Carao for Hemolytic Anemia in Adult

My husband Andrés is 30 years old.  He began to feel extremely weak, with very low blood levels (9.9 hemoglobin and 89,000 in platelets).  The diagnosis was hemolytic anemia, and this worried me a great deal.  So I began to search on the Internet for remedies for anemia.  I was surprised by what I found out about carao.  This is how I made contact with Lloyd.

It was very strange.  Andrés was bedridden because of his weakness, and when I gave him the carao, the next day he started to be active and wanted to go out.  He said it was as though he had been injected with adrenalin or some incredible energy.

I began to give him the carao daily and after one month of taking it, his blood values had risen to hemoglobin 10.2 and platelets 120,000.

2 months later we went back for another test and the doctor was amazed at Andrés' improved blood condition (10.5 hemoglobin and 190,000 platelets).

By our next visit to the doctor, Andrés' hemoglobin and platelet level were above average, and the doctor considered him cured.

I am very grateful to the Lord and for this natural, nutritional remedy.  With it, one doesn't need the drugs that the doctors give, which make you sicker than you would otherwise be.


Evelyn Roldán Ulloa
Asesoría Legal IICA
Tel: 2160302 (country code 506)
cel 883-5351
email: evelyn.roldan at (Spam prevention: replace "at" with "@")


Update 8/16/2006: I called Evelyn at work and she told me Andrés is fine.  Every couple of months he gets 2 teaspoons carao for a month (half the normal dose).  At this rate, one bottle lasts 4 months.

Evelyn gave me permission to publish her full name, telephone numbers, and email address (above).  She will be glad to answer questions about her husband's use of carao (Spanish only).