Carao for Horses and Racehorses

Hi Lloyd, we are still waiting to try this on the horse. He seems to get a little worse every day. It's been about 2 weeks since I placed the order. Any idea about how long it will take to get here? [delivery was delayed abnormally]


[later] Hello Lloyd, the horse's name is Big-un (he's a big horse) she also calls him Pokey. She said to tell you that besides the improvement in his energy level He is much more alert, his muscle tone has improved almost 100% and his hair coat is shiney again. He doesn't seem to be depressed and has regained his curiosity. His Vet also noticed these changes in him when he did the last blood test and he let us look at his teeth and gums, which he is sensitive about. Once again they had good color, nice and pink. Thank you again Lloyd, Lynden Nov 2006 USA  (photo of 'Big-un' below)

    Carao for Race Horses   Lloyd, Great results with the race horses!  Their bloods are just where we want them to be.  I wondered if you know of any problems with positive blood tests, being that it is an all natural product I'm thinking that it would'nt test in post race drug testing. [editor's note: As a natural food it is not detected in any blood tests for drugs.] My family is enjoying their chocolate milk with carao every morning.   Best regards, Laure NC Oct 2007      Lloyd, I would like for you to send me the link for 30 bottles.  My results were very good.  We pulled blood before and after using the syrup.  After using it for two weeks the Red Blood Count went up 10% which is extremely beneficial in horse racing.  Thanks so much.  I will place order once I get the form. S.R, Ohio Nov. 2007      Hi Lloyd,   I just wanted to tell you I had exceptional results with my anemic racehorse. He has won his last three starts since qualifying back in July. He looks and acts like a horse half his age(he is 11) and has more energy than I have ever seen him have in the past. I have no doubt the carao helped him. I may want to try some a couple other horses I have with low enegy levels. How is the supply looking for this fall?...   Thanks, Erika Delaware Aug. 2008 Hi Mr. Standish,   Just want to let you know that my horse's bloodwork has greatly improved! I've just ordered 10 more bottles for maintenance doses and will continue to spread the word about your wonderful product.   Happy Holidays! Isa 21 Philippines Dec 2008