Photo Lloyd StandishMy name is Lloyd Standish. Since 2002 it has been my privilege to introduce carao fruit natural blood builder to the world through this website. During this time, I have received hundreds of emails from people who have used this natural fruit to improve their blood values.  The improvement is principally to low hemoglobin and red blood cells, but there are also reports of improvement of low platelets and ferritin.

For centuries, carao fruit has been known in Costa Rica and other Central American countries as a natural, low-iron remedy or therapy for low blood values (anemia). In recent years its effectiveness has been shown by clinical evidence, scientific studies, and reports from carao users around the world.  It is used with amazing results for sickle cell disease in Nigeria and Kenya.

Note that low hemoglobin and/or low red blood cell count is referred to as "anemia" (spelled "anaemia" in UK).  Anemia is not a disease, but rather a state of low blood values which can be caused by blood loss as well as a large number of disease conditions. 

  • Carao fruit helps build healthy blood though nutritional support.
  • It does not treat any disease or condition.
  • There are no side effects.
  • It is not an iron supplement.  Chemical analysis shows it to be low in iron.

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