Carao for Dogs

This page contains reports on carao fruit for dogs (canines).

Hi Lloyd. I asked you about a month ago about the use for dogs. It's been 36  days and you can see a noticeable difference. He was very anemic due to lymphatic tumorous cancer. He doesn't look so bony any more and his coat is gorgeous. I found that  he seems to like the taste but I need to hide the smell (which I can understand-it's  pretty strong). Chicken seems to work fine. I'm curious to see what the next month  brings. According to the vet he should have died about a month ago but is still strong  and vbraant. Thanks Lloyd. I'll let you know more results about using it for dogs.   Jeff  CA 7/2005


Hi Lloyd. It's Jeff from CA. with the dog. The cancer finally took over and I had to  have him put down yesterday 10/02/05. The vet was surprised that he made it this long  without any conventional cancer treatments and said that he probably wouldn't have done  even as well if I had gone with a chemotherapy treatment. He was amazed that he was not  at all anemic looking anymore and asked if I would allow him to do blood work. The blood  work came back looking incredibly well he said. He was no longer anemic-just the cancer  spread so rapidly there was no hope. I know the carao helped. I could see him feel better right after  giving it to him. I did e-mail Dawn about her cat. I hope she tries it. I just got  around to reading your e-mail about the "Healing Anemia Naturally" forum. What a great  idea! I'm looking forward to seeing it. You can definitely tell anyone else that asks  about carao's use in dogs that it works great. Also, feel free to post this or any other e-mails I sent you on the forum.

Dear Lloyd, I'm following up with you on using the CARAO for my dog Dakota's anemic condition. The order arrived on Sat., Feb. 4th. I gave Dakota the recommended dosage and noticed a slight improvement within an hour or two afterward Now in the 11th day of giving him the CARAO, his recovery has been rather remarkable. My "naysaying" wife and daughter, who had written him off, recently admitted that Dakota is definitely getting better. In addition to the CARAO, I have been giving Dakota some kidney/bladder and detox herbal formulae from Dr. Richard Schulze's American Botanical Pharmacy in California. All seems to be working well and we're much relieved. ONE MORE THING...How long should I give Dakota the CARAO? Thanks much for your generosity and kindness for the CARAO. I'm adding it to my list of things that REALLY WORK! Alan, Penn.  2/2006

Hi Lloyd, Rosie is doing well and we just celebrated her One Year Past Dx...she was given 3-5 days to live!  Jennifer 8/2006 Hello Lloyd  Today I received the large bottle of Carao that you sent. When will the two small bottles of Carao be sent?  Just a little update on my dog. When I first contacted you, my dogs marrow was not producing Red blood cells and now they are. Her Red Blood count three weeks ago was down to 9 and she was given a transfusion and now the count is up 31 and she is doing much better. Still not normal but it is getting there.  Between the Cacao and her medication she is much better.  Not 100% bur better. She has to go for another blood test this Friday and will know more than. Looks real good. Thanks again Allen CA  2/2006 Greetings from Australia, Hi Lloyd, I did promised you I will email you for Kara's blood test results. We took her to our vet this morning and he perform the in -house blood test for her pcv and we are very happy that the count has gone up from 27 to 29 . She is also doing well at the moment with her anaemia problem. She seems to be brighten up a little bit and what I did I gave her 1 tsp. of carao mixed with her food in the morning and 2 tsp. of carao mixed with her food in the afternoon. We still continue to give her the vet prescribed tablets of cortisone and imuran. Anyway, it seems that everything is working well with Kara even if it is a very slow process and we hope that she stays that way. She is due for another blood test in a couple of weeks and I will let you posted of the results. Once again I thank you for your kind help. Best regards, Lourdes Australia 10/2007 update Nov. 1 Thanks for your email. I'm sorry I was so busy lately I didn't got the chance to check my email at all. Kara's blood test gone up from 29 to 31 now.... Anyway, she is quite ok in herself at the moment maybe because her blood count has gone up to 31 now and we are due to have another blood test on sat. I am hoping that it will go up to 35 which is the normal count so that her cortisone dosage will be reduced.  Hello Lloyd, Had an appointment yesterday for Olive.  Her red blood cell count went from 12 to 22 !!!!!!!!!!!!  She had been on the Carao Syrup for one week.  I just wanted to let you know the good news, and to thank you so very much! Peace Love and Light faith Colorado, USA 1/2008 followup 4/3/08 Hey Lloyd, Hope all is well with you.  I have been very busy, as well.  Lot's of Spring Cleaning and preparing for a visit from my land lady.  Olive's vet apointment went supremely well.  She had gained 6 pounds and is now at her ideal weight!  Her blood tests revealed that Her red blood cell count had increased by another three points!  She has now doubled Her red blood cell count since she began your Carao Syrup, the middle of January!  I am thrilled!  It is clear by Her behavior, Her appetite and weight gain that she has weathered the storm and returned stronger than before!  It was clear to me  at the time when I went on a search for something other than prednisone and transfusions, that that route would have finished Her off.  Yet until I found your product, that was the only option being offered! Olive is alive and well and and we are more devoted to each other the ever, because of  YOU AND YOUR LIFE SAVING PRODUCT!  WE COULDN'T BE MORE GRATEFUL!  I forgot to pick up the blood test results for you, I apologize, I was so overwhelmed with joy when I saw the 6 pound gain and the increase in red blood cells I was stunned.  I will get the paperwork for you this coming week, I promise.   BE WELL   BE PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT faith Hemolytic anemia in beagle Mr. Standish: Just wanted to update you on Matty's progress. We are about 1/2 way through the 1st bottle of carao.  I just ordered 5 more bottles a while ago. If you remember, when I took Matty to the ISU Vet Med Ctr.,  her red blood cell level was at 9 (50 is normal).  She was given 1 unit of blood, and spent 4 days and 4 nights in the vet ctr ER. Her blood level came up to around 22.  After being home for about a week, her blood level had dropped to 17.  About that time, the carao fruit arrived and I began giving her 1 tsp. 2 times a day in a bit of warm milk, as suggested.  She thinks it's a treat!!  The following week, her blood levels rose to 20 - 22.  The following week, blood levels went up to 26!!  We didn't make an appt. for blood work this week, but will go back in at the beginning of next week.  I'll try and give you an update after that appt. I honestly thought she had been given a death sentence with this disease, and would be gone in a very short amount of time.  As more time goes on, she continues to do well, and has begun chasing the rabbits out of her back yard again.  That in itself is a very good sign!   Although this disease will ultimately take her from me in the end, I am enjoying every single minute with her that I have.  I know modern medicine can do remarkable things when administered correctly, however, I believe there is so much more to be said for natural, organic, and holistic medicine as well. Barb, Indiana, 8/25/2009 Just received Isabella's blood test results.  The Carao worked!  Her Hermatocrit  levels were 29 and after two weeks of treatment her level is now at 36.8!  This is fantastic.  Thank you so much for all your help.  I am so excited about this.   She is still on medication, but if things continue to improve, the doctor will be reducing the doze.   Your product is fantastic.   With deep appreciation,  Beatriz June 2, 2010 Sept. 22, 2010 Hello Lloyd, I am contacting you to ask again for your help. about 3 years ago our dog Honey was very anemic, and we ended up getting the carao for her and she did get better. Sorry I didn't keep in contact with you at that time, I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant with our 2nd baby and everything was sort of happening at once... Fast forward, after taking the carao, Honey was got better and has been fine for 3 years, until this past weekend.   We took her to the doctor monday and same old steroids and antibiotics have been diagnosed.... She is not getting better. We are hoping you could Fedex us some carao ... I think it is very urgent.... She is fading fast again. So if your dad could overnight to us, we are hoping that would work. Later (Oct. 3, 2010) Hi Lloyd, Just wanted to let you know that Honey (here in Lake Worth)  has gotten better and better. Her tongue went from white to bright pink/red and she is now moving around the house as usual, following me. She was just laying in one place, barely strong enough to go get water and wouldn't eat. Now she is eating really well too.   Thanks again for your help and the help of carao, Jane, Lake Worth, FL   We will send a pic soon. This is our 2nd order for the product for our dog, Bentley. So far so good! Josie, Texas, Feb. 11, 2011