), and actually enjoy  it. A recent blood test gave the reason for the  lifelong anemia. Half of the hemoglobin cells did not develop further following  birth.  The skin was always pale;  now pink! Health has improved remarkably.  Thanks to  God and to you and Lloyd making it possible for weak people to be  strengthened.  It is a blessing to be able to continue to live by myself in  my own home at this age. Your grateful friend,  Gail Florida March 2007 Good Day,   To the surprise & amazement of many people including doctors your product worked much better then we could have imagined.   Not only did it help stabilize her blood problem (low Iron) white cell/red cell problem which I know little about   But after 18 years she is once again able to consume dairy products with none of the nasty side effects.   Quality of life has improved significantly.   Thank You   I would like to order once again in a larger quantity, what is the shelf life & storage requirements for this product?   Denis Canada April 2007 To my surprise, Denis's friend contacted me herself via support chat on 11/15/2007.  Following are excerpts from our chat: (11:36:15) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher: I have never felt so well.. In the years I have been dealing with Cancer (11:39:57) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher to support: You have changed my world .. (11:40:25) (Secure)support (Lloyd) to Marilyn Swisher: It is a pleasure to help people, you have no idea (11:40:35) (Secure)support (Lloyd) to Marilyn Swisher: So many people write to tell me. (11:40:38) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher to support: With good food and physical excersize I have become very healthy (11:41:14) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher to support: I no longer need to take the drink but I thank you for making me much more happy (11:48:07) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher to support: can even use my email if someone wants me to tell them how it helped me (11:48:10) (Secure)support (Lloyd) to Marilyn Swisher: Thanks very much. (11:48:17) (Secure)Marilyn Swisher to support: I cant say enough good about that drink Marilyn Swisher, deepbrwneyes1 at yahoo dot com Michigan Nov. 2007  (carao and leukemia) Dear Lloyd,   Please note:   RBC                 4.49 Hemoglobin     13.2 Hematocrit       37.9 Retic Count      1.22 Haptoglobin     40 BOTTOM LINE:  I am not hemolizing.   Best regards,  Theodore,  PA 5/2007 (childhood anemia) (12/15/2006) Hi Lloyd,   I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am thrilled with the carao syrup and its effect upon my 6-year old daughter!  She had been anemic, with hemoglobin of 10.2 despite my efforts to feed her a very healthy diet and provide vitamins with iron for years.  She went Tuesday to the pediatrician and I asked them  to do a check on her hemoglobin - they were blown away, as was I , to find out that it was at 12.4!  They asked me what I had done.  I told them about carao syrup, and said that I didn't want to tell the doctor about it until/unless I saw results.  She's on her third bottle, but this is the first time she's been checked since starting the syrup.  The nurses had me talk with the doctor, and he agreed "keep on doing what you're doing".  Thank you so much for telling 'the world' about this product.  I am thrilled to have discovered it.   One question: from your experience/knowledge, would a child need to stay on the syrup 'indefinitely' if they have a history of anemia, or does their red blood count stay up once it's been achieved, and they can eventually stop taking the syrup?   Again, thanks so much, and please let me know what your findings about how long they should take the syrup indicate.     - Judy (12/16/2006) Lloyd's reply: Glad to hear the good results with your daughter!  You were very smart to not tell your doctor about the carao at the beginning, since almost every doctor will advise against anything they don't know about.  This is in fact understandable in today's "litigation society." In people without a chronic disease or health problem that is causing the anemia, the anemia is usually corrected without need to continue using the carao.  This is especially true in the very young.  Therefore, you can stop giving it to her and she will probably maintain her normal hemoglobin.  However, since she had a long history of anemia, I think it would be a good idea to give it to her about once a week as a nutritional boost for a couple of months, since her diet might not be perfect.   Remember that carao is a natural food, not a medicine, and it can be taken at any time with no adverse effects.   May I publish your letter on our website as a testimonial, signing "Judy, MO" or "JS, MO" (as you wish)?   (12/18/2006) Judy: Sure, feel free to publish my testimonial.  And to let you know a bit more, I adopted my daughter from Azerbaijan when she was two.  She was anemic at that point, as would be expected based on the diet they provide at the Baby House (orphanage).  For basically four years I attempted to correct that with diet and vitamins.  Nothing helped until I discovered the carao syrup. Again, thank you so much!   Also, thanks for the guidance/ suggestion about future use.  I will continue with the weekly 'boost' and of see what happens down the road - will get her hemoglobin checked in another 6 mos. or see and see if it's holding. Have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for making ours brighter! (4/30/2007 comment by Judy on the order form) I let you know before how happy I am that you have made this product available.  It has worked beautifully on my daughter Sabina, who now just takes a 'maintenance' dose about once or twice per week.  Please let us know if there is any movement to limit availability - FDA-wise or other. (4/30/2007 Lloyd's reply) Thank you for the kind and encouraging words.  A question:  Are you sure that Sabina is not affected by Sickle Cell disease?  Carao works amazingly for Sickle Cell disease as well as for "ordinary" anemia.   US FDA does its best to stop availability of any nutritional therapies, and we have had a few packages to the USA confiscated.  In response, we can no longer ship the carao with printed material making any reference to anemia....  It happens that our carao product is 100% pure unadulterated carao fruit, not an extract or derivative product.  Therefore we can market it as a food product, not as a "supplement," and therein rests our hope to ensure its availability even if the FDA passes its new rule making "food supplements" available only by medical prescription.  I hope you have visited the link I cited in my latest newsletter.  It gives more information on FDA's plans, and what we citizens can do about it.   I plan to soon inaugurate a new website wherein there will be discussion of these issues.  I am most excited now by the absolutely phenomenal results with carao for Sickle Cell Disease.  It [usually] completely removes the symptoms of this debilitating condition.  My father Miles and I are discussing the ways we might promote its use (including wide distribution of seeds) on the African continent.   (4/30/20078) Judy Thanks for your reply.  As for Sabina, you might recall that I had written you early on that when I adopted her from Azerbaijan, she was anemic and also had rickets - both as a result of nutritional deficiency in her early formative years.  Despite a healthy diet and multivitamins, I couldn't get her hemoglobin above 11 until I tried the carao.  Remember I told you that I heard the nurses remarking when I asked them to do a hemoglobin check at her last regular visit, and they were saying "I wonder what she did" - and only after I found out that she was reading 12 plus Hgb did I tell them about the carao she had been on for months at that point.   They asked me to tell the doctor, and he was curious about the chemical content of carao (which I know is available thru the website).  Anyway, it is my understanding that they would've detected sickle cell thru blood tests by now, and she has none of the associated joint pain, etc.   ...Thanks again to you and your dad for making this wonderful natural product available. Judy MO 4/2007 I was very pleased with the results with your product.I had been diagnosed anemic and was tired and ill a lot.With your product  I started feeling better almost immediately. I could not believe how much more energy I had. I noticed an improvement in my health overall. Every year for the past 5 years I have gotten strep throat. One year I was hospitalized and nearly died. This last year was the first year I was healthy and had no strep throat. After only a few months I had my iron checked and after it came back anemic the first time, it then came back completely normal!   Feeling healthy and cocky I discontinued the [carao] when I ran out and then my health suffered almost immediately. So I am totally sold on it. I even thought that molasses would work as well. NOT! Thanks for your help and good luck with your great product.  Trula, CA 5/2007 The results were great ! levels (Haemoglobin etc), which had been very low (9.2), after taking Carao for a few weeks (possibly 4-6) rose dramatically to 12.5 ! a result I have been feeling much recovered ever since. My doctor carried out blood tests only last week and my levels remain 'normal' which is fabulous news for me!.....I can only say that I am very grateful to you and the Carao for helping back on the road to recovery.  I have modified my diet too, I think that wheat was a problem for me, I am on a gluten free (self imposed) diet, I feel this and the Carao are stabilising me.  I will monitor my progress over the next few months, I may order more Carao if I feel low again.  I initially hated the taste of it, and the smell was a bit off putting, but after a few days I seemed to get used to make it more palatable I take it with soya milk ! Thanks again Lloyd, will keep you posted.  Kind wishes,  Donna  West Midlands, UK 5/2007 Got it!  Many thanks.  Still taking it and went from a 7 to a 9 3/4. Bianca, CA 5/2007 Had a cbc and in the last 3 months my count went from 10.4 to just over 11 so your product is working.  It was very good news.  I will be reordering soon. Evelyn, Palm Coast, FL 6/2007