Carao User Report: Miguel Rodríguez

Carao User Report
(Note that carao extract has long been recognized as a remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Miguel Rodríguez, farmer
Carmona de Nandayure
Guanacaste   COSTA RICA
tel (506) 657-7114 (Spanish)
Interview June 30, 2003

Lloyd: Please tell me about your experience with carao.

Miguel:  After I got out of the hospital I had a BAD case of anemia. [Note by Lloyd: Mr. Rodríguez was hospitalized for amputation of a toe.]  I was here in the house for some 15-21 days, during which time I didn't even want to talk, nor have anyone talk to me, much less walk.  I didn't want to do ANYTHING!

Then, I talked to you, and you told me about a carao extract which was good for anemia.  You said, "If you want, we can give you some so you can try it."  I said "That's fine."  As I said I didn't feel like doing anything.  I didn't have any appetite either.

You brought me the Tropical Wonder Carao, and I took a spoonful in the morning, and another in the afternoon, when it was getting dark.

I had to plant a cornfield that I thought I was not going to be able to plant.  I didn't feel like doing anything.  I took 2 spoonfuls each day, one in the morning and one in the evening, and after 3 days I took the hoe and went to work!  I felt like a different person, a completely different person, after only 3 days of taking it.

I kept taking a spoonful in the morning and another in the evening for 3 weeks, and I didn't feel like sitting down.  I cleaned the weeds out of the corn, and then I planted another patch.  I felt very motivated.  I felt like a different  person!

I recommend this Tropical Wonder Carao to everyone, even though they don't have anemia, to totally strengthen the organism.  That's what I recommend, that everyone take it, even though they don't have anemia.  For me, God is first, and after God is carao extract, because it is what caused me to come back to life.

Lloyd:  I'm very glad to see you in such good health.

Miguel: I tell you, what a distinct feeling when I started taking the carao.

Lloyd: A big change...

Miguel: I tell you, a change... after 3 days I started to feel the change.

Lloyd: Did you take any medication before you took the Tropical Wonder Carao?

Miguel:  Yes, they gave me iron pills.

Lloyd: How long were you taking iron?

Miguel: Eight days, I took it for eight days.  And I felt absolutely no change, no change at all.  I felt the same as when I started taking it.

Lloyd:  So you took the iron for a week, and when you started taking the carao extract, you didn't take any more iron?

Miguel:  Oh no, I didn't take any more of that iron.  What for?  As I said, I took it for 8 or 10 days, and didn't feel any change.  But after 3 days on the carao extract, I felt a great change.  I have been recommending it to everyone.

Lloyd:  There's something else I want to mention.  Here in Costa Rica, we have traditional knowledge regarding carao for anemia, and I think that had to do with your decision to use it.

Miguel: Yes.

Lloyd:  Had you used carao extract before?

Miguel: Yes, I took it a long time ago, but it wasn't for anemia, it was for strength.  But a little cousin of mine had anemia, and they gave him carao extract, and he was cured.  And a woman I know went to the clinic, and they told her she had anemia.  She had heard that carao extract was very good for anemia... because carao extract is not new to us!  We have always known that carao extract is a food of great value.  It is very old, traditional.  So this woman was told she had anemia, but she had heard that many people have been cured of anemia with carao.  So she got some carao extract and started to take it, without telling her doctor she was taking it.

So after she took it and felt better, she went back to the doctor, and he asked her, "What did you take?"  And she answered, "Carao extract."  And the doctor said, "You're a better doctor than I am!  You're perfectly fine!"

Lloyd:  Apparently the doctor had also heard about carao extract before.  If not, he wouldn't have said that.

Miguel: Right!  He said "You're a better doctor than I am!  Because you took the proper thing."

There's something else, Lloyd:  The majority of the doctors here know about carao extract, that it's good.  But they don't apply it!  That's the problem!

Lloyd:  They don't apply it perhaps because orthodox medicine here still doesn't accept it.

Miguel:  Precisely. That's the reason.  I'm not going to believe that a doctor here hasn't heard of carao extract for anemia.  This wasn't discovered 2 weeks ago.  This is OLD, extremely old.  It was long ago that it was discovered that carao is good to strengthen.

Lloyd:  Perhaps it was discovered by the indigenous people.

Miguel:  I think so.  I tell you, here in Costa Rica we've known about it for a very long time.  Carao is a great strengthening food.  Look, here when men are working in the field, and there's a carao tree nearby with good pods, we go and get some and eat the syrup.  Yes, we've done that, and sometimes we didn't have lunch with us, but with the carao we felt like we'd had lunch... it is a powerful food.

There's something else:  there are many carao extracts.  But there is none like Tropical Wonder Carao.  Before you brought me the carao, my son brought me 2 other bottles of other kinds.  One was watery, the other full of sugar syrup with very little carao.  Yours is the best I have ever seen.