Reports from Users of Carao: year 2006

"I have been taking your product and the results are amazing.  ... nothing I've ever taken to help improve my  anemia without any horrible side effects has ever worked like this. This is life changing.  I have more energy than I've ever had in my whole life.  I'm very nervous to continue  taking something my doctor cannot approve.  But I will still order the syrup because it has such an unbelievable effect on me."  Renee IL  1/2006

Hi Lloyd!   Great news! My labs are showing an improvement! Iron went from 32 to 43 and the %saturation sent from 9 to 12, which is still low, but it's improving!!! YEAH!!!! (this, notwithstanding that I had heavy menstruation early this month, lasting several days)   I'm down to about my last two teaspoons and was getting concerned, as I ordered 4 small bottles on January 16th, and haven't received anything yet. Can you check on that for me please?   Many Thanks!   R. Simon  AZ 2/2006


"Thanks Lloyd! I truly appreciate how accommodating you are and your  extra mile  customer service!  I'll be sure to check back with you on my next labs! Take care. R. Simon

I hv seen yr miracle product thru a friend's mother suffering fr anemia n wud like a trial order as I think I am suffering fr lack of energy.

Will send bank chq if you can cnfm cost. PS: Even her hair has come bak to life w/color after taking yr carao.  Thank U/look fwd to yr response.  Siew  Australia 2/2006

I have ordered once before, and raised my blood test levels significantly.  After quitting, they went down. So I am reordering."  David, WI  2/2006

My wife uses your product and has done so for a while now.  She really can't function without it.  She has iron related anemia and this is the only thing that really gives her energy that she needs to function.   Keep up the good work.  You bring a miracle to people everyday by producing your product. P.S. I sell insurance and deal with claims for patients regarding cancer.  Knowing how chemo and radiation is so hard on these individuals I bet this would work well with patients that do chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. Brent  MO 2/2006

"Carao certainly did give me the boost I needed. I want to have it around to use as an  occasional support to help prevent any setback I might have.  Thank you."  Jacquie  OR  3/2006

Hemoglobin 5 to 12 in 60 days Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:45:34 -0600   Dear Sir or Madam: I would appreciate if this could be shipped to me as soon as possile. My hemoglobin count is 5 and I am having symptoms of Plummer-Vinson syndrome w/has been linked to esophagael cancer. My doctor has prescribed iron tbs (which I am taking) but has given me only three weeks to increase my hemo count "or else" I will need a blood transfusion-which I want to avoid at all costs (if possible).   I found your website while researching my anemia and thought I would try your product so I could avoid the conventional transfusion. I appreciate anything you can do to help. I am also willing to offer a testimonial for your product if the results are good. Thank you, Lida   Followup: Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 15:54:24 -0500 Hi Lloyd,   I was just writing to let you know, that by March 18th, 2006 my iron level was up to 12.  I was really surprised that it went up so fast, and I'm glad that I used your product.  Thank you again for such a great product!   Thanks again!   Lida, IL  4/2005 Pernicious Anemia, increased dose from 4 to 6 tsps Thanks for your email.  I have increased my intake to 6 tsps. per day instead of your recommended 4 teaspoons.  I have noticed that it has given me a bit more energy and have decreased my need for B12 sublingual tablets.  When I was taking just 4 tsps., I was taking 6 to 8 bottles of B12 (a bottle is 5 mg. each of 60 tablets); and the other day I took 10 bottles.  That scared me and my husband & I decided to add 2 tsps. of carao and in just 2 days I have noticed a difference in my energy level and a decrease in B12; less numbness on my toes and swelling on my 2 legs have a little bit subsided.  I still walk with my crutches, yet there are times in the day that I would switch to my cane.  Today, I just took less than 10 sublingual tablets of B12 - and that is great. I may need to order more bottles of carao from you soon, I will let you know probably next week.  Thank you very much and have a great week!  May God bless you and your family always. Rose TX 4/2006 Greetings, I just sent in an order for 4 more bottles of what I refer to as my "heavenly elixir".  Anemia has plagued me for years.  Nothing I tried really did anything whether it was medical or natural.  All any of the things I tried over the years did was to either constipate me or give me diarrhea.   After the first bottle of Carao I could tell some difference in my body and my energy levelsAfter the second bottle I could really tell the difference.  I have begun to get a pink color to my fingernails again.  They have been so dead white for so long it was a huge surprise to awaken one morning and notice the pinkish color.   Then I ran out of Carao.....two days ago.  I for some reason thought I had another bottle so I was looking for it.  I remembered today that I had only ordered two and I had taken them both.  Today I feel less energy.  I miss my morning and sometimes afternoon drink of Carao.  I have acquired a taste for it.  I put it into my Chai Tea and it is lovely.   Needless to say, I will NEVER again let my heavenly elixir run out!!!!  I am going to number them 1,2,3,4.  When I get to 3 I will re-order!  I am looking forward to my order arriving. You don't have to acknowledge this email.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you making Carao available to us.  I look at it as a gift of Nature and your family.  Thank you. Blessings, Kathleen, MN 5/2006 Aloha Lloyd and Miles! First of all I want to thank the both of you with all my heart! for getting the Carao to me fast! You folks are an amazing company and there is no doubt that you are committed to helping people especially in the situation I was in. Just to update you: I just returned from the hospital a couple of days ago from getting a blood transfusion I really didnt want one in the begining but it was really taking a great toll on my heart and other things.  the Transfusion brought my hemoglobin up to 8 and I feel much better however I'd like to get to a healthy range between 12 and 16 and thats where the Carao comes in.  (I will keep you updated on that) When I got home from the hospital there was the Carao (From Arizona) I imediately started to take it....and I gotta say.........I have no clue why some people say it tastes bad.......I think it tastes great!!! I've been taking the 4 tsp each day and I'm trying my best NOT to take more than that!!........... It tastes like chocolate with a light fruity bite to's so delicious I just eat it streight from the spoon!!! and I've also tried it in milk  which is delicious too!!! So I will keep taking Tropical Wonder Carao until my hemoglobin goes up between the healthy range!  and I will keep you informed along the way. Once it gets to the healthy range (between 12 & 16 ) would I need to take Carao to maintain my hemoglobin? Once again! Mahalo Nui Loa (Thankyou very much) Lloyd & Miles! for your unbelievably fast service and Caring! (Later) Thankyou so much for everything (again)...........and YES! absolutely---please use my testimony on your website! especially if it will help encourage others!!.......I will keep you updated on the rest of my progress also! You may use "Corallene Hawaii"  and please use whatever quote or quotes of mine you feel will help! Before I go I gotta tell you about the Carao.  I've been taking it only for 5 days (not even a week) and I noticed that my hair doesnt fall out as much especially when I brush it. for years this would happen.....all day long without even brushing, little strands of hair would fall - it was nothing major it was just irritating and I'd have to vacume almost everyday or pick the hair up because my hair would be on the floor or on my car seat or on my bed or pillow each morning when I woke up daily!-- it never failed--there would be 4 -5 strands on my car seat and way more on the floor not to mention the buch of hair on my brush.   Well, I didnt want to say anything so soon because it's only been 5 days but it was definately noticable since taking Carao. Every morning I've been waking up with no hair on my pillow, no hair on my car seat to pick off, and I even vacumed the whole house and I'm waiting to see how long I can go without vacuming! When I brush my hair not too much comes off on my brush like it use to!  I still wasnt certain if it had anything to do with the Carao until I was surfing the web and found a testimony of a hair dresser who saw your website and ordered your product. She had sounded like she had major hair loss (I'm talking CLUMPS of hair loss) and the Carao helped to COMPLETELY iliminate the hair loss! (It sounded like she didnt think she had anemia but somehow thought it might help her situation) and even on her testimony she mentioned that she didnt want to sound like she was a part of your website and that she was not trying to push or sell something so she just said to do a search and that your website would come up. I'm very grateful for your company because I dont know of anything else out there here in the U.S. that works! Mahalo! Corallene, Hawaii  6/2006 "I would like to put another order in for the same amount as the last time...4 bottles. I think that I also gave you my visa number through my email because for some reason, it couldn't go through the order form. Can we do that again? Also, I would like to say that this product has been unbelievable! My iron has never been this good. Because of my low iron, I have been getting it checked approx. every month for the last few months since using your product. I am so happy to say that my iron has been increasing gradually since. The readings state that your iron should be between 20 and 150. My reading was below 20 when I started using Carao. Two readings ago, which was one and a half months, was 33. But my reading from last week was a whopping 67! I can't believe it! 67!!!I have always been very active playing basketball and soccer so I have always been in good shape. But now, I feel I can run forever on the court and the field.When my doctor's secretary had called with the good news, she said that my doctor wanted to know what I was taking or doing. I did mention this product to her during my last appt. but I guess we will be discussing it a lot more next time I see her.Thank you, Lloyd. And yes, you can use every thing I just said in your newsletter." Jean Canada 6/2006 Three years  ago when she was 88 doctors told me there was nothing that can be done for her [my mother's] anemia her spleen stopped making red blood cells. She was weak and tired all the time and accepted it as part of being old. I saw your ad on the internet ordered a bottle, after three months her blood count was at the lower end of the normal. This made me a believer. Now she is 91 and having the same symptoms again. I am ordering two bottles this time.  Ozden 6/2006 Dear L.Milse i hope you are doing very well. i have started to do exercise and i am feeling very well and energetic, but the amazing thing about the product is that i use to have a lot of pain when i have period, before it start one week i cray and a lot off depression,  back,stomach and you name it a lot of problems if i don't take pain killer(i had to take every 4-6 hours) i had to be at bed the firs two days even before i start carao i felt very ill, but since i started it i haven't had any problem, even i haven't felt that i was having my period just it flows. no pain killer no hot water it is amazing product.  you should recommend it to people who have problem with their period. i am telling my friends. God bless Zaid  7/2006 Hi Everyone--I just wanted to report that since my husband has started taking the syrup about 7 weeks ago, he has been feeling much better and has improved energy. He asked me to post this for him. He isn't scheduled for a blood count for several weeks from now, but his improvement is very noticible. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful product, Lloyd. We are very grateful." Best, Sandee England 7/2006 (keywords: Polyps, Uterus blood loss) Hi Lloyd- Thank you for writing. The carao worked great for Suzanne!!! She just had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove polyps from her uterus----the reason for the blood loss and anemia. Basically, the carao and other regimen was simply a "band-aid" until the cause was discovered and alleviated. Initially, she took the carao as prescribed (difficult to ingest), and then slowly ceased. She has a small amount left and plans to take it to boost her system back up now that the surgery is complete. Thank you for this amazing product! S.O. Virginia 8/2006 Lloyd replied: " "Thanks for letting us know.  I'm very glad Suzanne took the blood loss problem seriously and addressed the cause.  Carao is very useful for building blood, but we always encourage women in these cases to find a way to stop the blood loss." Also forgot to tell you that on my 11.5 km run I ran it around 6 minutes quicker while I was taking the carao. It just sort of clicked the other day when I was trying to work out why I did better times a few weeks ago and not now. So that motivated me to send for another six bottles. Really appreciate your offer to upgrade my order. Will let you know what the results of my blood test are when I get it done in another couple of months. Fiona, Australia 8/2006 Anemia of Menopause ...Well, as of the 12th, I was 6.6 or 6.5, and now I am a 7.0 and I haven't taken the syrup but for 3-4 days along with other supplements.  I feel your  [carao] is helping me more and it is less expensive too!" [later] Hi-I am feeling stronger and better every day....  Thank you so much for all of your help. [later] I stopped using it for a time, but really noticed the difference. ...Again-thank you for being so expedient and so nice... It is a pleasure to do business with someone like yourself that has such great integrity. Thanks again. Linda Chase (permission given to publish full name) July 2006 CA, USA I am buying this product for my mom and it definitely works... it is a miracle!!! Nancy 8/2006 Puerto Rico USA (Flavor) by the tastes great in warm chocolate milk...... May 2006 Susan NJ, USA (carao in diabetes) Dear Lloyd, Thanks for the update on Carao and the person with adult onset  diabetes.  It is good to hear of successes like that.  I have not been taking Carao for 6 weeks....and I can sure tell the difference!  The reason I quit is that my blood sugar was too high and my  holistic physician said there was way too much sugar in the Carao.  So what do I do?  I believe I am answering my own  question.  I am going to go back on the  Carao today!  I know it was doing me a lot  of I wrote before to you, my nail beds began to get pink again. Before I started on Carao, my hemoglobin was 8 or below....I never went  back after the 8 reading but I could tell it was lower.  I still have some  pink in my nails, but I feel like I am missing this  inner feeling of well  being and a strengthening that I had when I was on Carao. Are there any studies you can steer me to in regard to the sugar content of Carao and diabetes? Do you have any medical people who use it or recommend  it even with diabetes?  I am going to listen to my body and what it has been telling me which is to start taking Carao again.  In fact as soon as I am done with this email, I  am going to go take some. Blessings to you, Kathleen [Lloyd's comment: diabetics can and do take carao fruit with no problem, since the carbohydrate involved (about 9 grams per day) is small.  I asked a doctor in Costa Rica about the use of carao in diabetes.  His response is here.] (blood loss) Dear Mr. Lloyd Standish, This is my third order for your product. I am a 64-year-old male diagnosed with anemia. I have undergone a series of tests for gastric bleeding but none was found. My doctor prescribed iron supplements but after taking them for two months I did not  experience a lot of improvement from my symptoms although my condition did not deteriorate. Then I found your website and ordered a large bottle just to try it out. After about two of weeks of use, at only two teaspoons a day, I began to feel my energy and stamina coming back.Wow! Then, after two years of absence, my morning erections came back too. Double Wow! Blas WA USA Sept. 2006 (athletic use) I am curious how Carao actually increases RBC/hematocrit.  I am a female athlete and am concerned I will "test positive" for some unknown "blood doping" product if I am tested at an event.  As an older athlete I figure carao helps to offset the ravages of induced anemia but would hate to think I am "cheating".  USADA has lists of things which are banned, of course cassia grandis isn't there but perhaps a component of the chemical compound would cause a "positive".   Any comments or suggestions on how to delve deeper into this issue.  Thanks for your time, Nuss, TX.   [Lloyd's reponse] Hi Nuss, Carao is a natural fruit and does not leave any traces in the body.  It is just super nutrition! It has been used by Olympic champions who get tested for drugs regularly, and there is never anything detected.  The effect is nutritional, not chemical. [Later] I won my age group National Championship in the 500 TT! Nuss, Texas, Sept. 2006  Hello Lloyd, I ordered your cacao fruit syrup back in May-June.  My recent lab work reports much improvement in my anemia.... William 9/2006  Hello Lloyd, Better late than never: I want to let you know that I received my order for 4 bottles a little short of 3 weeks later, in mint condition. Thank you very much. And here is something more:   Dear Lloyd and Miles,   I have some excellent news:   My blood was re-tested on Sept. 1st and my hemoglobin is now back in the "normal" category at 12.8. (I feel it will probably still get better.) When I first discovered the anemia at the end of May it had been 9.5 - in the "severely anemic" category. I found you and the magic Carao at the end of June. What an amazing result after a little more than 2 months!!! I am certain that the Carao has played a major role in this recovery. I feel much, much better now. Getting better has been happening in spurts; not all at once, and not overnight; yet so quickly. I am very happy!   Thank you very much for making this product available; for making it easy to find you on the internet; for your wonderful customer service; for your instant response and action every time; for being so professional and for caring in such a beautiful way! I feel to keep taking the Carao for quite a while. There is nothing against this, or? By the way, I am mostly taking it "straight" these days! That's right, me, the lady, who had trouble tolerating it in the beginning and needed to start very s l o w l y. I still like to put it in my rice milk at times too, for the tasty drink that it is; but mostly I take it straight now and I find it most delicious. Even the smell no longer disturbs me at all. I have come a long way. I must be an old Costa Rican!          I hope your harvests will continue to be good!   Thank you Lloyd and Miles, thank you Carao trees, thank you Costa Rica, thank you Universe!    In gratitude Maria   P.S. If you would like to put this on your site with your testimonials your are most welcome. Just put my first name and the first letter of my last name: Maria S., Palm Springs This product has restored my life. now my husband is taking it. we do not eat meat of any kind and this sure helps us keep our anemia at bay. Betty, NC, USA Oct. 2006  I'm inspired by your willingness to help and your unconditional support. It suggests that you're in the business of helping people have better lives. It bodes well for your business.  May you have immense success!  Kind Regards, Lorna Toronto, Canada 10/2006  (anemia and diabetes) I am insulin diabetic with very low energy levels, however Carao has given me the enery at 83 that I used to have at 63. Austin 10/2006 Ontario Canada  "excellent product- works very well"  Frederick, 10/2007  FL, USA (Sickle Cell) Peace and Blessings My 12yr. old daughter suffer from sickle cell anemia your product has been highly recommended by a very close family friend who suffered for years with a very low hemogloban count after using "Carao"she  has become a walking miracle.I urgently need your product.Can I send funds via Western Union and also can you ship DHL or FED-EX? it is really that urgent,we are trying to avoid a much dreaded blood transfusion."PLEASE HELP" Ohmahn 10/2007 Israel I have just been taking it for a little over a week, and do believe it is beginning to have its effect. My stamina is stronger, and am able to get more things accomplished in a day. I still have to be careful about not over doing it. When I am feeling good, it is easy to get carried away with the schedule, but I do see definite improvement.   [several weeks later] "Bravo! All four bottles of the Carao arrived today.  I admit I waited far too long before re-ordering. When I did send the order in on September 28, it was with some trepidation simply because of the difficulty of the first order finding Denver, Colorado. But now in slightly a little over two weeks, the entire order arrived.Thank you. From the time I was without it, I could definitely tell the difference in energy level. Next time I definitely won't wait so long."  Thank you for your quick response.  Holly Denver, CO Oct. 2006  Dear Lloyd, I just want to thank you for the great Customer care you have  given me and I just want you to know that your Dad I guess actually called my home to tell me that he was shipping some Caroa to my home so that I can continue giving it to my daughter.  Thank You soooo much. Gina I can't even begin to tell what wonders this product has done for my grandmother.  She has had her share of health problems and was put on different medications causiing one problem after another.  Finally after being hospitalized for anemia and the doctors having no answers, I found your product and she is doing so well.  Her blood levels are right where they should be and she is feeling really good so Thank-You so much from the whole family. Angela, MI 10/2006  Dear Lloyd,  I hope all is well at your end. I have seen some good results so far -have to say that I was (still am) doing a blood cleanse at the time of taking the Carao -blood works showed that after a month my ferritin had risen from 2 to 7 (I have not been above 5 for the last 5 years!!)  So, I would like to try 2 more bottles -I must be more consistant in using the Carao -what with so many other herbs that I am taking because I am into phase 2 of a parasite cleanse (!) timing is everything!  Once again, thank you for your assistance -I look forward to receiving my bottles and keeping you informed of my progress.  Kind regards Francesca 10/2006  Thank you very much for going to all this trouble for us - it is very much appreciated.  Will let you know how Ron goes with the Carao in getting his blood count up.Thanks for the fantastic customer service and communications - 2nd to none!! Jennifer Australia 11/2006 Hi I am inquiring about Carao...  I am a 24 year old female with sickle cell anemia.  I would like to try carao in hopes of it increasing my blood levels because transfusions are very unsucessful with me.  Please get back to me with information as soon as possible.  Also i would like to know if it would chemically react with hydrowyurea.  Which i am also taking to increase fetal hemoglobin.  - Tiff (Response from Dr. Attahiru Sokoto, concerning carao for sickle cell disease) Dear Tiff, Thank you for your e-mail of inquiry in regards to Carao and am pleased to inform you that,Carao is food supplement that has been on trial for almost 2 years now for Sickle cell disease/Anaemia and it has been found to be good in increasing the level of HB in patients that needs blood transfusion and also abort/subside crisis in sicklers.. I can assure you Carao supplement can increase the level of your Hb, where transfusion is need it will surely abort it for 2-3 weeks you will see changes. If you want to see the real effect of Carao you can take it without Hydro urea and if you like you can take it with it. We just begin receiving DATA'S for this 2006 trial results... below is one of the example!! A 5 year old child a known sickler,presented at our clinic with history of weakness, sleepy, can't eat, legs, hands and generalised body pain and on examination found out to be severely pale.  Were asked to do PCV which gives us (PCV-18%).  The patient need urgent blood transfusion and [instead] was placed on CARAO SYRUP for 2 weeks.  On the follow up the PCV was (PCV-25%) and no more crisis.   You are welcome with any inquiry about CARAO and God bless you!   Best regards,   Dr. Attahiru Sokoto 12/03/2006  attahirus at gmail dot com Specialist Hospital Sokoto, Department of Paediatrics Dear Lloyd, Just wanted to thank you for sending the first bottle of Cararo syrup from AZ. and the second bottle so promptly.  Also, you'll be glad to hear by the third day of my friend taking the syrup he called me and said the color in his face had returned and was really surprised he was noticeably feeling better.  He is very appreciative of the product!  I was jumping for joy I knew it would help!  Thanks again, Adonna  12/2006 West Lawn, PA (Childhood anemia) I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am thrilled with the carao syrup and its effect upon my 6-year old daughter!  She had been anemic, with hemoglobin of 10.2 despite my efforts to feed her a very healthy diet and provide vitamins with iron for years.  She went Tuesday to the pediatrician and I asked them  to do a check on her hemoglobin - they were blown away, as was I , to find out that it was at 12.4!  They asked me what I had done.  I told them about carao syrup, and said that I didn't want to tell the doctor about it until/unless I saw results.  She's on her third bottle, but this is the first time she's been checked since starting the syrup.  The nurses had me talk with the doctor, and he agreed "keep on doing what you're doing".  Thank you so much for telling 'the world' about this product.  I am thrilled to have discovered it.One question: from your experience/knowledge, would a child need to stay on the syrup 'indefinitely' if they have a history of anemia, or does their red blood count stay up once it's been achieved, and they can eventually stop taking the syrup?   Again, thanks so much, and please let me know what your findings about how long they should take the syrup indicate. Judy, MO 12/2006  [Lloyd replied] Hello Judy,   Thank you very much for your email.  I'm sorry to not have responded sooner to it.   Glad to hear the good results with your daughter!  You were very smart to not tell your doctor about the carao at the beginning, since almost every doctor will advise against anything they don't know about.  This is in fact understandable in today's "litigation society."   In people without a chronic disease or health problem that is causing the anemia, the anemia is usually corrected without need to continue using the carao.  This is especially true in the very young.  Therefore, you can stop giving it to her and she will probably maintain her normal hemoglobin.  However, since she had a long history of anemia, I think it would be a good idea to give it to her about once a week as a nutritional boost for a couple of months, since her diet might not be perfect.   Remember that carao is a natural food, not a medicine, and it can be taken at any time with no adverse effects. This is the second time I have ordered this product for my eldest daughter.  She says it really helped her the other time she used it.  Thank you from both of us. Margaret 12/2006 Arizona, USA