Carao User Report: Marielos Quirós N.

Carao User Report

(left) Olman Alfaro Quirós, age 20 months

Carmona de Nandayure

Interview Aug. 7, 2003

Lloyd: You told me you used carao extract for anemia in yourself and in 2 of your children, at different times.  Would you give me some details?

Marielos: Well, my oldest son had a very serious case of anemia, hemoglobin 8. I started to give him carao extract, and soon afterwards he was over the anemia, with hemoglobin at 13.

Lloyd:  Do you remember how long it took for him to recover?

Marielos: I would say it was about a month.

below: Marielos Quirós Nuñez, adult with Jesús Francisco Alfaro Quirós, age 8