Blood Health Support for Thalassemia Minor

(patient of thalassemia minor, Costa Rica, HGB maintained at 13.3) [following is an interview with Cinthya Aguero, thalassemia patient, with a university professor.  Translation from Spanish by Lloyd Standish] Q - What sort of thalassemia do you have? A - The thalassemia that I have is of second degree, which corresponds to thalassemia menor. Q - What are your thalassemia symptoms? A - The symptoms that I feel when I do not consume carao are pain in the bones, and a feeling like a shiver all through my body, like what is felt when one is afraid. Q - What can you say regarding your results for thalassemia with carao fruit? A - Honestly, I can say, Doctor, that carao is marvelous in my case.  It has been a complete success in eliminating my symptoms for 3 to 6 months.  [Lloyd's note: she means she can go without it for 3-6 months without recurrence of the symptoms.] Q - How long does it take to get results with carao fruit? A - The sensation of relief is very satisfactory since steady progress is seen from the time the carao therapy is begun. Q - How long does the beneficial effect of carao fruit last? A - The effects of the carao last according to the dose.  If the person takes 2 spoonfuls [Lloyd's note: I believe she refers to a "soupspoon"] everyday, then he can stop taking it for 2 months or more without the pain returning.  Besides that, the carao raises the body's defenses and increases the resistance to various diseases. I have copies of medical records for Cinthya.  This one shows that she is diagnosed as thalassemic.  This other one shows that her current hemoglobin level (after carao) is 13.3, considered normal for a woman.  Her doctor is amazed, and I am told that he is willing to make positive statements about the use of carao for anemia.  Cinthya can be contacted by  email at: cinthyaaguero at yahoo dot es.  (December 2007)