Carao User Report: Flory Rojas

(Note that carao has long been recognized as a natural remedy for anemia in Costa Rican folk medicine.)

Flory Rojas Guerrero
Concepción de Tres Ríos
Cartago, Costa Rica
Interview July 13, 2003

Flory:  When I was pregnant, I had a blood exam as part of my monthly prenatal control.  I was diagnosed with anemia.

Lloyd: That's common in pregnancy, isn't it?

Flory:  Yes, It's very common.  

It occurred to me to ask my sister Virginia to buy a bottle of carao extract for me, since I have always known that carao is good for anemia.

Virginia brought me the carao extract, and I started to take one spoonful in the morning and another in the evening.

The next month when I had the blood exam again, I no longer had anemia.

Lloyd: You were in the normal range for hemoglobin...

Flory:  Right.  The hemoglobin was up in the normal range.

Lloyd:  Had the doctor prescribed iron for you?

Flory:  Yes, But since I can't take iron - I don't assimilate iron pills - I didn't take any iron.  My organism assimilates iron in foods better than iron in medicines.

Throughout the rest of my pregnancy I continued to get monthly blood exams, and I didn't have any more anemia.

Lloyd: Did you keep on taking carao extract?

Flory: Yes, I took it throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Lloyd:  Thanks very much...