Reports from Users of Carao: 2003-2004

"The Tropical Wonder carao [now Tropical Health Foods carao] did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It has never been 13 

During labor I lost a lot of blood due to tearing and my hemoglobin after birth was down to 8.  The doctor checked my hemoglobin level 6 weeks later and it was up to 12!

Carao syrup has been the only thing that has worked for me to build my blood and for that I am grateful. Yours in good health,  A. Y." (USA 2003)

"Thank you very much for your great customer service. My grandmother is dying of cancer and as a result is anemic and has been greatly strengthened and helped by your product with her anemia. Thank you for your help again."  S.B.  (USA 2004)

"Went to hospital with severe anemia, felt lousy they gave Iron and Vtitamin C not much help. Your Carao was a God send. Feel marvelous now." - Tom  (Arizona 12/2004)

Update 5/2005:  "Greetings Lloyd, still the best product on the market bar none." Update 10/2006: Greetings have been taking this  Carao for several years good stuff. I just got my daughter started Kate Schumacher. My best to Lloyd    Tom

"Lloyd, here are the results in a nutshell from my mothers [Diane's] blood tests, pre and post carao.. 12/5/02 Hem-9.8,RBC 31 1/20/03 Hem-12.3,RBC 37"  Diane Chachere (USA 2003)

Lloyd, I am very happy with the result of my mother taking Carao.   Just a few months ago, my mother could just go to the grocery store and stand in line for a few minutes and feel that she was going to faint. She always had to decide whether to clean a room, or wash dishes, or wash cloths or do other things that needed to be done, but most things had to wait.  She  would get so week she could do only one thing and then have to rest for long periods of time before trying to do something again.

In just 5 days taking the Carao, she found herself finishing a task and not having to rest before completing it. Now after four bottles, my mother has gone to the grocery store, vacuumed her whole house and washed her dishes before taking a break. I told her not to over do it, but the most amazing thing is that her blood pressure seems to be lower than I have seen it in 5 years. (Complete letter HERE) Ken (Texas 12/2004) "After a few months of bronchial problems which left me with no energy, I came upon your website and read it AND promptly ordered some Carao.  I don't know if the problem had finally run its course or whether the Carao kicked in but all I know is I have improved out of sight and  feel quite very well once more (I am 63). This really lifted me out of a 'dull' time."  Margaret  (New Zealand  10/2004) "I feel the product has helped compensate the run-down feeling I was experiencing from hemorrhoidal blood-loss."   Moses  (California 11/2004) "Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have received my two bottles of carao, and that I have been using it. (It has a very unusual taste and smell). Last week I had a blood test done before chemo to increase my hemoglobin count which was then 2.235, rather than 10 or so, because of anemia. Today I had another test before chemo and my hemoglobin count was normal. I like to think that the carao has been a significant force in this improvement. I have been stirring a spoonful into my coffee twice a day, so I am trusting that the carao is doing the job. Many thanks, and let me know if it is still possible to get more.  Sincerely, Carolyn " (Pennsylvania 11/2004) "I take your product along with Floradix, a naturopathic supplement called Femigen and a homeopathic remedy called Ferrum Metalicum. My hemoglobin was 96 and now 97 and my ferritin (iron stores) was 2 and is now 5. It is slow going but I definitely have a lot more energy to do all the things I need to do. I am a workaholic and it is nice to be able to get back into it. I feel back on top again. On several occasions in the past my family doctor wanted me to have blood transfusions to combat the anemia. I am so glad to know about your product and to be able to use it with the other things that I take. [Later] Actually, my crohn's went into remission shortly after taking the carao. The last time it went into remissions was over 10 years ago and I have had crohn's/colitis for 25 years. Mind you with western drugs it sort of went into remission only to come back again and again. Two years ago I started taking natural and homeopathic medicine which marked the beginning of a better quality of life for me but still could not get the crohn's to go into remission. Also, at the same time taking the carao I have been seeing a chiropractor. From doing some research I learned how the spinal chord could also affect your over all health. I started juicing vegetables and fruit as well.   So, I am not sure if it is everything together or just one of these things that has helped me to feel completely healthy again.   I do feel better than I can last remember....thanks for asking....Thank you for your very kind, sincere and prompt professionalism."  Debbra (Nova Scotia 11/2004)      "I just finished my first bottle and it has changed my life!!! I could not tolerate iron pills at all and this is the first product that has helped me. "I starting using your product over a month ago and have had great results. The terrible fatigue that I had from anemia went away.  Thank you very very much. Sincerely, Louise" Later: "At the doctor today my hemoglobin count was 14!  Which I was told is very high for a woman.  I am telling everyone I can about how wonderful your product is."  Louise  ( Minnesota 11/2004) "...I've been taking it for just over a week now...It seems like I'm already feeling better (i have very bad anemia)...I can stay up at night a little better now...waking up with more energy too."  Donna  (California 10/2004) Hi Mr. Standish,     I have been anemic for several years and I have tried lots of different treatments and remedies.  After my first few doses of your product, I had an increase of energy. I am looking to my next order.  After being out of carao for a few weeks, I already feel weak and tired again.  I am looking forward to receiving my order and improving my energy levels again with carao.  Take care and the Best of Health to you always.  Betty Ball May 2004 "Hi Lloyd,     Nice to hear from you.  I notice that I am not short of breath now that I have been taking the carao, and I have more energy.  Thank you so much!   I have not had my blood re-tested, so I don't know what the hemoglobin levels are, but I do feel better! ...  I am glad that you have this product available.  I don't find that it is unpleasant in taste at all either.  It reminds me of molasses."  Darla (Hawaii 12/2004) "I'm trusting in your product due to your ad's. Went to visit the Dr. as I was extremely tired, my legs were so heavy, already told I had a "Leaky Heart Valve".  also that I was extremely anemic. I asked Dr. if I should take iron tablets I had purchased from the pharmacy. He merely said "you can take them". I was not confident that they would help or hinder progress. I looked on the web and found your advertisement. I have felt much better and have not been back to the Dr.  Would like to know if there is a time to quit or slow down the dosage?"  Lucy  (New Jersey, 11/2004) "Hi Lloyd, How are you today?   Dropping you a few line as promised, Yes with great news as I have hope to expect, I guess the carao worked well, been to my doc the result was great my platelets level have been increased by 10,000, it was 86,000 now it's 96,000.   I was unable to take the dosage as directed on the label, i took less, almost every other day and still I was able to get great result in just a few day before my doc visit, thank you so much, my next doc. appointment will be in October and I'm looking forward for a even greater result because, this time I would have taken it for a much longer period. I will be in touch with my next result, I'm so happy that i discover your web site because your product really is helping me, God Bless!"  Alicia (U.S. 8/2004) I do believe, that after just 4 days on the anemia potion I am feeling better?!?   Doug (USA 7/2004) "Good morning LLoyd It is been almost 3 weeks that my husband started  taking CAP carao, and I believe that although he still may need another transfusion in  few weeks he does not feel as weak as he used to feel before. My husband and myself have faith that this is going to help him and who knows with God's help he may not even need a bone marrow transplant. I also have to mention that  I gave one of the bottles to my mother who suffers of breast cancer and is getting quimo- last two sessions of quimo were suspended because her hemoglobin was very low. but she started taking CAP carao and last blood test result showed that her hemo was 75% better, and she started receiving the quimo again. I have no words to thank you and I want to order another bottle of the same size. please let me know the price and I will sent you the check.  thank you again and have a nice day."  Irene (New York 5/2004) "I will note that my energy has increased...exponentially...I will take your advice and I do my blood work about every three I will keep you posted."  Tim  (California 10/2004) "Thank you for your promt response to my order.  My friend, Joanna P., is having excellent results for her anemia, lack of energy, etc. Most definitely the carao helps me very significantly.  I go for a walk a pace that reminds me of when I was half my 51 years.  Its is some very great natural food supplement."  Dale (California Redlands, CA 10/2004) "Hi Lloyd, My friend, a 40 year old Nigerian lady, had recently undergone surgery for breast cancer. She was having post operative chemotherapy but treatment was delayed as she was somewhat anemic. She then started taking a herbal formula called "Floradix" (they have several variants and I don't know which one). This had helped her blood count but it was still low at around 8. When she added the CAPcarao while continuing to take Floradix it became completely normal within a few days and she was able to have her final chemothrapy treatment (thanks in part to the speedy delivery of the product).  After a break of about 3 weeks, during which she returned to Africa for a visit, she has now embarked on a course of radiotherapy and is maintaining a good blood count taking the CAPcarao and Floradix. She is taking a number of anticarcinogenic natural supplements which I hope will mitigate the effects of the chemo and radiation. Overall she seems to be in good form. I shall let you know more as the treatment concludes."  PRP (London 2004)  "Dear lloyd,This eric with a nice update went to work for the first time in a long time feel very nice work through the day with good energy without feelin tired the sun was out too felt that smooth energy level again damn it was nice didnt jump out of balance it felt nice so far incorparated wheatgrass cubes with banna ,papaya,pineapple,mango with brewer yeast,maca root,grounded flax seeds and water in the blender and I went out to buy bee pollen subsided my diet at work today didnt really feel hungry at all,Ate at 400 this afternoon snack on manna bread drank water just feel to damn good to be true!I truly believe that capcarao is doing this before I did the same thing but never felt this way/good as I am now!Thanks Again you just dont know how good it feels!"  Eric (USA 2004) "I've only been taking it for about a week and it's been most interesting.  ...I just started a new physically difficult job at the same time and my energy is staying amazingly good although my feet hurt like hell-- sorry my typing is so bad will keep you posted if anything interesting happens  bye  a.g." (USA 2004) The carao is for my wife.  Elaine has suffered with anemia issues for most of her life and now (at 64) is borderline with a thyroid condition.  She is 2 thirds through the 2nd bottle of CAPcarao and last week received good results from a recent blood test.  Her endocrinologist was impressed with her improvement since the last visit (before she started the CAPcarao).  Elaine has also  recently been taking largish doses of vitamin C (a 1,500 mg tablet morning and night) so that may also have a bearing, though going by the text above vitamin C should be taken with vegetables to improve iron uptake (Elaine takes it on a empty stomach ) so it's hard to say what does and does not work.  But she feels that the CAPcarao has helped, she has more colour in her hands, before her palm-lines were white whereas now they're pink (and we're in the middle of winter when white palms are not unusual). I hope the above has helped.  Cheers, Peter Australia 9/2004 I purchased one bottle for my 87 year old father that has anemia and just with one day of use he feels much better. Thank you very much. Muchas gracias por hacernos disponible esta gran fruta. Maria Ft. Lauderdale, FL 9/2004 My mother is 72 and was very anemic, no energy, pail, blood pressure was in the danger area. After one Large Bottle her energy is back and her heath seems a lot better. I have to Order more than I wanted because my friends has seen the result of my mother and they want to take her supply. Sue, Channelview, TX 9/2004 (Upon placing a 20-bottle order) "Dear Lloyd, My physician, Dr. K. H., Informed me earlier today that, on the basis of the blood test taken earlier this week, the iron level has improved. He now recommends that I take an additional bottle. Please ship this order at your earliest convenience and advise the cost so that I can pay you. Incidentally, Dr. H. is favorably impressed with CAPcarao and mentioned that he will most likely recommend it for any future patient suffering from anemia. We are most grateful. Charles and Lillian." (USA 2004) "I've been anemic (severely) requiring blood transfusions... I have received my Carao a month ago and never felt better." Garry Barron (USA 2003) I'm feeling much stronger and having much easier bowel movements as I'm constipated a lot.  Thank you.  Eve (Texas 12/2004) "Hi Miles,  Well I took my wife back to the DR yesterday. Her red blood count was up about 3 points. But what was really up was her hemoglobin it was up from 6 to 9.9. It has to be the capcarao we know it wasn't the iron pills she's taking. She has been taking 4 to 6 tsp. a day so its helping a bunch. We go back in 2 weeks for another blood ck. Thought I'd let you know she said to tell you that she knows that its the capcarao. I have been mixing it in choc milk and it is working for sure. You can give my e-mail if they don't believe you, cause this works and I CAN PROVE IT. Thanks a lot. Ken R Ardrey  KR446@AOL.COM (USA 2003) Nick is still looking great and he's driving again! something he hadn't been able to do for a month after leaving the hospital. He was too weak and now he just keeps getting stronger. Between your product and God the only thing left is that yucky kidney cancer. It's ok to use my name in full.   Betsy Guillaume (USA 2003) Hemogloben up 1and 1/2 points,  and iron stores are now fine.   Doctor say that I would know longer need the supplement.           But, I will only stop, when I run out of money. I feel too good. thank you......I highly recommend it to anyone with a low blood count. George 12/2004 I'm trusting in your product due to your ad's. Went to visit the Dr. as I was extremely tired, my legs were so heavy, already told I had a "Leaky Heart Valve". also that I was extremely anemic. I asked Dr. if I should take iron tablets I had purchased from the pharmacy. He merely said"you can take them". I was not confident that they would help or hinder progress. I looked on the web and found your advertisement. I have felt much better and have not been back to the Dr.  Would like to know if there is a time to quit or slow down the dosage?  lslade 12/2004 Hi lloyd,.. thanks for the follow up. She is feeling better. She doesn't like the smell or the taste so I have to reminder her to take it,.. she is like a 5 year old. Her hemoglobin count is back up to 11 though. So thanks again.  Albert 12/2004