How a 4-year-old Girl Helped Bring Carao Fruit to the World

photo Keisy During 2002, the first year of carao production in Costa Rica, I had a very moving experience with a little girl named Keisy Meléndez.  I would like to share this beautiful story with you.

Keisy Meléndez was born with anemia, from an anemic mother.  By age 3 her anemia had stunted her growth and mental development so much that she looked - and behaved - like a 16-month-old.  Keisy slept almost constantly and could not walk.

The doctors prescribed iron, but according to her mother, it did not help Keisy.  All it did was ruin her appetite, erode her fingernails, and stain her teeth.  Her mother Digna finally stopped giving her iron, since she did better without it.

Since carao is famous as a natural food anemia cure in Costa Rica,  a friend of Keisy's family asked me for some for the little girl. I sent it with her on several occasions.  She told me it gave Keisy "great improvement."  Little did I suspect what an understatement that was!

Several months later I finally got to meet Keisy.  I was amazed!  Keisy had turned into a happy, intelligent little girl, bubbling with life and energy!  She has almost recovered all the lost growth. (Her photo speaks for itself.)

I had seen many inspiring cases of blood health benefits using carao, but this experience was one of the most dramatic and moving.  It felt wonderful to be a part of Keisy's recovery and to feel her parents' joy. 

I knew that there must be many others like Keisy who could recover blood health only through carao.  I determined to devote my full effort to making this amazing natural food available to the world through Internet.

Read interview with Keisy's mother

Today the company I founded, Tropical Health Foods LLC,  ships the pure Costa Rican carao fruit product  to customers all over the world.

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