Carao for anemia caused by MDS

On January 18th, 2010, I had my 4-month appointment with my internist/primary care provider, Dr. P. in Bradenton, FL. I always have blood drawn at a local laboratory 3 days prior to my visit. To my great joy and my doctor's joy and incredulity, my blood panel came back with everything in the normal range. I take no prescriptions and am a woman in my late 60's.

The doctors at Manatee Memorial Hospital in August of 2008 (where I was in the critical care unit for 7 days) were positive that I have MDS, which is a blood leukemia identified as myleodysplasic syndrome. The disease causes shortness of breath, low red blood cells, low bone marrow production, poor blood clotting, weakness, bone aches and leaves one vulnerable (because the immune system is compromised) to many other diseases that are encountered.

It is estimated that without one of the "black box" medicines PROCRIT or ARANESP or regular blood transfusions, that the life span of someone with MDS is approximately 3 to 4 years with a declining quality of life from the beginning of the disease. In the hospital I received 3 blood transfusions and my red blood cell count after the transfusions was a very low 9 number.

In the 16 months that I have faithfully been taking my carao every day (and visiting my primary care physician every 3 to 5 months), my red blood cells have risen to 11.2, my platelets are high normal and I am feeling vibrant and healthy with plenty of energy to spare. My blood panel with the 10 or so items numerically outlined is sumarized at the bottom with one word NORMAL.

There is absolutely no doubt what has happened here. Let me say here once again, as I said in the first paragraph, I take no prescriptions or other kinds of medicine. There is only one reason why I am thriving and in extremely good health --both physically and because of the good results mentally-- and that is the carao fruit produced by Lloyd Standish and associates.

I have friends who have illnesses that have been on pharmaceutical medicines for varying amounts of time and these synthetic pills and liquid medications are killing them. FOLKS DON'T GIVE UP! Try the natural way before you ingest the synthetic stuff. Your body, if you have the luxury of giving it some time, will work very hard to fix itself with 'natural' help from you. My next doctor's appointment is May of 2010. I look forward to announcing my continuing state of good health at that time. Sincerely, Mary Sutton  (Editor's note: Mary gave permission to provide her full name.)


I feel vital and my brain is working well. I am a full-time realtor with Coldwell Banker. I am closer to 70 than to 60 and my doctor who now sees me every 4 months is pleased by my health and vitality. I personally don't have any problem with the strong chocolate/fruity smell of the product and I ingest 2 tablespoons per day. I have had no side effects. The prognosis for MDS even using the black box medicines PROCRIT or ARANESP or getting blood transfusions is fairly dismal (2-4 years) with trouble breathing (due to lack of oxygen in the blood) and death usually occurs from other sources because MDS weakens the immune system. I take no prescriptions and am trying to reduce my high cholesterol through diet and natural plant sterolins. My belief is that for every prescription the medical profession gives you there is a negative effect which they must then find another pill or potion to alleviate.


Went to Doctor's appointment on May 4th with my primary care provider Dr. P. in Bradenton, Florida. Have now been taking Carao Fruit more than 18 months. Blood panel is now "normal" with an increase in the red blood cells to 11.5 and the blood platelets to 165. My doctor said of the myleodysplasic syndrome (blood anemia/ leukemia) you have kicked this good. What can I say?

Thanks to you and your workers and the lovely County of Costa Rica for providing nature's elixir in a digestible form. Mary Sutton

editor's note: Mary will answer questions about her experience with carao. To contact Mary, contact me.