continued success for MDS

Our mutual friend Lloyd asked me to drop you a line. I don't know if you read my testimonial on the site or not, but I started taking Carao in late 2008. I was told by the head oncologist at my local hospital that I had MDS. I did not have the test where they take bone marrow, he told me he was sure.

  My RBC's when I was admitted to the hospital were 6 and after three bags of blood the number was 9.6. Two weeks later the number had dropped to 9.2, 12-15 being the brass ring. Four years later, after faithfully taking a hit of carao both morning and night, I am stabilized between 11.4 and 11.8, and my blood morphology at my last visit a couple of weeks ago was labeled "NORMAL".   I can tell you from experience that you will continue to improve and to enjoy life to its fullest. I have tried to figure out how it can be so miraculous for all different kinds of anemia and I suspect that it is because it keeps your body from losing any of the precious blood. I know they use it in the South American countries to keep dogs and horses from bleeding when they race. And there is information on the site that tells of people in Kenya helping their children to become normal, which is almost certainly sickel cell anemia.  (Editor's note: Carao is being used in Africa with excellent results for nutritional support of blood health for sickle cell patients, especially children.  However, it is not a cure for sickle cell.)   Mary, March 4, 2013, Florida