Selected User Reports

"I also would like you to know for the first time in three years my HGB is normal. now 13,was 7 for three years .thanks Marilyn"
"I have suffered with extreme blood loss for 8 years and was hospitalized in 1997. I refused a blood transfusion which the doctors insisted I needed. While in the hospital I was injected with epogin once a week for two weeks to add oxygen to what little blood I had to help increase the production of red blood cells. Over the next 7 years I would be plagued with extreme fatigue, severe anemia which kept me extremely cold, and malaise. Also I was prescribed iron which of course left me constipated. Nothing worked until your product a few months ago. After two weeks I noticed the color coming back to the palms of my hands and lips, it helps aid me in elimination and I go without a sweater which I was never able to do... - Frazette" . (read full testimonial)

"The carao did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It has never been 13
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Jack had very low weight and anemia.  On carao his weight increased 20% and his blood tests show all factors in normal range.  "He is a much more happy little guy." Camie, Keith, and Jack. Testimonial and Photo
"Lifelong anemia cured, Procrit no longer necessary, doctor says "she is perfectly normal."  See handwritten letter, 4/04/2010
Sickle Cell Anemia  There have been amazing results with carao for Sickle Cell Anemia reported by Dr. Sokoto, a pediatrician at a hospital in Nigeria.  He calls carao a "new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease."  More information here.