Is Carao Fruit Right for Me?

Here are the most common reasons to choose carao fruit for blood-building:

  • preference for a low iron, natural remedy for anemia.
  • avoid the side effects of iron and/or drug treatment * (Carao has NO side effects.)
  • avoid or reduce blood transfusions
  • reduce or eliminate crises and transfusions in sickle cell patients

In addition, endurance athletes use carao fruit with excellent results.  It is also given to race horses, and well as anemic dogs and cats.

Based on the reports I have received over the years from users of carao fruit, it is effective for most cases of anemia, regardless of the cause.

To read reports on use of carao for different types (causes) of anemia, follow the links in the left panel, under the heading "Carao for Anemia, by Cause."