Disease of Waldenström

I am the Belgian customer, who uses Carao hoping to improve his blood problem. My problem is that I have too much antibodies in my blood, more specifically antibodies of the type Img, which can lead to the (mortal) "disease of Waldenström".

I promised to keep you informed about my evolution, and here I am. After using 6 months Carao (2 times 2 teaspoons daily) I had my blood checked . It turned out that the amount of Img was 15% lower, which is of course a rather positive result. On the other hand the amount should still lower more.

So I continue using Carao, since modern medical science can't offer anything to improve my situation except the advise to "live as healthy as possible".

The reason I send you this information is that I suppose it can be useful to you, when somebody else might ask you if Carao could help him curing a similar problem.

Kind regards, Michael, Belgium April 25, 2011