Carao For Cats

(Aplastic Anemia) Dear Standish Family,

We can't thank you enough for your rapid assistance in helping to save my dearest, one only cat, Tighre.

Trying not to be premature, we noticed an immediate improvement in him after only one dose, of at least 1/2 teaspoon full, administered by oral injection with an animal syringe.

We had also diluted with warm water and continued his diet of high protein, can food from the vet.

Within a 24 hour period, we noticed a considerable amount of energy in him, some spring to his step (again) and some bounce to his gait.

By the next 24 hours he was jumping up onto our window sills (again) which he hasn't been able to do for the last 6 months.

I hope this check covers some of my appreciation for all you have done. As promised, I am keeping a diary of his every day activities, eating and litter box habits. and can tell you so far -- that all is normal. I will forward you activity reports as I formalize them.

Thank you again and, God Be with all of you.

Tom, Sept. 9, 2008, via a handwritten letter mailed to our Arizona office

more detail, including dosage used, in a followup email Sept. 11:

Miles & Lloyd, I am so happy to hear from you and pass on some more encouraging updates.  You are more than welcome to use my brief experiences in full, to your readers.  They are welcome to email me, write me, call me or whatever works for them.  I have been monitoring Tig's every activity and every day Dori and I see such improvement in all his functions.  He is eating very well and drinking tons which I am watching closely.  His bowel movements are great but his urinating has tripled to quadrupled.  He appears very healthy and has so much more activity and pep.  He is back to jumping up on the windowsills again and just last night, he wanted to investigate some boxes I threw down the large, carpeted, open, 13 steps to the basement landing and he breezed down and back like it was no big deal.  We are so tickled.  He is also talking to us more than ever and guides us to whatever he wants.  i.e. food, water, a dead bug or fly he may have snatched.  We are just all smiles.  Remember, this was when my 1 week with the Vet and $400.00 they suggested he wouldn't live 2 more months.

Gentlemen, not really having a dosage or recipe for the Carao, I first [oral] injected Tig with a heavy dose of 2 teaspoons to flood his system and activate quicker.  I used the liquid injector we got from the Vet.  Plastic and costs under $3.00.  The syringe is a measure of 100 mg per mL when completely full (which I injected) and is equilivant to 2 teaspoons as you suggeted I try.  After 1 week, Dori and I, once again, placed Tig in my lap while she talked to him and soothed him and, I again injected in 2 squirts, a second dose of Carao and he layed on his back licking and almost smiling.  He seemed to really enjoy again and didn't even try to jump off my lap as he always has.

Well, needless to say, we were very pleased.  I am on full disability due to a digestive tract disease and take a lot of prescribed medicines as well as a variety of prescribed pain medicine.  2 weeks ago, I could not even walk from room to room.  My whole lower unit was in acute pain which happens from time to time.  I secretly decided to try the Carao since we were so impressed with the life it put back into my cat and I took slightly more that I give Tig and mix it in a small water glass with half to three quarters of cold milk and drink it down all at once.  The very next day, Dori said what is wrong with you?  Your all over the house and yard all day and night.  Did you double up on your pain meds?  I said no! smiling and in seconds, she guessed and was shocked and awed!!!  My daughters invited me to lunch yesterday, and shopping (out for 5 hours) and when they heard what I have done they were so excited and wanted to know all about you and the product.  I was so proud to brag up the Standish family and business.  Don't be surprised if you see me ordering Carao for Tig and I and Dori feels if this continues as it has that we are going back to the Health Store and talk to the same Pharmasists as earlier as he really wanted to know the outcome and perhaps purchase, promote and sell in his store.  I will give him all the necessary links to cyber space and have already made copies of alot of your literature so I can share with so many people that keep asking me more about Carao.  Please share my testimonials freely.

I will stay in touch.  Regards,  Tom email: twojo47 at

More followup:  04 Dec 2008 Aug 1,08, the Vet diagonised Tighre with the disease, gave him 2months to live and, wished us luck.  2 months later, when Tig had dropped weight from his usual 7.2 lbs to 6.4 lbs, we had Tig re-checked and weighed.  The prognosis was still:  Fatal!!! ...

Now, 4 months later, instead of dead, we just weighed him (2 ways) once on the scale alone than once holding him and subtracting my weight and they both matched.  Tig now weighs an astonishing 8.6 POUNDS and I can wait to take him back to the Vet and tell him about your Miracle CARAO.

Tig has been acting and eating normally and even better than he ever did since I've had him on CARAO.

I hope you put this on your blog or whatever and hope and pray many get to read this.  At your discretion, anyone may call or email me, or visit me and Tig and I can provide more complete and detailed records.  Thank you, the Standish family, researchers, scientists and animal lovers for the decades of research you have provided to save my Son, Tighre.  You have no idea how much you CARAO means to Tig, myself and all my family that knows how important Tig is to us.  God Bless you is the most thanks I can think of.  I look forward to any inquiries and will let you know if you won't already.                                                               Tom & Tighre