Carao User Report: Oscar Cordero Gómez

User Report
(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Oscar Cordero Gómez age 20 (year 2003)
Tacaní de Nandayure
Guanacaste COSTA RICA
tel. 352-5362 (Spanish)
tel. 842-9759 (brother Ever, English)
Interview July 13 with Oscar and Noeme, Oscar's mother

Lloyd:  Could you tell me what Oscar's physical condition was before taking carao?

Noeme: He had physical exhaustion.  He did not feel like working or doing anything.   He did not have appetite.

Lloyd: How long ago was this?

Oscar: That was a year ago.  For a whole year after the anemia treatment I felt bad.

Lloyd:  What did they give you?

Oscar: Iron and folic acid.

Lloyd: After you started taking the Tropical Wonder Carao, how long did it take for you to feel better?

Oscar:  After 15 days I started to feel better.  I was completely well after 4 weeks of taking it.

Lloyd:  What good color you have now!

Noeme:  Do you see what color he has now?!  He had a sort of yellow color before.

He got a lot of energy.  And it also has helped him sleep.  He used to have a lot of trouble sleeping.

And my son Hector, who works as a policeman and has to stay up all night a lot, when he comes home he often can't sleep well.  So one day I gave him carao in milk at bedtime, and he slept so well that it was hard to wake him up the next morning!  He says he rested so well!

And Oscar is so much better now.  Before he didn't want to go work on the farm.  Now he likes to go work!

Lloyd:  How much carao did you take, Oscar?

Oscar:  I took 2 spoonfuls per day [4 teaspoons] for a month.

Lloyd:  Alone or in milk?

Oscar:  The pure extract alone.  It gives a greater feeling of energy alone.  It gives amazing energy.

Lloyd: That was 5 months ago.  And you're still taking it now?

Oscar: Yes, I still take 1 or 2 teaspoons per day.  My whole family is taking it.

Lloyd: Would it be OK if someone called you to ask you any more questions?

Oscar:  Sure.  And they can call my brother Ever, who can speak English.  [telephone numbers above.]